Saturday, April 22, 2017

WEEK 8 (Dual Meets; Bret Harte Inv; Glenn Poole Inv; Bella Vista Bronco)


While most of the StanCo schools had a lull in the action for Spring Break, the MMC schools were still in session and should have had dual meets. Unfortunately the tracks and some of the schools are poorly maintained and were unable to hold a meet even 48 hours after the rain stopped. 

Davis @ Downey--this meet did take place, the track was dry and runnable.

VG 1600m
1. Katie Krieger (Downey) 5:57.37

VB 1600m
Benavides leading Rigo Aguiar
 1. Moises Benavides (Downey) 4:58.23

VG 800m
Aguayo leading Krieger going into the home-stretch
1. Katie Krieger (Downey) 2:45.22
2. Esmeralda Aguayo (Downey) 2:46.24


Modesto @ Enochs--track unrunnable, rescheduled to 5/1 at Enochs

Gregori @ Johansen--track unrunnable, rescheduled to 5/3 at Gregori

4/21 DEL ORO INV, Del Oro HS, Loomis
The only StanCo school was Modesto Christian (Only the Warwick sisters with no distance results)


4/22 HAL CLEMENTS/BRET HARTE INV, Bret Harte HS, Angeles Camp
StanCo schools were Ceres, Big Valley, Hughson, and Denair
F/S G 800m
1. Elizette Ysias (Hughson) 2:39.79
4. Logan Mattingly (Big Valley) 2:44.74

F/S G 1600m
1. Elizette Ysias (Hughson) 5:49.42


4/22 GLENN POOLE, Oakmont HS
Only StanCo school was Waterford.
F/S B 3200m
7. Jonathan Staley (Waterford) 10:56.85


4/22 BELLA VISTA BRONCO, Bella Vista HS, Fair Oaks
The only StanCo school was Riverbank with only one runner.
Alondra Hernandez continues to produce some amazing times as she gets healthy and stronger. The results here represent a 5.5 sec PR.

VG 1600m
8. Alondra Hernandez (Riverbank) 5:19.92


 After a very slow week picks up in an amazing way this coming week with essentially every team competing in at least one meet and many in two.

4/25 Central Catholic @ Sierra
4/26 Beyer @ Modesto
4/26 Enochs @ Gregori
4/26 Davis @ Johansen
4/26 CCC # 3 @ Golden Valley HS, Merced  (Turlock and Pitman)
4/26 Ripon @ Riverbank
4/26 Central Valley @ Patterson
4/27 MVL CCAA #3 @ Ripon HS, Ripon (Turlock Christian, BVC)
4/27 Central Catholic @ Oakdale
4/28 Dinuba Inv (Central Catholic)
4/28 Sheldon Distance Carnival @ Sheldon HS, Elk Grove  (Modesto)
4/28 German Fernandez Distance @ Riverbank HS, Riverbank (BVC, Downey, Enochs, Gregori, Hughson, Pitman, Riverbank)
4/28 Southern League #4 @ Atwater HS, Atwater (Denair, Waterford, Orestimba)
4/29 Sacramento Meet of Champions @ American River College

Sunday, April 16, 2017

WEEK 7 (Dual meets; CCC #2; Woody Wilson; Bear Cat Inv)

By my estimation we are halfway through the season and the best athletes are beginning to produce some impressive PRs. As we round out the final two weeks leading into the league championship meets, we will begin to see runners migrating to their primary events.


4/12 Beyer @ Gregori
Beyer's Athena Adamakis is always smiling
 I attended the dual meet between Beyer and Gregori this week. Unfortunately for me, Gregori held out most of their top distance runners to rest up for Friday's Woody Wilson meet. That didn't leave much for distance runners and there were no marks produced that met my standard to be reported.


4/12 Hilmar @ Hughson
VB 3200m
1. Carson Boice (Hughson) 10:54.85

VG 800
1. Emily Fife (Hughson) 2:33.88
2. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 2:36.49

VG 1600m
1. Emily Fife (Hughson) 5:51.07


4/12 Riverbank and Modesto Christian @ Mountain House
VG 800m
1. Alondra Hernandez (Riverbank) 2:31.36
2. Valeria Aguiniga (Riverbank) 2:37.20

VG 1600m
1. Alondra Hernandez (Riverbank) 5:41.75


4/12 CCC #2 @ Atwater HS
For the second time this season the teams of the CCC competed against each other. Participating StanCo teams were Pitman and Turlock.

