Monday, June 1, 2015

Section Masters Results--last track post

Last Thursday was the Section Masters qualifying rounds with the finals being held the next evening on Friday. Only a quartet of StanCo distance runners made it out of the divisional meets last week to qualify for the prestigious Masters meet.

During Thursday's competition Riverbank senior Sabrina Garcia competed in the 800m. She placed 16th in a PR time of 2:21.98. Producing her fastest time ever was a fitting end to a stellar high school career.

Friday's 1600m and 3200m included three StanCo athletes. In the the boys' 1600m Central Catholic frosh Anthony Vasquez was a bit over-matched but definitely will learn from the experience and be back in future years. He placed 23rd with a time of 4:39.03.

In the girls 3200m two StanCo athletes competed and both finished with PRs. Riverbank junior and top StanCo distance runner placed 18th in a PR time of 11:27.99. If she can improve the same amount in the coming year that she did in her junior year, she will be in the mix next year for a berth in the State meet.  In the same race Patterson senior Guadalupe Ventura also PRed in 11:44.93 to place 23rd. I will miss watching Lupe run. She was never flashy but always competed at a high level and was a true inspiration to others in the sport.

This will be my last post of the 2015 track season. Already I am looking forward to what the Fall's XC season might have in store for our local runners.

It is those long hot Summer miles that will lead to those Autumn PRs!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Divisional Section Results

D1 QUALIFIER (Elk Grove HS/Elk Grove) 5/20 
Competing StanCo teams were Modesto, Downey, Gregori, Johansen, Enochs, Grace Davis, Beyer, Pitman, Turlock
Arainna Lara
 VG 800m
17. Arianna Lara (Turlock) 2:30.27
19. Bianca Garcia (Pitman) 2:31.04
20. Meghann Lofling (Downey) 2:31.09
22. Torey Maravilla (Gregori) 2:32.88
23. Cassie Derdivanis (Turlock) 2:34.29
Claire Seymor DNF
Hunter Casey
VB 800m
18. Hunter Casey (Downey) 2:01.87
25. Jakob Maravilla (Gregori) 2:05.08
26. Marc Alania (Modesto) 2:05.10
27. Jose Soto (Turlock) 2:07.26
28. Johnny Hollcraft (Turlock) 2:08.26
29. Richard Turknett (Pitman) 2:08.94

D1 FINALS (Elk Grove HS/Elk Grove) 5/22
VG 800m
 no StanCo competitors

VB 800m
 no StanCo competitors
Osgood and Mendoza
VG 1600m
20. Haylee Osgood (Downey) 5:38.53
22. Savannah Mendoza (Mendoza (Modesto) 5:42.62
23. Arianna Lara (Turlock) 5:44.07
Keith in the 1600m
 VB 1600m
18. Michael Keith (Enochs) 4:34.29
22. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 4:37.27
24. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 4:38.99

 VG 3200m
15. Esmeralda Aguayo (Downey) 12.11.66
20. Hilda Perez (Modesto) 12:40.12

Ruiz in the 3200m
VB 3200m
19. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 10:16.86


D2/3 QUALIFIER (Bella Vista HS/Fair Oaks) 5/20
Competing StanCo teams were Oakdale and Central Catholic

VG 800m
 no StanCo competitors

VB 800m
14. Isaiah Aguilar (Oakdale) 2:00.64


D2/3 FINALS (Bella Vista HS/Fair Oaks) 5/22
VG 800m
 no StanCo competitors

VB 800m
no StanCo competitors

VG 1600m
no StanCo competitors

VB 1600m
 5. Anthony Vasquez (Central Catholic) 4:34.00
17. Josh Gorman (Oakdale) 4:48.79

VG 3200m
 no StanCo competitors

VB 3200m
no StanCo competitors


D4/5 QUALIFIER (Stanislaus St/Turlock) 5/19
Competing StanCo teams were Riverbank, Hughson, Waterford, Turlock Christian, Modesto Christian, Ceres, Central Valley, Orestimba, Denair

VG 800m
3. Sabrina Garcia (Riverbank) 2:24.60
7. Haley Richardson (Riverbank) 2:26.47

VB 800m
18. Josue Esquivel (Hughson) 2:12.27
19. Jared Williams (Hughson) 2:12.78
20. Sean Hicks (Patterson) 2:13.77
23. Luis Medina (Orestimba) 2:15.57


