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2017 XC PreSeason Girl's Team Rankings

There is so much that I don't know about this up coming XC season...exactly who is running, is anyone injured, how do any new runners fit in...never-the-less I will take a stab at some PreSeason StanCo rankings. As always this list should not be viewed as an ultimate goal for any team or runner. It is not a substitute for a personal best time, a league championship, or a SJS or State meet berth.

the 2016 Huskies
The Huskies return 4 or their top 5 runners from a team that easily won the TVL and qualified for State. Their top 4 all made the StanCo Preseason team. In track they had 3 girls under 12 min for 3200m (and a 4th barely over 12 min). The only question (and it is a minor one) is who will be their #5 girl. Barring a major injury they will make a return trip to State. Top runners: Emily Fife, Esmeralda Campos, Kinsey Langley, and Elizette Ysais.

the 2016 Knights
The Knights have won the past 3 MMC championships, but failed to qualify for the SJS meet last season in a very competitive D2 bracket. With a pile of senior and underclassmen talent this could be their season to crash the D2 party. Although they have no runners who have broken 12 in 3200m, they have at least 6 who have broken 13 in 3200m. So they have DEPTH (and more depth). Top runners: Makaelyn Bickel, Esme Aguayo, Katie Krieger, Hayley Correia, Alondra Cardoza...

This is a bit of a leap of faith for me. The Pride have one of the top female StanCo runners from this past track season, Mavleen Mann. Add to that some solid seniors and they could make some real noise in the CCC. So what's with my uncertainty? Well their track coach and their XC coach are two different people with different philosophies. They have not historically had a very serious XC program, but this could be that break through year. Top runners: Mavleen Mann, Priscilla Bazan, Mikayla Perry, and Bianca Garcia.

the 2016 Bulldogs
The Bulldogs placed 2nd in the CCC last season. They have three strong returners, but of course XC takes 5 to score. So that will be a question that will need to be answered. Aug 23rd Turlock and Pitman square off to begin the season mono y mono (which should provide some real answers about who is serious about running this year). Top runners: Hope Salsig, Macie Ericksen, Sofia Andres.

 The Jags have Briseida Garcia! That in itself is more than a building block for a team. They have some other talent and beat a veteran MoHi team last year at MMC 1 (and then the younger ladies ran F/S the rest of the season). Top runners: Briseida Garcia, Eva Rodriguez, Sienna Espinoza

Others to consider:
MODESTO--the Panthers are always ready to compete. They return Aryana Perillo (the only StanCo runner to defeat Briseida Garcia last season. Additionally Adele Dumars showed great growth during track. 

OAKDALE--the big question surrounding where to place this team revolves around whether Karino Prado is running or not. With or with out her there is some talent there. Kayden Legan had a huge XC and track season last year and will certainly lead the Mustangs with out Prado around.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

2017 PreSeason All-StanCo Girls' Team

The purpose of this blog is to promote and acknowledge the hard working HS distance runners of Stanislaus County. This list is a compilation of my research, thoughts, and gut feelings. Making this list should not be anyone's main goal. My hope is that the list will stimulate discussion and thus promote the sport and the athletes. Also making/or not making the list may urge the StanCo runners on to work just that much harder.

Previously I posted my selections for the PreSeason All-StanCo Boys' Team. Today it is the ladies' turn. The girls' list is more expansive and was more difficult for me to narrow it down to the top ten. As with the boys' list I have noted all previous honors and designations along with some of the best track times.The first ten denote the PreSeason selections:

BRISEIDA GARCIA (Gregori) 11th--earned All StanCo honors for 2016 XC and 2017 track. won MMC 1,3, 4 last season. Placed 13th in D1 Sect and qualified for State turning the 11th fastest time ever by a StanCo runner at State. In track she ran 2:16 in the 800 and 5:18 in the 1600.

 EMILY FIFE (Hughson) 11th--earned All StanCo honors for 2015 and 2016 XC and 2017 track. She is the top returning TVL runner. 3rd in D4 Sect. In track she cranked out times of 2:26/5:14/11:49.

