Sunday, April 26, 2015

4/26/15 Week's Highlights

Every week seems to be a busy one for track athletes, coaches, and parents. But as the season begins to wind down toward the pending championship races, the stress of competition juxtaposes with the fatigue of the long season. My advice...hang in there and the long hours of practice will usually lead to the times and places you have been seeking.

On to this week's best marks

The meet that I chose to personally watch and photograph this week was Enochs at Modesto. These large MMC programs always manage to pack events and produce some quality times.

Alania and Keith duel in the 1600m
VB 1600m
1. Michael Keith (Enochs) 4:45
2. Marc Alia (Modesto) 4:48
Mendoza easily wins the 1600m
VG 1600m
1. Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) 5:46
2. Hilda Perez (Modesto) 6:00

VG 800m
Enochs 400m phenom, Claire Seymoure moved way up to try out the 800m and turned in a respectable result.
1. Claire Seymoure (Enochs) 2:36
2. Kerry Young (Modesto)  2:42

VB 800m
1. Michael Keith (Enochs) 2:06
2. Matthew Lopes (Enochs) 2:09

VB 3200m
1. Nathan Gutierrez (Enochs) 11:04
2. Cameron Duquette (Modesto) 11:05
3. Josue Perez (Modesto) 11:07


Marks worth noting in this meet are below

VG 800m
1. Sabrina Garcia (Riverbank) 2:38
2. Haley Richardson (Riverbank) 2:41

VB 3200m
1. Adan Chavez 10:49

Marks worth noting in this meet are below

VB 1600m
1. Jeremy Hart (Gregori) 4:53
2. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 4:56

VB 3200m
 1. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 10:58

VG 3200m
Torry Marravilla  debuts in the 3200m (normally an 800m runner) with a more than descent sub-13:00 mark .

1. Victoreya Maravilla (Gregori) 12:50.02

The big local meet this weekend was up the hill at Bret Harte HS. Participating StanCo schools were Ceres, Central Valley, Hughson, Denair, Gregori, and Big Valley Christian)

VG 800m
5. Sarah Hollcraft (Hughson) 2:35.06

FSG 800m
5. Ingrid Cardona (Gregori) 2:48.51

FSB 1600m
1. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 4:51.54

Hart and Alcantara battle in the 1600m Photo by Kevin and Lucy Triance
VB 1600m
3. Jeremy Hart (Gregori) 4:41.73
4. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 4:47.78

FSB  3200m
1. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 10:38.03
2. Ramon Franzia (Gregori) 10:44.09
3. Carson Boice (Hughson) 10:45.72

VB 3200m
2. Jakob Maravilla (Gregori) 10:20.66
3. Mario Medina (Gregori) 10:24.51


The participating StanCo school was Downey.

VB 800m
4. Hunter Casey (Downey) 2:01.53

FSG 800m
4. Meghann Lofling (Downey) 2:33.13 (#12 on Downey's all-time list)

VB 3200m
20. Justin Goering (Downey) 10:24.87

FSG 3200m
1. Esmeralda Aguayo (Downey) 12:26.91 (#10 on Downey's all-time list)


Saturday, April 25, 2015

MJC Big 8 Championship Results

Reynoso (photo by Demitrius Snaer)
Several local distance runners found a post-HS home at MJC. This past Friday was the Big 8 Conference Championships at Merritt College in Oakland. The StanCo star was Alexies Reynoso (Johansen/MJC) who tripled in the 800m, 1500m, and 5000m to finish off what I am sure was a very long day. Below is a listing of some of the top MJC distance marks by past StanCo runners.

8. Alexies Reynoso (formerly Johansen) 1:57.99
14. Aaron Mayfield (formerly Pitman) 2:01.31

2. Alexies Reynoso 4:16.46
9. Isaac Gonzalez (formerly Pitman) 4:18.24

4. Alexies Reynoso 15:54

3. Alicia Bargas (formerly Downey) 44:31.23


Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend's Marks by the StanCo's College Runners

In my continued effort to keep our readers apprized on how the past StanCo runners (those now in college) are are some marks from this past weekend. (and please send me photos, links, and results as you come across them.)

SEAN GOMES (USF/Beyer)--PRed in the 1500 at this past weekend's Mt Sac Relays. The primarily 800m runner moved up a distance and stepped up to a 3:51.79 PR.