D4/5 FINALS (Stanislaus State/Turlock) 5/21
Garcia battles in the 800m
 VG 800m
5. Sabrina Garcia (Riverbank) 2:22.33

VB 800m
no StanCo competitors

VG 1600m
no StanCo competitors
Venegas, Paredez, and T Edwards
VB 1600m
17. Ruben Paredez (Riverbank) 4:47.23
18. Tristan Edwards (Hughson) 4:48.32
19. Antonio Venegas (Patterson) 4:48.86

Ruvalcaba in the lead pack with the trailing Ventura
VG 3200m
4. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 11:45.62
5. Guadalupe Ventura (Patterson) 11:45.81
14. Stephanie Bernal (Riverbank) 12:37.85
Yanez, Virgen, and a Chavez in the 3200m
VB 3200m
6. Adan Chavez (Riverbank) 10:06.52
8. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 10:08.24
9. Daniel Yanez (Hughson) 10:12.75


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Championship Week (MMC, TVL, WAC)


VG 800m
This was really a two person race between Names and Seymour. Seymour had just finished winning the 400m and Names hadn't run a race in over a week. It was close for 700m when Seymour's superior speed took her in for the victory.
Seymour and Names
1. Claire Seymour (Enochs) 2:23.78
2. Arielle Names (Downey) 2:25.35
3. Victoreya Marravilla (Gregori) 2:29.79
4. Meghann Lofling (Downey) 2:30.25
5. Kerry Young (Modesto) 2:33.01
6. Haylee Osgood (Downey) 2:33.56
7. Makaelyn Bickel (Downey) 2:37.44

VB 800m
Hunter Casey took the lead early and ran away from the field.
Casey, Leal, Alania, Lopes, Maravilla, and Lemus
1. Hunter Casey (Downey) 2:01.56
2. Adrian Leal (Gregori) 2:05.71
3. Jakob Maravilla (Gregori) 2:06.15
4. Marc Alania (Modesto) 2:06.68
5. Alejandro Lemus (Downey) 2:07.73

VG 1600m
This ended up as a two person race between Mendoza, who set the pace, and Osgood who sat on her shoulder and ultimately out-kicked her to the victory and a 10 sec PR.
Osgood and Mendoza
1. Haylee Osgood (Downey) 5:41.28
2. Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) 5:42.71
3. Erika Martinez (Downey) 5:58.19

VB 1600m
Michael Keith had swept through the league dual meets and the championship was no different. Keith's athletic determination and fierce kick led him to a relatively easy victory. It should be noted that Jeremy Hart was tripped in the opening meters of the race. It was called back and restarted, but Hart was unable to compete.
Alcantara, Keith, Alania, Ruiz
1. Michael Keith (Enochs) 4:37.45
2. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 4:40.00
3. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 4:42.71
4. Marc Alania (Modesto) 4:47.11

VG 3200m
With Aguayo and Hilda Perez as the only two runners who had broken 13 this was a two person race on paper. In reality it was only a two person race for 2 laps. That is when Aguayo took the lead and never looked back.
Perez and Aguayo
1. Esmeralda Aguayo (Downey) 12:26.6
2. Hilda Perez (Modesto) 12:42.6

VB 3200m
Even without Jeremy Hart in the field this was a loaded race with a pack of Gregori runners leading the way. What we see in the final results is a changing of the guard as the senior Gregori runners are headed off to college and the Frosh, Ruiz takes the victory.
Perez, Ruiz, Goering, Alcantara, Medina
1. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 10:15.69
2. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 10:19.79
3. Mario Medina (Gregori) 10:20.03
4. Justin Goering (Downey) 10:31.47
5. Josue Perez (Modesto) 10:42.93



Sabrina Garcia--courtesy of Greg Beliera
VG 800m
2. Sabrina Garcia (Riverbank) 2:24.11
3. Haley Richardson (Riverbank) 2:27.93
4. Heavyn Herroz (Hughson) 2:28.78
5. Jessica Groen Modesto Christian) 2:34.02
6. Valeria Aguiniga (Riverbank) 2:38.19

VB 800m
1. Jared Williams (Hughson) 2:08.38
Ruvalcaba--courtesy of Greg Beliera
VG 1600m
1. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 5:27.75
3. Sabrina Garcia (Riverbank) 5:30.27
5. Sarah Hollcraft (Hughson) 5:42.37
6. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 5:42.40