ESMERALDA CAMPOS (Hughson) 12th--earned All StanCo honors for 2017 track. After placing 16th at the D4 Sect meet she seemed to really come into her own during track where she produced times of 5:29 and 11:48.

KINSEY LANGLEY (Hughson) 11th--earned All StanCo honors for 2015 XC. Injuries and illness have made the past two years a bit bumpy. She was 2nd at TVL 2 and 14th at D4 Sect. In track prior to injury she won the StanCo 3200m in 11:59.

 ELIZETTE YSAIS (Hughson) 10th--her Frosh year was incredibly successful placing 3rd at TVL 2 and 15th at D4 Sect. In track she ran 5:40/12:02.

MAVLEEN MANN (Pitman) 11th--earned All StanCo honors for 2017 track. Honestly Mavleen was completely off of my radar during last year's XC season but her track times and progress were nothing short of amazing. 5:29 and 11:56.

 ALONDRA HERNANDEZ (Riverbank) 12th--earned All StanCo honors for 2017 track. Illness and injury have hampered her progress over the years. However in track her true potential flashed when she turned in a 5:16 1600m. In XC she was 4th at TVL Champ and 13th at D4 Sect.

 KAYDEN LEGAN (Oakdale) 10th--after a very successful Frosh XC season (6th VOL 2 and 7th VOL Champ) she had a great 1st half of her track season turning in times of 5:40 and 12:20. Then she plateaued. I am uncertain if she was injured or not. Uninjured she has great potential to improve further and be one of the area's top runners.

MAKAELYN BICKEL (Downey) 12th--earned All StanCo honors for 2016 XC. Placed 2nd at MMC 2 and 4 and 27th at D2 Sect. Missed most of track due to an out of country trip. She is tough and a true warrior.

ESMERALDA AGUAYO (Downey) 12th--earned All StanCo honors for 2014, 2015, and 2016 XC. Let me restate that: Esme earned all county honors for each of her first three years. If she repeats this season she will be the first runner to achieve that fete since I have been writing this blog. She had a lack-luster track season, but she is a competitor; don't count her out. Placed 2nd at MMC 3 and 23rd at D2 Sect. Ran 5:43 in the 1600m in track.

The best of the rest: 
KATIE KRIEGER (Downey) 11th--5:46 and 12:25 in track. If the Knights are going to make any real noise in D2 at the Sect level, this is their chance; and Katie is the key to those chances.

ARYANA PERILLO (Modesto) 12th--earned All StanCo honors for 2016 XC. She won MMC 2 and as such was the only StanCo runner to beat Briseida Garcia last year.  With the graduation of her top teammates she should now be the lead Panther. 2:29 800m in track.

HOPE SALSIG (Turlock) 12th--two years ago Hope had an awesome XC season and then got injured during track. That track injury lingered and she barely was able to run during XC last season. She sat out track last Spring. She is running this season and I am expecting great things

KARINA PRADO (Oakdale) 10th--earned All StanCo honors for 2016 XC. 2nd in VOL, 6th at D3 Sect, qualified for State. After one of the best Frosh seasons ever by a StanCo runner Karina didn't really run in track. If she decides to run XC she could win the VOL and qualify once again for State. If she decides not to run it will be a tragedy.

HAYLEY CORREIA (Downey) 10th--Along with Alondra Cardodoza she is leading the next wave of Downey Knight talent. Track bests of 5:59/12:32.

ALONDRA CARDOZA (Downey) 10th--see above... Track bests of 5:46/12:50.

MIKAYLA PERRY (Pitman) 12th--With the emergence of Mavleen Mann, Pitman may have a competitive team this season, but Mikayla will need to step up and show some senior leadership. 5:40/12:42

PRISCILLA BAZAN (Pitman) 12th--ditto what I said above for teammate Perry. 5:40 1600m

EVA RODRIGUEZ (Gregori) 11th--Eva jogged through XC last season. During track she began to seriously compete turning in times of 2:29 and 5:57. If the Jags are going to compete with Downey in the MMC they will need much more from her.