VG 800m
1. Quinn Hagerman (Merced) 2:23.95
4. Megan Drew (Turlock) 2:32.93
6. Bianca Garcia (Pitman) 2:36.23
7. Emily Ramirez (Turlock) 2:39.19
9. Priscilla Bazan (Pitman) 2:40.63

VB 800m
400m specialist Marable moves up a distance and produces and impressive win and StanCo leading time in the process.
1. Isaiah Marable (Pitman) 1:59.19
6. Josh VanAllen (Pitman) 2:07.16
8. Rigo Maldonado (Turlock) 2:08.58
10. Marc Carrizales (Turlock) 2:09.10

VG 1600m
1. Quinn Hagerman (Merced) 5:16.01
4. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 5:41.02
5. Mikayla Perry (Pitman) 5:45.61
6. Maria Varela (Turlock) 5:47.86
7. Sofia Andres (Turlock) 5:50.64
9. Priscilla Bazan (Pitman) 5:53.52

VB 1600m
1. Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 4:39.97
6. Brent Curiel (Pitman) 4:47.16

VG 3200m
Mann contines nibbling away at her PR. She is ripe for a big effort to push her time under 12.
1. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 12:09.13
3. Sofia Andres (Turlock) 12:36.76
4. Maria Varela (Turlock) 12:52.08

VB 3200m
Normally not a 3200m runner, Alvarez turns in an impressive win and a big PR.
1. Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 10:26.02
5. Brent Curiel (Pitman) 10:38.57


4/14 WOODY WILSON @ UC Davis
Gregori held out their top runners Wednesday hoping for some big results at this meet and they produced. Ruiz and Mason Reeves flex their muscles and show that they can run with the big boys in the SJS. Ruiz' marks stands as the #12 all-time 3200m time by a StanCo boy. Competing StanCo teams were Oakdale, and Gregori.
VB 3200m
2. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 9:27.85 (#12 all-time StanCo)
3. Mason Reeves (Gregori) 9:30.88
20. Hunter Reeves (Gregori) 10:08.30

VB 1600m
7. Matthew Marsh (Gregori) 4:36.25
17. Sebastian Cronkite (Gregori) 4:49.87

VG 800m
5. Sara Stevens (Oakdale) 2:26.36


4/15 BEARCAT INV @ San Mateo
The only competing StanCo team was Central Catholic
Anthony Vazquez breaks the 2 min barrier for the 1st time and Elias Fierro breaks 11 min for the first time.
VB 800m
3. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 1:59.66

F/S 800m
7. Mario Jauregui (Central Catholic) 2:10.05

VB 1600m
3. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 4:34.10
22. Elias fierro (Central catholic) 4:51.45

VB 3200m
13. Elias Fierro (Central Catholic) 10:57.78


Up-coming Meets
4/19 Modesto @ Enochs
4/21 Del Oro Inv (Modesto Christian)
4/22 Bella Vista Bronco (Riverbank)
4/22 Bret Harte Inv (Ceres, Hughson, Denair, Big Valley)
4/22 Glenn Poole Inv, Oakmont HS (Waterford)

Monday, April 10, 2017

WEEK 6 (Dual Meets; Hughson Vintage; Misc )

Ceres @ Patterson
VB 1600m

Virgen winning the 1600m
1. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 4:41.9
2. Christian Linares (Ceres) 4:50.02

VB 3200m
1. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 10:35


Gregori @ Modesto
On paper this would be the best distance match up of any dual meet all year...however Gregori rested some to their top dogs (err Jags) for this weekend's Arcadia meet. There were still some great racing and quality dirt track times produced.

VB 3200m
1. Cameron Duquette (Modesto) 10:41
2. Sebastian Cronkite (Grgeori) 10:42
3. Matthew Marsh (Gregori) 10:57
4. Alan Guerrero (Modesto) 11:00

VG 3200m
1. Hilda Perez (Modesto) 12:46
2. Kerry Young (Modesto) 12:53

VB 1600m 
1. Alan Guerrero (modesto) 4:40.32

VG 1600m
1. Olivia Coyle (Modesto) 5:43.98

VB 800m
1. Josue Perez (Modesto) 2:08.39
2. Jose Orendain (Modesto) 2:09.94

VG 800m
1. Briseida Garcia (Gregori) 2:31.36
2. Kerry Young (Modesto) 2:35.87
3. Eva Rodriguez (Gregori) 2:40.11
4. Aryana Perillo (Modesto) 2:40.85
5. Kassi Rojas (Gregori) 2:44.34


Hughson @ Escalon
VG 1600
1. Emily Fife (Hughson) 5:38.16
2. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 5:39.04
3. Elzette Ysias (Hughson) 5:53.75

VG 3200m
1. Emily Fife (Hughson) 12:36

VG 800m
2. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 2:34.31
3. Elzette Ysias (Hughson) 2:45.54


Central Catholic was the only competing StanCo team.