VB 1600m
2. Ruben Paredez (Riverbank) 4:43.02
3. Adan Chavez (Riverbank) 4:44.14
4. Tristan Edwards (Hughson) 4:47.46

VG 3200m
1. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 12:06.87
3. Stephanie Bernal (Riverbank) 12:18.13
4. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 5:42.40
Adan Chavez--courtesy of Greg Beliera
VB 3200m
1. Adan Chavez (Riverbank) 10:13.01
3. Daniel Yanez (Hughson) 10:17.69
4. Diego Ruiz (Riverbank) 10:23.17
5. Logan Seagle (Hughson) 10:27.65
6. Carlos Martinez (Riverbank) 10:30.27
7. Carson Boice (Hughson) 10:38.0
8. Emmanuel Chavez (Riverbank) 10:43.77


VG 800m
3. Ashley Stiles (Ceres) 2:48.39

VB 800m
3. Antonio Venegas (Patterson) 2:11.43
4. Sean Hicks (Patterson) 2:13.44

VG 1600m
1. Lupe Ventura (Patterson 5:42.96

VB 1600m
1. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 4:46.27
2. Antonio Venegas (Patterson) 4:50.34
4. Isaac Leon (Ceres) 4:55.87

VG 3200m
1. Lupe Ventura (Patterson) 12:06.11

VB 3200m
1. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 10:27.89


Sunday, May 10, 2015

5/10/15 Week's Highlights (CCC Finals; VOL Finals; Dual Meets)

Pitman and Turlock met the rest of the CCC to compete for league titles and one of the four qualifying spots in each event to the D1 section Championships. On the team side, Pitman swept through all four divisions.

VG 800m
1. Bianca Garcia (Pitman) 2:32.0
2. Ariana Lara (Turlock) 2:33.0
3. Cassie Derdivanis (Turlock) 2:34

F/SG 800m
1. Serena Anderson (Pitman) 2:39.16
2. Daliva Holmes (Pitman) 2:40.44

VB 800m
2. Jose Soto (Turlock) 2:03.99
3. Johnny Hollcraft (Turlock) 2:06.97
4. Richard Turknett (Pitman)  2:07.91

VG 1600m
3. Ariana Lara (Turlock) 5:44.52
5. Maria Varela (Turlock) 5:48.19
7. Priscilla Bazan (Pitman) 5:49.31
8. Raveena Samra (Turlock) 5:52.07

FSG 1600m
1. Macie Erickson (Turlock) 5:55.45

VB 1600m
5. Erik Sousa (Turlock) 4:42.53
6. Aric Alvarez (Turlock) 4:43.43
8. John Puffer (Pitman) 4:45.45

F/SB 1600m
2. Josh Van Allen (Pitman) 4:48.58

VB 3200m
6. John Puffer (Pitman) 10:32.03

F/SB 3200m
1. David Bozquez (Turlock) 10:41.49


StanCo teams Oakdale and Central Catholic competed against the rest of the VOL for spots in next weeks Sectional meet.
F/G 800m
2. Kristen Aguilar (Oakdale) 2:43.61

VB 800m
2. Isaiah Aguilar (Oakdale) 2:01.14
5. Anthony Vasquez (Central Catholic) 2:04.78
6. Josh Gorman (Oakdale) 2:06.75
7. James Simmons (Central Catholic) 2:07.06

VG 1600m
8. Kyannah Hernandez (Oakdale) 5:53.61

VB 1600m
2. Isaiah Aguilar (Oakdale) 4:37.74
4. Anthony Vasquez (Central Catholic) 4:43.17
5. Josh Gorman (Oakdale) 4:44.92

VB 3200m
6. Isaiah Aguilar (Oakdale) 10:50.64
7. Anthony Vasquez (Central Catholic) 10:52.59

F/SB 3200m
1. Cade Middaugh (Oakdale) 10:44.02
4. James Forkner (Oakdale) 10:57.89


Gregori runs uncontested in the 3200m
Gregori at Downey
This is the meet I chose to attend. It really wasn't much of a meet as Downey rested many athletes and Gregori continued rolling to a MMC Title in both VB and VG. There were a few notable times recorded during the competition.