 ATHENA ADAMAKIS (Beyer) 10th--Ran mostly F/S during XC as a Frosh. Turned in times of 5:51 and 12:38 in her Frosh track season.

OLIVIA COYLE (Modesto) 11th-- in only a couple of track outings she produced a 5:41 in the 1600m. Unfortunately she has a medical condition that seems to be worsened when running. Hopefully her doctors can manage her condition in a way that allows her to participate in XC this season.

MACIE ERICKSEN (Turlock) 12th--suffered a season ending injury early in last track season just after running 12:35 in the 3200m. During XC last season she placed 7th in CCC 1,2,and 3.

SOFIA ANDRES (Turlock) 11th--Along with Salsig and Ericksen, Turlock has a formidable threesome. Sofia was 30th at D1 Sect in XC and had track bests of 5:47/12:40.

ADELE DUMARS (Modesto) 11th--She improved dramatically between XC and track producing a best in the 1600m of 5:48.

That is a listing of 24 ladies...did I miss someone? If so please let me know. This is my opinion, please feel free to share yours in the comments section.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

2017 PreSeason All-StanCo Boys' Team

The purpose of this blog is to promote and acknowledge the hard working HS distance runners of Stanislaus County. This list is a compilation of my research, thoughts, and gut feelings. Making this list should not be anyone's main goal. My hope is that the list will stimulate discussion and thus promote the sport and the athletes. Also making/or not making the list may urge the StanCo runners on to work just that much harder--enough said.
After a couple of months of no meet photography/coverage I am getting antsy for the start of XC season. For me it is a time of great anticipation. Who will emerge from the pack after all the long hours and miles of summer training? What impact will the newcomers have? Have old injuries many questions. I will begin the discussion of the 2017 XC season with the PreSeason All-StanCo boys' team.

Who are the returning All-StanCo Runners? That is where I will begin, with their previous accolades noted. The first ten represent the PreSeason selections:

SANTIAGO RUIZ (Gregori) 12th--earned All StanCo XC in 2016 and 2015, additionally was All StanCo in track 2017. Santi led the County in both the 3200m (9:23) and the 1600m (4:25) this past track season. He also turned in a 2:01 in the 800m. Last XC season he swept through the MMC undefeated, won at Half Moon Bay, placed 8th in the D1 Sect meet to qualify for State

MASON REEVES (Grgeori) 12th--earned All StanCo in 2016 XC and 2017 track. 4:32/ 9:29 in track.  Santi and Mason have pushed each other to faster and faster times. They won't be fully satisfied until they lead their Gregori team to the State meet.

ANTHONY VAZQUEZ (Central Catholic) 12th--earned All StanCo in 2016 XC and 2017 track. finished 3rd in the D5 Sect XC meet to qualify for State. 1:57/4:34/10:50 in track.

JOSUE PEREZ (Modesto) 12th--earned All StanCo in 2016 and 2015 XC. 2nd in MMC 2 and 15th in D1 Sect XC. 10:02 in the 3200m in track.

MOISES BENAVIDES (Downey) 12th--earned All StanCo in 2016 XC. 3rd at MMC 3 and 24th at D2 SubSect. 10:06 in the 3200m in track.

SEBASTIN CRONKITE (Gregori) 12th--earned All StanCo in 2016 XC. 24th at D1 Sub Sect XC. 4:44/10:24 in track.

ALAN GUERRERO (Modesto) 11th--earned All StanCo 2015 XC. 5th at MMC Champ. He suffered a stress fracture at the end of XC and still managed 2:07/4:40 in track.

MATHEW MARSH (Gregori) 12th--was injured on and off through last season and he still managed marks of 2:02; 4:36; His fitness and health could be the real key to whether the Jags are able to challenge for a spot in the State meet.