VB 800m
2. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic)  2:01.86

VB 1600m
1. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 4:38.07


4/8 JFK COUGAR RELAYS, Kennedy HS, Sacramento
 The only competing StanCo team was Enochs.

VB 1600m
3. Ryan Weidman (Enochs) 4:47.12

VB 3200m
3. Ryan Weidman (Enochs) 10:35

Competing StanCo teams were Beyer, Gregori, Turlock, Hughson, Orestimba, Denair, Downey, Waterford, Turlock Christian, and Modesto High. At last year's version of this meet it rained nearly the whole meet. Saturday's forecast called for rain again. The meet began under clear sunny skies. The clouds began slowly building and by the midpoint, the showers had begun. The officials halted the action for about 30min, the rain passed, and the racing began again.
Fife shadowed early on by Krieger
VG 2 mi
it is about a -3.5 sec conversion to get a 3200m time from this 2mi time
1. Kaela Dishon (Bret Harte) 11:22.31
2. Emily Fife (Hughson) 11:50.94
3. Elzette Ysias (Hughson) 12:19.80
5. Katie Krieger (Downey) 12:28.59
6. Esmeralda Aguayo (Downey) 12:31.00
8. Alondra Cardozo (Downey) 12:51.37
9. Sienna Espinoza (Gregori) 12:54.55
10. Athena Adamakis (Beyer) 12:56.74

Moises Benavides and Josue Perez battled for 8 laps

VB 2 mi
it is about a -3.2 sec conversion to get a 3200m time from this 2mi time 
1. Moises Benavides (Downey) 10:19.99
3. Josue Perez (Modesto) 10:24.12
4. Sammy Gutierrez (Downey) 10:35.58
5. Rodrigo Aguilar (Downey) 10:37.48
6. Christian Gutierrez (Downey) 10:39.68
8. Jack Wooley (Turlock) 10:52.29
9. Dalton Santisteban (Hughson) 10:54.16
10. Justin Thomas (Gregori) 10:56.08
11. Jaxon Reeves (Gregori) 10:56.33

F/SB 2 mi
2. Zach Eve (Gregori) 10:59.55

VG 800m
Eva Rodriguez
 1. Mikayla Akers (Los Banos) 2:23.54
2. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 2:26.54
3. Eva Rodriguez (Gregori) 2:33.51
4. Maria Varela (Turlock) 2:34.55
8. Ingrid Cardona (Gregori) 2:44.61
9. Kinsey Langley (Hughson) 2:45.34

VB 800m
Matt Marsh for the WIN!
 1. Matt Marsh (Gregori) 2:04.42
3. Rigo Maldonado (Turlock) 2:08.19
4. Israel Lopez (Beyer) 2:09.69

F/SB 800m
Christian Silva
  3. Christian Silva (Modesto) 2:08.80

VB 1 mi
it is about a -1.7 sec conversion to get a 1600m time from this 1mi time 
1. Alan Guerrero (Modesto) 4:40.13
2. Erik Alvarez (Turlock) 4:49.86
3. Matt Marsh (Gregori) 4:52.02
4. Sebastian Cronkite (Gregori) 4:53.51
5. Israel Lopez (Beyer) 4:56.74


4/7 and 4/8 ARCADIA INV, Arcadia HS
Other than maybe the California State meet, this is THE high school track meet in California (and maybe the whole country). The marks/times produced at this event are simply awe inspiring to anyone who follows local HS track--LAST place in the Inv HJ was 6'3". My jaw dropped when I looked at the Invitational 3200m results. There were 32 finishers and 25 of them ...broke 9 min.
Gregori was the only StanCo school that participated.

Briseida Garcia ran in the "Varsity" 800m and placed 7th in a time of 2:16.39

Their boy's DMR team placed 9th in the "Varsity" division in 10:40.65.


Sunday, April 2, 2017

WEEK 5 (CCC#1; Dual Meets; Stanford; MJC Inv; Delta Mustang)

3/29 CCC #1 @ Turlock HS
The first time of three for the CCC teams to meet up this season produced some quality marks. Participating StanCo teams were Turlock and Pitman.