VG 800m
I am sure that these tow girls will meet again (perhaps competing for the second or third spots in the MMC meet . This battle was tight to the finish fine, with Maravilla winning by a nose. (I am still working on getting the times)
Maravilla and Osgood battle in the 800m
 1. Torey Maravilla (Gregori) 2:
2. Haylee Osgood (Downey) 2:

VG 1600
Maravilla pulls away from Aguayo
1. Torey Maravilla (Gregori) 5:56.78

VB 1600m
Hart and Alcantara
 1. Jeremy Hart (Gregori) 4:47.67
2. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 4:49


Riverbank v Ripon

VG 800m
1. Sabrina Garcia (Riverbank) 2:27

VG 3200m
1. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 12:11

VB 1600m
1. Carlos Martinez (Riverbank) 4:52

Hughson v Modesto Christian and Mountain House

VG 800m
1. Heavyn Herroz (Hughson) 2:42.08

VG 1600m
1. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 5:58.50

Los Banos at Patterson

VG 1600m
1. Lupe Ventura (Patterson) 5:53

VB 1600m
1. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 4:53

VG 3200m
1. Lupe Ventura (Patterson) 12:55.78

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

MMC Track Championship Preview

The athletes of the seven MMC schools will meet on MJC's blue oval on Tuesday May 12th to compete for bragging rights and one of the four qualifying spots to the D1 Sac Joaquin Section Championships. The top ten in each event at D1 Sections will qualify for Section Masters, and the top three from there will qualify for the California State Meet.

As I attempt to compose this preview, keep in mind that many athletes may switch events. At this time I do not know which athletes will compete in which events. I have compiled this preview mainly using the times that have been posted on

VB 100m
Downey athletes hold 4 of the top six times.
Daniels in the 100m
1. Tyran Daniels (Downey) 11.02 (currently ranked 14th in D1)
2. Andrew Raspo (Downey) 11.19

VG 100m
This could be perhaps one of the tighter races in the meet as these top two ladies could literally be separated by only a hair.
Erykah Hall
1. Erykah Hall (Downey) 12.35 (currently ranked 9th in D1)
2. Danielle Drew (Gregori) 12.40 (currently ranked 11th in D1)

VB 200m
As with the 100m it is Raspo and Daniels as the only two under 23 secs, with no one ranked in the top 20 in the section
1. Andrew Raspo (Downey)  22.90
2. Tyran Daniels (Downey) 22.92

VG 200m
No one is ranked in the top 20 in the section, but Claire Seymoure is over 1/2 a sec faster than the rest of the field.
Claire Seymoure could compete in the 200, 400, and 800
1. Claire Seymoure (Enochs) 26.06

VB 400m
This could be a two-man race between Cristobal and Gomez-Garcia with no one else within two seconds.
Tony Cristobal
1. Anthony Cristobal (Gregori) 50.53 (currently ranked 15th in D1)
2. Carlos Gomez-Garcia (Enochs) 51.05 (currently ranked 19th in D1)

VG 400m
Claire Seymoure is one of the top MMC athletes, and nowhere is that fact more apparent than when she circles the track in the 400m. She leads the rest of the MMC by over 4 seconds
1. Claire Seymoure (Enochs) 57.38 (currently ranked 8th in D1)

VB 800m
Hunter Casey leads the MMC in the 800m by a large margin
Hunter Casey
1. Hunter Casey (Downey) 2:00.37 (currently ranked 18th in D1)

VG 800m
Arielle Names has the fastest time in the 800m. Her tightest competition could come from 400m specialist Seymoure if she choose to move up to the two-lapper.
Arielle Names

1. Arielle Names (Downey) 2:24 (currently ranked 18th in D1)
2. Claire Seymoure (Enochs) 2:28
3. Victoreya Maravilla (Gregori) 2:29

VB 1600m
Michael Keith has swept through the MMC dual meets, but there is a pack of 4:40ish milers to compete against, however no one is currently ranked in the section

Keith and Hart battle
1. Michael Keith (Enochs) 4:34
2. Jeremy Hart (Gregori) 4:35
3. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 4:38

 VG 1600m
Savannah Mendoza seems to be peaking at the right time, but could see a real challenge if Names decides to double in the longer event. No one is currently in the top 20 in the section.
Savannah Mendoza
1. Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) 5:37
2. Arielle Names (Downey) 5:44

VB 3200m
 Although no one is ranked in the section, this race should be close and hotly contested as at least 14 individuals have sub 11 min times.
Medina with Hart over his shoulder
1. Mario Medina (Gregori)  10:02
2. Jeremy Hart (Gregori) 10:11
3. Justin Goering (Downey) 10:24
4. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 10:38

VG 3200m
Esmeralda Aguayo has the fastest time by 16 seconds but no one is sectionally ranked.