At this past weekend's Beach Inv in Cerritos several past StanCo athletes competed.

IAN BROOKS (Stan St/Hughson) in the 800m Ian was timed in 1:55.03
DALLAS CAMPBELL (Stan St/ Grace Davis) placed 13th in her 1500m heat in a time of 4:48.58
AKIA BUFORD (Stan St/ Gregori) placed 10th in her 800m heat in a time of 2:14.6
MIKAYLA FLOREZ (Long Beach St/ Riverbank) ran the 800m in 2:22.07
BECKY HOBBY (UNLV/Hughson) placed 1st in her heat and 15th overall in the 1500m in a time of 4:40.74


Sunday, April 19, 2015

4/19 Week's Highlights (Woody Wilson, Hughson Vintage, CCC#2)

Wednesday 4/15/15 was a busy day around the local tracks. The CCC teams met for the second time, MMC powers Modesto and Gregori met head to head, and TVL stand outs (Hughson and Riverbank) competed on the Husky dirt loop. I will attempt to report the highlights below.

CCC #2
For the second time this year the CCC teams competed head to head--this time on the Turlock oval. Turlock and Pitman are the only StanCo schools.

G 800m
1. Kiana Clay (Pitman) 2:30.81
2. Arianna Lara (Turlock) 2:32.15
3. Julia Handy (Turlock) 2:32.15
4. Cassie Derdivanis (Turlock) 2:33.60
5. Bianca Lara (Pitman) 2:27.01

VB 800m
4. Jose Soto (Turlock) 2:06.75

G 1600m
3. Arianna Lara (Turlock) 5:49.17
7. Raveena Samra (Turlock) 5:59.23

VB 1600m
3. Erik Soto (Turlock) 449.87

VB 3200m
6. John Puffer (Pitman) 10:47.53


Modesto V Gregori Dual Meet

G 800m
1. Kaci Kuykendall (Gregori) 2:43.82
2. Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) 2:45.59

VB 800m 
1. Adrian Leal (Gregori) 2:07.82

VB 1600m
1. Jeremy Hart (Gregori) 4:55

VB 3200m
1. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 10:48.44

Thank you to Loretta Fillpot for sending the results in my direction.

Riverbank v Hughson

the large group starting the JV 1600m
Ruvalcaba and Garcia stalked by Herroz (hidden) and Daughtry in the 800m
 VG 800m
1. Sabrina Garcia  (Riverbank) 2:39.85
2. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 2:39.94
3. Heavyn Herroz (Hughson) 2:41.44

VG 3200m
1. Carlos Martinez (Riverbank) 10:33.91
2. Emmanuel Chavez (Riverbank) 10:46.64
3. Daniel Yanez (Hughson) 10:49.26
4. Logan Seagle (Hughson) 10:52.63


Enochs v Downey
Although I personally did not attend this meet--my wife, "Camera Kim," did stop by and take some pictures.
Michael Keith leads the pack in the 1600m

Woody Wilson Inv
The Woody Wilson Inv in Davis has long been one of the premier HS track event in Northern California. This year Sabrina Garcia (Riverbank took advantage of the swift competition to forge a huge PR in the 800m. Similarly Kim Ruvalcaba (RBK), Jeremy Hart (Gregori), Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori), and Adrian Leal (Gregori) all PR in the competitive environment.

G 800m
4. Sabrina Garcia (Riverbank) 2:22.86 (a 3.5 sec PR)
17. Cassie Derdivanis (Turlock) 2:36.33
18. Arianna Lara (Turlock) 2:35.70

B 800m
13. Adrian Leal (Gregori) 2:05.25 (a 1 sec PR)
19. Alberto Soto (Turlock) 2:07.13

G 1600m
16. Arianna Lara (Turlock) 5:44.02
21. Raveena samara (Turlock) 5:53.99
23. Makenzie Salyer (Turlock) 5:58.59

B 1600m
9. Jeremy Hart (Gregori) 4:35.48 (a 1.5 sec PR)
11. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 4:36.54 (a 2 sec PR)

G 3200m
6. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 11:36.36  (a 2 sec PR)


Hughson Vintage Inv
Many StanCo teams took to the track in Turlock for the Hughson Vintage Inv. Although few of the teams were at full strength many (Downey, Modesto, Riverbank, Hughson, Modesto Christ, Waterford, Patterson, Denair, Turlock, Turlock Christ) competed.