VG 1600m
1. Quinn Hagerman (Merced) 5:11.32
4. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 5:35.24
6. Mikayla Perry (Pitman) 5:40.75
8. Maria Varela (Turlock) 5:52.33
9. Priscilla Bazan (Pitman) 5:59.55

VB 1600m
1. Abraham Maldonado (Atwater) 4:37.99
6. Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 4:43.76
8. Brent Curiel (Pitman) 4:45.41
11. David Bosquez (Turlock) 4:48.60
13. Josh Van Allen (Pitman) 4:50.23

VG 800m
1.Clara Harmon (Atwater) 2:30.27
2.Bianca Garcia (Pitman) 2:34.86
3. Emily Ramirez (Turlock) 2:35.54
5. Sofia Andres (Turlock) 2:41.53
6. Priscilla Bazan (Pitman) 2:41.89

VB 800m
1. Abraham Maldonado (Atwater) 2:01.98
2. David Bosquez (Turlock) 2:06.00
4. Isaiah Marable (Pitman) 2:07.31
6. Josh Van Allen (Pitman) 2:08.24

VG 3200m
1. Ciara Colon (Merced) 12:00.75
2. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 12:11.97
3. Maria Varela (Turlock) 12:47.50

VB 3200m1. Raul Flores (Atwater) 10:25.27
4. Rafael Perez (Turlock) 10:43.42
5. Brent Curiel (Pitman) 10:48.24
6. Obed Meraz (Turlock) 10:50.71
7. Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 10:50.74
9. David Bosquez (Turlock) 10:59.51


So Downey only ran their distance runners in the 800m, which meant it was all MoHi in the 1600m and the 3200m wasn't even run on the varsity level

VB 800m
1. Jose Orendain (Modesto) 2:12.58

 VG 800m
Young in the 800m
 1. Kerry Young (Modesto) 2:38.29
2. Katie Krieger (Downey) 2:41.19
3. Adele Dumars (modesto) 2:42.19
4. Alondra Cardoza (Downey) 2:42.87

VG 1600m
This event produced the only big surprise for me on the day as an unknown (to me) Modesto underclassman ran well under 6 to take the win. See the MJC Inv results as she continues to improve and impress.
Welcome to MMC distance running Olivia Coyle
1. Olivia Coyle (Modesto) 5:52

VB 1600m
1. Leo Pando (Modesto) 4:59


This meet was supposed to be at Hughson this year but I think the deluge of rain last week did the track in. Whatever the final reason, they ran on the new surface in Riverbank and it produced some really fast times.

VB 800m
1. Chris Martinez (Riverbank) 2:13.47

VG 800m
1. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 2:30.64
2. Valeria Aguinga (Riverbank) 2:41.73

VG 1600m
This must have been the race of the day!
1. Alondra Hernandez (Riverbank) 5:25.29
2. Emily Fife  (Hughson) 5:27.81
3. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 5:40.39
4. Elizette Ysias (Hughson) 5:58.69

VG 3200m
1. Emily Fife (Hughson) 12:21.28
2. Elizette Ysias (Hughson) 12:49.99


3/31 MJC INV @ Modesto JC
One on the larger local meets, moves to a Friday this year. A strong wind hindered some of the times in the distance races. Participating StanCo teams were BV, Beyer, Denair, Grace Davis, Gregori, Ceres, Enochs, Johansen,  Central Catholic, Modesto, Modesto Christian.

VG 1600m
1. Olivia Coyle (Modesto) 5:41.21

 VB 1600m
Vazquez leads Connor Landis and Guerrero in the 1600m
 1. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 4:43.46
3. Alan Guerrero (Modesto) 4:46.83
4. Leo Pando (Modesto) 4:48.27

VG 800m
A great race as SJS 400m Champion Claire Seymour is exploring the 2 lapper.
Seymour and Groen in the 800m
1. Claire Seymour (Enochs) 2:28.89
2. Jessica Groen (Modesto Christian) 2:30.60
3. Kerry Young (Modesto) 2:32.60
4. Eva Rodriguez (Gregori) 2:37.05
5. Aryana Perillo (Modesto) 2:37.98
7. Olivia Soto (Johansen) 2:44.91
9. Adelina Castellanos (modesto) 2:46.44
10. Ahmad Zeba (Enochs) 2:47.98
11. Destiny Suarez (Ceres) 2:49.71

VB 800m
Another nail-biter between Vazquez and Ruiz battling to the line
Ruiz and Vazquez stride for stride in the 800m
 1. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 2:00.76
2. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 2:01.35
3. Matthew Marsh (Gregori) 2:05.42
4. Jose Orendain (Modesto) 2:07.06
5. Mason Reeves (Gregori) 2:10.29