1. Esmeralda Aguayo (Downey) 12:26
2. Hilda Perez (Modesto) 12:42

VB 100m H
In the boy's hurdles it is all about Kendall McNair. He is more than 3.5 seconds ahead of his nearest competitor.
1. Kendall McNair (Modesto) 15.13 (currently ranked 10th in D1)

VG 100m H
Freshmen Destiny Tolliver and Destiny Anderson are the top two short hurdlers, however neither is ranked in the section
1. Destiny Tolliver (Modesto) 17.09
2. Destiny Anderson (Johnasen) 17.12

VB 300m H
Just like with the shorter hurdle race, the conversation starts and ends with Kendall McNair

1. Kendall McNair (Modesto) 41.21 (currently ranked 14th in D1)
2. Anthony Cristobal (Gregori) 42.10

VG 300m H
 Anderson leads the field by over a second. No one is ranked in the section.
1. Destiny Anderson (Johansen) 52.48

One thing I know for sure is that the 4X1 races are the least predictable event on the track. Invariably some team will have a zone or hand-off issue that will affect their performance. With that said, the Downey boys lead the other six MMC teams by over 2 seconds--a huge margin in such an event.
1. Downey 43.51 (currently ranked 14th in D1)

The girl's 4X1 appears to be a tighter race, however no team is ranked in the section.
1. Gregori 51.97
2. Modesto 52.17
3. Downey 52.26

1. Gregori 3:31 (currently ranked 21st in D1)
2. Enochs 3:37

VG 4X400m RELAY 
1. Gregori 4:24
2. Modesto 4:29

Gonzalez leads the SP field by 3 full feet which may make him the easy money bet. However no one is ranked in the section.
1. Marcos Gonzalez (Johnasen) 44'0"

The only two throwers over 30' are Garth and Garcia, but no one is ranked.
1. Jasmyn Garth  (Johansen) 32'3"
2. Chanel-Nicole Garcia (Beyer) 31'11"

As with the shot, Gonzalez is the leader in discus. He leads the field by almost 17 feet and should easily win.
1. Marcos Gonzalez (Johnasen) 132'6"

Garcia is also a top thrower in the discus, but the field is crowded with seven throwers over 80'.
1. Chantel-Nicole Garcia (Beyer) 88'4"

Soph Grover leads a wide open HJ field
Grover in the HJ
1. Calvin Grover (Downey) 5'10" (currently tied for 18th in D1)

The top mark by any MMC athlete this track season was the 5'4" HJ by Anne Stuart. It is currently tied for the top HJ mark in the section. If she can duplicate this effort at the Elk Grove facility, she could be guaranteeing herself a spot in the State Meet
Stuart has cleared 5'4" several times
 1. Anne Stuart (Downey) 5'4" 1 (currently ranked 1st in D1)

Largent is the top vaulter by 1.5 feet. Unless he has an off day he should easily win.
1. Zayne Largent (Modesto) 13'6" (currently ranked 16th in D1)
Mendoza and MacDonald are the only two vaulters over 8' with no one ranked in the section.
1. Miranda Mendoza (Modesto) 8'
2. Tiegan MacDonald (Gregori) 8'

The LJ competition seems wide open with no one ranked and three jumper over 19 feet. The MJC jumping boards are not known for their "pop" to produce lengthy jumps. Thus one good or lucky jump may be all it takes, since no one is ranked.
1. Cameron Goldman (Gregori) 19'9"
2. Jamaal Prince (Enochs) 19'4.5"
3. Miles Lewis (Downey) 19'2"

Like the boy's LJ the girl's is also wide open with no one ranked and three girls within one inch of each other.
1. Savannah Ford (Enochs) 15'8"
2. Zakiyyah Bogan (Johansen) 15'7.5"
3. Brianna Swan (Gregori) 15'7"

Daniels uncorked his massive TJ effort early in the year and has focused on the sprints ever since. Even though he is ranked higher in the TJ than the 100m, the question begs will he even compete in the TJ at League?
1. Tyran Daniels (Downey) 42'1.25" (currently ranked 11th in D1)
2. Cameron Goldman (Gregori) 41'5" 

Swan has a 2 foot lead over the field in the TJ
1. Brianna Swan (Gregori) 33'7"

Sunday, May 3, 2015

5/3/15 WEEK's HIGHLIGHTS (CCC #3, Sheldon Dist Carnival, Sac MOC, Dual Meets)

CCC CLUSTER #3  (4/29 at Atwater)
For the third time this year the teams of the CCC met on the same oval to compete for a portion of the league championship. Pitman and Turlock seem to be gaining team momentum as the season progresses as they finished 1st and 2nd respectively for both sexes.