BRENT CURIEL (Pitman) 12th--2:07; 4:40; 10:05 in track tells most of the story...but not all of it. He was injured for almost all of XC last year. If Brent learns to keep his focus during the race, and trusts his fitness, he will be a force because he will out kick anyone who is even close to him.

HUNTER REEVES (Gregori) 12th--maybe overshadowed by his teammates and underestimated because of his awkward running style but he is a competitor and perhaps the hardest worker on the list. 10:08 3200m.

Many others of note:
RYAN WEIDMAN (Enochs) 11th--May be over-shadowed by the other top MMC runners but there is huge potential here! 10:18 3200m in track.

CADE MIDDAUGH (Oakdale) 12th--4:41/10:23 in track. It is time for Cade to show he can be tough and run up to his potential.

ENRIQUE MARTINEZ (Central Valley) 10th--the biggest unknown and untested runner on the list, but his 10:40 3200m mark as a Frosh in track is legit. Add to that the fact that all the top WAC runners graduated--the league is wide open for him

ANDREW KEYES (Enochs) 12th--10:42 3200m in track shows that he and Ryan and a pack of others could make some noise in the MMC this season
JUSTIN THOMAS (Gregori) 11th--10:44 in the 3200m shows that the Jags are deep and ready to compete.

CHRIS MARTINEZ (Riverbank) 12th--Could be the top StanCo male in the TVL this season. He had the potential last season. Now he is a year older and I think ready to reach that potential.

JACKSON DUCHALA (Gregori) 10th--got injured during track, but as a 9th grader in XC he swept through the MMC F/S competition and won Roughrider and Castro Valley. There is no doubt that he is a competitor.

Even some more to recognize:

EDDIE CHARLES (Beyer) 12th--skipped track so that he could compete for TRM

CHRISTIAN GUTIERREZ (Downey) 12th--ran 10:39 for a full 2 miles

JAMES FORKNER (Oakdale) 12th--10:43 for 3200m

JONATHAN STALEY (Waterford) 10th--greatly improved from XC to track. Finished with a time of 10:50 in the 3200m. As he matures he may become the class of the SAL.

OBID MERAZ (Turlock) 12th--10:50 for 3200m

ZACK EVE (Gregori) 10th--10:55 for 3200m

EDGAR CEBALLOS (Turlock) 12th--10:57 for 3200m

ELIAS FIERRO (Central Catholic) 11th--improved with every race during track. Finished with a best time of 10:57 for the 3200m.

JAXON REEVES (Gregori) 11th--10:56 for the 3200m (BTW he makes the 9th Gregori runner mentioned in these selections demonstrating just how deep they are (should be).

RUSSELL PABLAN (Oakdale) 12th--ran 10:56 for the 3200m

Friday, June 30, 2017

CCC Athletes at the USTF Championships

As reported by Pitman's coach, Thad Moren:

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

2017 All-StanCo Distance Track Team

This is a first for me. I have compiled All StanCo XC teams for several years, but never a track team. Up front I want to state that this is a list of DISTANCE RUNNERS that competed in track. I am naming them based on the merits of their marks this season in distance events. I acknowledge that track encompasses many more specialty event than distance, but the primary purpose of this blog is to promote HS DISTANCE RUNNING--thus only distance runners on this list. Please feel free to expound upon my selections in the comments.

To be considered I was looking at marks of sub B 2:00/G 2:20 in the 800m; sub B 4:30/ G 5:30 in the 1600m; and sub B 10:00/ G 12:00 in the 3200m. There were two athletes who met one of these benchmarks, but I didn't include. I ended up with eleven on the list (there was no magic number I was shooting for, though). I have noted these exceptions at the bottom of the list. They are somewhat ordered by grade level.

CLAIRE SEYMOUR, 12TH (ENOCHS)--though primarily a 400m runner with a best of 55.27, she ran the 800m in the MMC Championship meet and produced a mark of 2:15.96 which was the top StanCo time of the season and ranks her as # 9 all-time.