VG 3200m
Espinoza, Perez, and Adamakis
 1. Hilda Perez (Modesto) 12:30.01
3. Sienna Espinoza (Gregori) 12:41.18
4. Athena Adamakis (Beyer) 12:52.71

 VB 3200m
Cronkite in the 3200m
1. Sebastian Cronkite (Gregori) 10:24.29
3. Josue Perez (Modesto) 10:29.78



3/31 LIBERTY F/S ELITE @ Liberty HS, Bakersfield
Pitman was the only competing StanCo team. Mavleen Mann continues to improve and rewrite the Pitman record books.
3. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 2:35.69
2. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 5:29.58 (new Pitman School Record)


3/31 and 4/1   STANFORD INV @ Stanford University
The only distance mark by a StanCo athlete was set in the 800m by Briseida Garcia.
14. Briseida Garcia (Gregori) 2:17.39


4/1  WEST COAST RELAYS @ Buchanan HS, Clovis
Back in the day an earlier version of this meet was one of the premier track meets in the United States. It used to be a Ratcliff Stadium in the heart of Fresno. For years while growing up I worked on the hurdle crew at this meet. In HS I ran legs of the DMR two different years. The meet is now run at Buchanan HS (the same track as the State meet. This year the only competing StanCo team was Turlock (and it was a skeleton Bulldog crew that made the trip).

VB 1600m
14. Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 4:37.64


4/1 DELTA MUSTANG @ AA Stagg HS, Stockton
Only competing StanCo team was Waterford

VG 800m
11. Jaecelyn Romero (Waterford) 2:46.06


4/5 Hughson @ Escalon
4/5 Ceres @ Patterson
4/5 Enochs @ Downey
4/5 Gregori @ Modesto
4/6 East Union @ Oakdale
4/7 Cougar Relays 2 El Dorado HS (Patterson and Pitman)
4/7 Friday Night Lights @ Inderkum HS (Central Catholic)
4/7 Ross Middle School Meet @ Turlock HS
4/8 Hughson Vintage @ Turlock HS (Beyer, BV, Denair, TD, Greg, Hugh, JoHo, MoHi, Oak, Orest, Tur, TurCh, Waterford)

Saturday, March 25, 2017

WEEK 4 (TVL Relays; Bella Vista Bronco; County Clash)

With the MMC (Modesto) schools on Spring Break this week the action was both limited and significant. For me there were 3 major meets this week: the TVL Relays, The Bella Vista Bronco Distance Carnival, and the County Clash. The only one of these that I was able to attend was the TVL Relays.

3/21/17   TVL RELAYS, Ripon HS, Ripon
The competing StanCo schools were Riverbank and Hughson
Esmeralda Campos
I attended this mostly relay meet. Hughson ran most of their top runners, Riverbank ran a few of their kids. There are no official results (or very limited). Enjoy the photos.


3/24/17 BRONCO DISTANCE CARNIVAL, Bella Vista HS, Fair Oaks
Competing StanCo schools were Downey and Riverbank. This meet is one of the top distance meets in the SacJoaquin Section.

VG 800m
1. Yajaria Salinas (Escalon) 2:18.64
24. Meghann Lofing (Downey) 2:36.91
35. Valeria Aguiniga (Riverbank) 2:39.91

VB 800m
1. Jose Cruz (McClatchy) 1:29.60
26. LeStat Bertolero (Downey) 2:08.25

VG 1600m
1. Sophia Karperos (Rio Americano) 5:08.19
22. Alondra Hernandez (Riverbank) 5:38.39
32. Esme Aguayo (Downey) 5:43.17
40. Katy Krieger (Downey) 5:46.75
51. Alondra Cardoza (Downey) 5:53.28

VB 1600m
1. Andres Sandoval (Tokay) 4:21.17
27. Moises Benavides (Downey) 4:43.39

VB 3200m
1. Aldo Perez (Tokay) 9:40.74
34. Chris Martinez (Riverbank) 10:47.74


3/24/17 COUNTY CLASH, Oakdale HS, Oakdale
Noncompeting StanCo distance runners were from Downey, Riverbank and the top male runners from Gregori.
I have said many times that if the top distance runners of all the competing schools stayed home and ran at County Clash, the competition would be extremely strong...Adding the SJ County schools to the mix added to strength. If you still don't agree with that logic, instead of Bronco, teams could run at Dublin the previous week. Dublin's competition was stronger than BV this year. If Westin Ranch, Lodi, Tokay, Buhach Colony, Downey, RBK, and Gregori had all run their top kids, I think the marks achieved would have been comparable (especially since Merced choose to come to County Clash this year). I know some of the coaches don't agree with my reasoning...but hey I'll keep pushing to promote local running and runners. Okay, I'll come down from my soapbox now...