VG 800m
2. Arianna Lara (Turlock) 2:33.85
3. Cassie Derdivanis (Turlock) 2:34.20
4. Bianca Garcia (Pitman) 2:34.72

VB 800m
2. Jose Soto (Turlock) 2:03.56
4. Johnny Hollcraft (Turlock) 2:08.23

VG 1600m
4. Arianna Lara (Turlock) 5:51.23

VB 1600m
6. Erik Soisa (Turlock) 4:47.72
7. John Puffer (Pitman) 4:52.63

FSB 1600m
1. Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 4:51.44

VB 3200m
4. John Puffer (Pitman) 10:32.09
8. David Bozquez (Turlock) 10:53.29


look at all of those elbows flying
Enochs at Gregori
This was the meet I attended this week. Both Gregori boys and girls had league titles on the line. The Enochs Eagles took the Gregori boys to the final event before the Jaguars were victorious.

VG 1600m
1. Torrey Maravilla (Gregori) 5:59.19
Keith and Hart battle in the 1600m
VB 1600m
Michael Keith continues to dominate in MMC dual meet competition. It will be interesting to see what happens in the MMC Championship meet when everyone bring their "A game."

1. Michael Keith (Enochs) 4:39.78
2. Jeremy Hart (Gregori) 4:42.62
3. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 4:46.51
4. Mario Medina (Gregori) 4:48.69
5. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 4:48.98
Seymour beating all the girls (and some boys in the 800m
VG 800m
Clair Seymour--the MMC front-runner in the 200m and 400m has explored the 800m the past two weeks with very interesting results. I believe that her 2:28 put her in the 2nd or 3rd slot in the MMC 800m...and she is barely learning how to run this event.

1. Claire Seymour (Enochs) 2:28.36
2. Torrey Maravilla (Gregori)  2:33.24
3. Kaci Kuykendall (Gregori) 2:47.18
Keith out-kicking a pack of Gregori runners in the 800
VB 800m
Keith earns a double victory by holding poff a very hard charging Medina who finished in a PR time.

1. Michael Keith (Enochs) 2:08.3
2. Mario Medina (Gregori) 2:08.61
Ruiz, Hart, and Alcantara easily break 11
 VB 3200m
1. Jeremy Hart (Gregori) 10:32.01
2. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 10:37.02
3. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 10:41.59
4. Nathan Gutierrez (Enochs) 11:03.38

FSB 3200m
1. Roman Franzia (Gregori) 11:03.57


Hughson v Hilmar
VG 800m
1. Heavyn Herroz (Hughson) 2:43.37

VB 3200m
2. Daniel Yanez (Hughson) 10:37.24
Beyer at Modesto
VG 800m
1. Kerry Young (Modesto) 2:46.2

VG 1600m
1. Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) 5:47

VB 1600m
1. Marc Alania (Modesto) 4:59.89

Even several years ago when this meet was just starting out it was a solidly run, fun event. It was designed to provide a high quality alternative for those distance runners who didn't qualify for the Meet of Champions. As more and more teams are discovering this event the times and competition have greatly improved. This year Hughson, Modesto, and Riverbank competed from StanCo. Personally I believe that this meet is the superior choice over the Bronco Distance Carnival. If the local schools bypassed Bronco, it would free up their runners to compete at County Clash, and then later they could all still compete at Sheldon. I think the times below more than support my statements.
Perez, Young, Perez, and Mendoza placed 3rd in the 2mi Relay--courtesy of Carolyn Sanderson
VB 800m
6. Marc Alania (Modesto) 2:05.4

FS B 800m
7. Adrien Castellanos (Modesto) 2:07.6
10. Leo Pando (Modesto) 2:10.8

VG 800m
2. Heavyn Herroz (Hughson) 2:27.5
6. Haley Richardson (Riverbank) 2:32.1
11. Kerry Young (Modesto) 2:36.1
15. Sarah Hollcraft (Hughson) 2:38.7

VB 1600m
10. Marc Alania  (Modesto) 4:44.2
12. Ruben Paredez (Riverbank) 4:44.6
17. Carlos Martinez (Riverbank) 4:47.6
19. Adan Chavez (Riverbank) 4:49.2