SARA STEVENS, 12TH (OAKDALE)--primarily an 800m runner, Sara's best time was 2:18.41 which was the 3rd best 800m for StanCo ladies. That time is also ranked 14th all-time. Did I mention that she didn't even run the 800m seriously the past two seasons.

TOMAS VIRGEN, 12TH (PATTERSON)--Tomas often doubled in the 1600m and 3200m. Competing out of the WAC he rarely was able to run against the best in the county. He broke 10 min last season in the 3200m and followed that up with a sub 10 effort in a dual meet this season. At SJS Masters he had a huge PR with a 9:40.24 (3rd best mark of the season). He also had the 7th best 1600m of 4:38.09.

MASON REEVES, 11TH (GREGORI)--Mason was the StanCo Champion in the 3200m. He produced several sub 10 min 3200m efforts this season. His top mark came at SJS Masters where he ran 9:29.29. This was the 2nd best 3200m time of the season and #14 all-time). In the 1600m he ran 4:32.79, also the 2nd best StanCo mark.

SANTIAGO RUIZ, 11TH (GREGORI)--the other half of Gregori's "Dynamic Distance Duo," Santi was a Jack of all trades (err races). He was the StanCo champ in the 1600m. His best time at that distance was 4:25.43 (#1 for the season). At SJS Masters he raced to a 9:23.27 (#1 for the season and #11 all-time). He also ran the 800m in 2:01.35 (3rd best for the season).

ANTHONY VAZQUEZ, 11TH (CENTRAL CATHOLIC)--often required to triple in distance events at VOL dual meets, Anthony was a work-horse for the Raiders. He was StanCo champ in the 800m. He was one of only two StanCo boys to break the 2:00 barrier. His best time of 1:57.52 (#1 for the season) qualified him for SJS Masters finals in the 800m. He also ran 4:34.10 (#4 season) and 10:50.74.

ALONDRA HERNANDEZ, 11TH (RIVERBANK)--I have been waiting for Alondra to be healthy and breakout! She was the StanCo champ in the 800m. Her best 800m was 2:27.01 (#9 season). Her real breakout efforts came in the 1600m where she ran 5:16.91 (#2 for the season).
ESMERALDA CAMPOS, 11TH (HUGHSON)--like Anthony Vazquez, Esme was a workhorse in the distance events doing what ever her team needed her to do. Her best marks were 5:29.36 in the 1600m (#4 season) and 11:48.88 in the 3200m which was the top mark this season by a StanCo lady.

MAVLEEN MANN, 10TH (PITMAN)--Mavleen was completely off my radar prior to this track season. Well she has my attention now. She ran 5:29.58 in the 1600m  (#5 season) and 11:56.98 in the 3200m (#3 season). Oh and did I mention this was all in training shoes--without spikes.

BRISEIDA GARCIA, 10TH (GREGORI)--Briseida cranked out a 2:14 effort last season as a Frosh. By that standard this season might be considered a Sophomore Slump, but most runners would love to have such disappointment. She ran 2:16.11 in the 800m (#2 for the season behind Claire). She also ran the 1600m in 5:18.35 (#3 season).

EMILY FIFE, 10TH (HUGHSON)--Every time I see Emily run she reminds me of a puppy--I mean she looks as though she is learning from each and every experience. It all must be working because her times are improving. Her 1600m time of 5:14.62 was to best in the county this season. She also produced marks of 11:49.18 in the 3200m (#2 season just behind her teammate Esme) and 2:26.54 in the 800m (#7 season)

On a side note: there are two runners who met my benchmarks but were not included:
1. KINSEY LANGLEY, 10th (Hughson)--was the StanCo Champ in the 3200m and broke 12 min with a time of  11:59.76 (#4 season). However Kinsey was injured most of the season and ran very few races.
2. ISAIAH MARABLE, 12th (Pitman)--primarily a 400m runner (like Claire), Isaiah ran a few 800m races and was one of only two StanCo boys to break the 2:00 barrier in the 800m. He did not run this event in the championship portion of the season (and honestly just disappeared at the end of the season), so I am not including him on this DISTANCE list.