VG 1600m
Missing from this race were qualifiers from the StanCo meet were 2. Emily Fife (Hughson) and 8. Esme Aguayo (Downey).

1. Briseida Garcia (Gregori) 5:20.35
4. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 5:42.30
5. Kayden Legan (Oakdale) 5:42.84
6. Maria Varela (Turlock) 5:45.48
10. Sofia Andres (Turlock) 5:53.43
12. Kendra Branch (Oakdale) 5:53.82
14. Adele Dumars (Modesto) 5:57.41

VB 1600m
Missing from this race were qualifiers from the StanCo meet were 1. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) , 2. Matthew Marsh (Gregori), and 7. Moises Benavides (Downey).
VIDEO OF the final 100m of the VB 1600m  by Anthony Vazquez' mother

1. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 4:36.95
2. Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 4:38.14
4. Josue perez (Modesto) 4:44.00
7. Cameron Duquette (Modesto) 4:46.98

VG 800m
Missing from this race were qualifiers from the StanCo meet 1. Alondra Hernandez (RBK), 2. Claire Seymour (Enochs), 4. Emily Fife (Hughson), 6. Kerry Young (Modesto), 7. Mikaelyn Bickel (Downey) the showing for StanCo could have been even stronger.

1. Quinn Hagerman (Merced) 2:21.45
2. Abigayle Mitchell (Hughson) 2:24.55
4. Sara Stevens (Oakdale) 2:26.67

VB 800m
Missing from this race were qualifiers from the StanCo meet were 5. Justin Crescenti (Oakdale) and 7. Sammy Gutierrez (Downey).

1. Abraham Maldonado (Atwater) 2:00.84
2. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 2:01.38
3. David Bosquez (Turlock) 2:04.23
7. Alan Guerrero (Modesto) 2:07.85
8. Jose Orendain (Modesto) 2:07.87

VG 3200m
Missing from this race were qualifiers from the StanCo meet were 1. Kinsey Langley (Hughson) and 5. Macie Ericksen (Turlock)
Champion Esmeralda Campos shows off her medal--photo by Joel Bernard
1. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 11:50.08
3. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 12:15.54
4. Kayden Legan (Oakdale) 12:27.13
5. Hilda Perez (Modesto) 12:36.77
7. Makayla Perry (Pitman) 12:42.99

VB 3200m
Missing from this race were qualifiers from the StanCo meet were 1. Mason Reeves (Gregori) and 6. Carson Boice (Hughson).
VIDEO OF the VB 3200m by Ron Curiel

1. Thomas Virgen (Patterson) 10:04.94
2. Brent Curiel (Pitman) 10:11.63
3. Hunter Reeves (Gregori) 10:14.52
6. Leo Pando (Modesto) 10:28.67
7. Luis Orendain (Modesto) 10:29.97
9. Cade Middaugh (Oakdale) 10:45.97
10. Justin Thomas (Gregori) 10:47.88
12. Jack Wooley (Turlock) 10:51.42


3/29 CCC #1 @ Turlock HS (Turlock and Pitman)
3/29 Riverbank @ Hughson
3/29 Modesto @ Downey
3/30 Manteca @ Oakdale
3/31 MJC Inv @ MJC (Beyer Big Valley, Central Catholic, Ceres, Denair, Enochs, Grace Davis, Gregori, Modesto, Modesto Christian)
4/1 Delta Mustang Inv @ SJ Delto JC (Waterford)
4/1 Stanford @ Stanford

Saturday, March 18, 2017

WEEK 3 (TVL v MML; F/S Showcase; CC dual meet, Jaguar Inv; Husky Inv; Dublin Dist Fiesta )

3/14 TVL v MML @ Riverbank
The only competing StanCo teams were Riverbank and Hughson. Honestly both Hughson and Riverbank ran very few of their top distance runners. So there is really nothing to report regarding StanCo runners. However Cassi Land of Sonora quadrupled in the 4,8,16,and 32. She won the 32 and 16. In somewhat warmer than usual conditions, her iron-man type performance was amazing. There is a link below to the complete results.
Cassie Land runs a rare quadruple


3/15 F/S SHOWCASE @ Turlock HS
The competing StanCo Teams were Pitman. Turlock, Ceres, Downey, and Hughson. This meet is designed to let the youngsters/rookies shine. A couple of runners from the County meet competed but mostly the top StanCo F/S runners either didn't run at all of run in a secondary event.