FS B 1600m 
6. Hector Gonzales  (Modesto) 4:53

VG 1600m
9. Savannah Mendoza  (Modesto) 5:37.3
16. Hilda Perez (Modesto) 5:54.9
17. Stephanie Bernal (Riverbank)  5:55.8

FS G 1600m
5. Sarah Hollcraft (Hughson) 5:47.4

VB 3200m
21. James DeLaO  (Modesto) 10:56.5
22. Eric Wise (Riverbank) 10:57.5

FS B 3200m
14. Luis Orendain  (Modesto) 10:47.8
15. Josue Perez (Modesto) 10:49.1
17. Jaymie Jackson (Hughson) 10:50.7
20. Aiden McAllister (Modesto) 10:55.1

FS G 3200m
2. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 12:37.4


This is one of the premier track meets in Northern California. Although several StanCo track athletes competed and fared well...only three StanCo distance runners competed (several years ago I recall there were more than 10). All three athletes ran in the earlier (slower and less exclusive) races. They competed well in their races/heats but none PRed.

Boys 800m
20. Hunter Casey (Downey) 2:02.39

Girls 800m
17. Sabrina Garcia (Riverbank) 2:23.78
18. Arielle Names (Downey) 2:25.21


Sunday, April 26, 2015

4/26/15 Week's Highlights

Every week seems to be a busy one for track athletes, coaches, and parents. But as the season begins to wind down toward the pending championship races, the stress of competition juxtaposes with the fatigue of the long season. My advice...hang in there and the long hours of practice will usually lead to the times and places you have been seeking.

On to this week's best marks

The meet that I chose to personally watch and photograph this week was Enochs at Modesto. These large MMC programs always manage to pack events and produce some quality times.

Alania and Keith duel in the 1600m
VB 1600m
1. Michael Keith (Enochs) 4:45
2. Marc Alia (Modesto) 4:48
Mendoza easily wins the 1600m
VG 1600m
1. Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) 5:46
2. Hilda Perez (Modesto) 6:00

VG 800m
Enochs 400m phenom, Claire Seymoure moved way up to try out the 800m and turned in a respectable result.
1. Claire Seymoure (Enochs) 2:36
2. Kerry Young (Modesto)  2:42

VB 800m
1. Michael Keith (Enochs) 2:06
2. Matthew Lopes (Enochs) 2:09

VB 3200m
1. Nathan Gutierrez (Enochs) 11:04
2. Cameron Duquette (Modesto) 11:05
3. Josue Perez (Modesto) 11:07


Marks worth noting in this meet are below

VG 800m
1. Sabrina Garcia (Riverbank) 2:38
2. Haley Richardson (Riverbank) 2:41

VB 3200m
1. Adan Chavez 10:49

Marks worth noting in this meet are below

VB 1600m
1. Jeremy Hart (Gregori) 4:53
2. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 4:56

VB 3200m
 1. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 10:58

VG 3200m
Torry Marravilla  debuts in the 3200m (normally an 800m runner) with a more than descent sub-13:00 mark .

1. Victoreya Maravilla (Gregori) 12:50.02

The big local meet this weekend was up the hill at Bret Harte HS. Participating StanCo schools were Ceres, Central Valley, Hughson, Denair, Gregori, and Big Valley Christian)

VG 800m
5. Sarah Hollcraft (Hughson) 2:35.06

FSG 800m
5. Ingrid Cardona (Gregori) 2:48.51

FSB 1600m
1. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 4:51.54

Hart and Alcantara battle in the 1600m Photo by Kevin and Lucy Triance
VB 1600m
3. Jeremy Hart (Gregori) 4:41.73
4. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 4:47.78

FSB  3200m
1. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 10:38.03
2. Ramon Franzia (Gregori) 10:44.09
3. Carson Boice (Hughson) 10:45.72

VB 3200m
2. Jeremy Hart (Gregori) 10:20.66
3. Mario Medina (Gregori) 10:24.51


The participating StanCo school was Downey.

VB 800m
4. Hunter Casey (Downey) 2:01.53

FSG 800m
4. Meghann Lofling (Downey) 2:33.13 (#12 on Downey's all-time list)

VB 3200m
20. Justin Goering (Downey) 10:24.87

FSG 3200m
1. Esmeralda Aguayo (Downey) 12:26.91 (#10 on Downey's all-time list)