Fife leading Krieger and Andres in the 800m
1. Kaitlynn Perez (Merced) 2:24.95
3. Emily Fife (Hughson) 2:34.96
4. Emily Ramirez (Turlock) 2:40.99
5. Sofia Andres (Turlock) 2:41.53
6. Alondra Cardoza (Downey) 2:43.02
7. Katy Krieger (Downey) 2:44.53

Uriel Alvarez hits a huge 6 sec PR to take the victory
Alvarez in the 800m
1. Uriel Alvarez (Turlock) 2:09.26

1. Sofia Andres (Turlock) 5:49.60
2. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 5:50.10

1. Richard Cole McKain (Merced) 4:52.38

Mavleen Mann continues to run well just missing her own PR. Ysais hits a new PR.
Mann runs away with the 3200m
1. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 12:25.19
2. Elizette Ysias (Hughson) 12:45.26

1. Tim Cribbet (Pipon) 10:57.96



Anthony Vazquez turns in one of the greatest distance triples by winning the 8, 16, and 32 all in more than respectable times.

1. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 2:06.39
1. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 4:40.27
1. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 10:50.74


The only competing StanCo school was Gregori
This meet is beyond huge. It has become one of the premier distance events in the state. The high level of competition and the great weather seems to have combined to produces some very fast times.

1. Alyssa Brewer (California) 2:12.13
3. Briseida Garcia (Gregori) 2:17.31
16. Kassandra Rojas (Gregori) 2:25.41
117. Eva Rodriguez (Gregori) 2:41.51
--326 competitors

G 1600m
151. Eva Rodriguez (Gregori) 5:57.85

1. Alex Scales (Bellarmine Prep) 1:53.27
35. Matthew Marsh (Gregori) 2:03.36
45. Axel Lomeli (Gregori) 2:05.05
98. Sebastian Cronkite (Gregori) 2:09.60
--469 competitors

1. Jonathan Fierro (Miramonte) 4:19.93
97. Sebastian Cronkite (Gregori) 4:44.35
99. Jack Duchala (Gregori) 4:44.42
133. Hunter Reeves (Gregori) 4:47.77
199. Carter Mannon (Gregori) 4:55.64
236. Zach Sanders (Gregori) 4:59.59
--631 competitors

1. Callum Bolger (San Luis Obispo) 9:00.90
122. Matthew Marsh (Gregori) 10:35.88
--301 competitors

1. Bellarmine Prep 10:25.12
3. Gregori 10:35.88
(1200m: Santiago Ruiz 3:11; 400m:  Dexter Williams 51.2; 800m: Adrian Leal 2:02; 1600m: Mason Reeves 4:31)
--33 teams


3/18 JAGUAR INV @ Kimball HS in Tracy
Competing StanCo teams were Central Catholic and Turlock Christian

F/S 1600m
3. Elias Fierro (Central Catholic) 4:56.89


3/18 HUSKY INV @ Sheldon HS, Elk Grove
Competing StanCo teams were Turlock and Modesto Christian.

VG 1600m
1. Elena Denner (Oak Ridge) 5:10.72
10. Maria Varela (Turlock) 5:40.37

VB 1600m
1. Andres Sandoval (Tokay) 4:19.99
8. Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 4:38.66


Up Coming Meets
3/21 TVL RELAYS @ Ripon HS   (Hughson and Riverbank)
3/23 KIMBALL @ OAKDALE Dual Meet
3/24 BRONCO DISTANCE CARNIVAL @ Bella Vista HS (Downey, Riverbank)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

WEEK 2 (StanCo Championship Meet)

Although it is very early in the season, yes this was a CHAMPIONSHIP meet were the top athletes earned bragging rights and a spot in the County Clash for the top 7 (top 10 in the 1600m and 3200m)

Briseida Garcia won by an amazingly huge margin. Frosh Legan outkicks veteran Varela.
Garcia followed by Fife, Varela, and Legan
 1. Briseida Garcia (Gregori) 5:18.36
2. Emily Fife (Hughson) 5:30.89
3. Kayden Legan (Oakdale) 5:40.51
4. Maria Varela (Turlock) 5:44.31
5. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 5:47.45
6. Kendra Branch (Oakdale) 5:48.81
7. Adele Dumars (Modesto) 5:48.88
8. Esmeralda Aguayo (Downey) 5:50.55
9. Sofia Andres (Turlock) 5:51.33

Santiago Ruiz  simply scorched the field for the huge margin of victory.

Ruiz pulling away from the field with 600m to go
1. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 4:27.23
2. Matthew Marsh (Gregori) 4:38.31
3. Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 4:40.93
4. Josue Perez (Modesto) 4:41.50
5. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 4:43.50
6. David Bosquez (Turlock) 4:45.21
7. Moises Benavides (Downey)
6 other runners broke 5 min

Wow! amazing finish as Alondra Hernandez was in 6th coming off of the final turn (where I was) and Claire Seymour had a 5 m lead at that point. With her speed I assumed the race was over. I actually thought she had won, until I saw the results.
The 800m pack on the 1st lap led by Seymour with Hernandez lurking behind
1. Alondra Hernandez (Riverbank) 2:27.01
2. Claire Seymour (Enochs) 2:27.07
3. Abigayle Mitchell (Hughson) 2:28.95
4. Emily Fife (Hughson) 2:28.98
5. Sara Stevens (Oakdale) 2:29.71
6. Kerry Young (Modesto) 2:34.49
7. Makaelyn Bickel (Downey) 2:35.17
8. Emily Ramirez (Turlock) 2:35.88
9. Bianca Garcia (Pitman) 2:35.99
10. Nikohl Jordan (Turlock) 2:36.11

Vazquez pulling away from Bosquez and Leal
 1. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 2:03.26
2. David Bosquez (Turlock) 2:04.89
3. Jose Orendain (Modesto) 2:06.60
4. Adrian Leal (Gregori) 2:06.73
5. Justin Crescenti (Oakdale) 2:07.15
6. Alan Guerrero (Modesto) 2:07.28
7. Sammy Gutierrez (Downey) 2:07.58
8. Josh Van Allen (Pitman) 2:09.84

Kayden Legan took the early paced out a bit too hard, as Esmeralda Campos and Kinsey langley worked together to reel her back in. Ultimately Kinsey was feeling it a bit more than Esmeralda. Kinsey breaks 12 for the first time. Mavleen Mann lowers her own school record again.
Langley and Campos lead Legan and a pack in the 3200m
1. Kinsey Langley (Hughson) 11:59.76
2. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 12:02.83
3. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 12:17.90
4. Kayden Legan (Oakdale) 12:20.48
5. Macie Ericksen (Turlock) 12:35.67
6. Hilda Perez (Modesto) 12:42.39
7. Makayla Perry (Pitman) 12:48.80

Mason Reeves surged hard on the second lap and left the field flat footed. He easily pushed home for the sub-10min mark
Mason Reeves all alone in the 3200m
1. Mason Reeves (Gregori) 9:50.94
2. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 10:03.01
3. Hunter Reeves (Gregori) 10:14.39
4. Luis Orendain (Modesto) 10:16.14
5. Leo Pando (Modesto) 10:28.08
6. Carson Boice (Hughson) 10:31.72
7. Brent Curiel (Pitman) 10:47.15
8. Cade Middaugh (Oakdale) 10:48.02
9. Jack Wooley (Turlock) 10:49.08
10. Zach Sanders (Gregori) 10:57.7
11. Edgar Ceballos (Turlock) 10:58.54


On Friday 3/24 at Oakdale HS, the best of Stanislaus County (top 7 in each event/10 in 1600 and 3200) will meet up in County Clash V against the best of Merced County, San Joaquin County.the  San Joaquin County meet  is this coming week. The Merced County Meet was this  past Saturday. The link to the resultsis  below:

Waterford, Orestimba, and Denair all missed the StanCo Meet to run in the Southern League's first Cluster meet of the year. I scanned over the results but no one from these three StanCo schools  met my time threshhold to write up the results. If you would like to scan over the results yourself, I have provide a link to the full results.

This coming week:
Tuesday (3/14) is the TVL (Hughson and Riverbank) v MML at Riverbank HS
Tuesday (3/14) Gregori @ G Davis and Johansen @ Modesto
Wednesday (3/15) Downey is at Beyer
Wednesday (3/15) is the F/S Showcase--participating Stanco teams are Ceres, Denair, Downey, Hughson, Pitman, Turlock
Thursday (3/16) Sierra is at Oakdale and Central Cath, Weston Ranch, East Union @ Kimball
Friday (3/17) San Joaquin County Meet--Tracy HS
Saturday (3/18) Dublin Distance Fiesta--Dublin HS (Gregori)
Saturday (3/18) Jaguar Inv--Kimball HS, Tracy (Big Valley, Beyer, Central Cath, Orestimba, Tur Chr)
Saturday (3/18) Husky Inv Sheldon HS, Elk Grove (Modesto Christian, Turlock)