Paredez anchors to a big PR
Although it won't show directly in the results, Ruben Paredez anchored RBK's winning DMR team with a 4:41 1600m PR split.
Names battles for the 800m title
G 800m
2. Arielle Names (Downey) 2:24.9 (#4 all time at Downey)
5. Meghann Lofling (Downey) 2:43.58

JVB 800m
1. Johnny Hollcraft (Turlock) 2:07.56
Hunter sandwiched between two Dixon runners
VB 800m
2. Hunter Casey (Downey) 2:00.37
Bernal and Osgood fight down the homestretch
4. Stephanie Bernal (Riverbank) 5:54.36 (about a 5 sec PR)
5. Haylee Osgood (Downey) 5:55.16

2. Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 4:58.62
Martinez leads Virgen, Yanez, and Chavez in the 1mile
3. Antonio Venegas (Patterson) 4:47.09
4. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 4:50.59
5. Carlos Martinez (Riverbank) 4:52.34
6. Daniel Yanez (Hughson) 4:55.31
7. Justin Goering (Downey) 4:55.57
8. Emmanuel Chavez (Riverbank) 4:55.78
A Chavez leads Virgen in the 2 mile
2. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 10:36.05
3. Adan Chavez (Riverbank) 10:36.27
4. Diego Ruiz (Riverbank) 10:57.27


Sunday, April 12, 2015


Dallas Campbell (formerly Grace Davis/now StanSt) placed second in the 1500m at this weekend's Chico Distance Carnival/Chico Twilight Invite.

Ian stalking the leader--photo credit Gary Towne (Chico coach)
At the same meet Ian Brooks (formerly Hughson HS/ now Stan St) won the 800m in a PR time of 1:53.54
Additionally Akia Ruford (formerly Gregori/now Stan St) placed 9th in the 800m in a time of 2:18.54--well off the PR (2:13) she set earlier in the year.


At the Big West Challenge in Fullerton, Mikayla Florez (Formerly Riverbank HS/ now Long Beach St) placed 5th in the 1500m in a PR time of 4:49.83


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Highlights of Former StanCo Athletes Now in College (or Pro)

MIKAYLA FLOREZ (formerly Riverbank/now at Long Beach State)
On 4/4 Mikayla ran 2:18.91 in the 800m at the California Collegiate Classic in San Diego to capture 4th place in her heat and 13th place overall. This time beat her PR by about 0.8 sec.
RESULTS of California Collegiate Classic

BECKY HOBBY (formerly Hughson and MJC/ now at UNLV
On 4/3 at the UCLA Legends Invitational Becky placed 5th in the 5000m in a time of 17:50.53 to break her personal best by about 13 seconds.
RESULTS of UCLA Legends Inv

FAITH MAKAU (formerly Enochs/ now at UC Riverside)
On 3/28 at the UC Riverside Spring Track Classic Faith clocked 2:05.93 in the 800m to place 1st. That performance met the qualifying standard for the USA Nationals. It was a PR for Faith and at the time was the the fastest collegiate mark in the USA.  For her efforts Faith was named as the Big We Woman's Track Athlete of the Week.

On 4/3 at Stanford Faith recorded the fastest 1500m in the Big west Conference this year by recording a time of 4:22.35. This mark places her in the top ten in the nation this year.
Big West Athlete of the Week press release
RESULTS UC Riverside Spring Track Classic
RESULTS of Stanford

GERMAN FERNANDEZ (formerly Riverbank and Ok St/ now Nike Running)
On 4/3 at Stanford German won his section in the 1500m in a time of 3:43.72. It was the 7th best 1500m time of the day.
VIDEO of German's 1500m at Stanford
RESULTS of Stanford

DALLAS CAMPBELL (formerly Grace Davis/ now Stanislaus State)
On 3/13 Dallas placed 2nd in the 5000m at the Aggie Open at UC Davis. The time of 17:39.5 was close to her personal best. On 4/4 at the SF State Distance Carnival, Dallas recorded a PR in the 3000m Steeple Chase with a time of 11:00.65 to place 15th.

RESULTS of SF St Distance Carnival
RESULTS of Aggie Open

AKIA BUFORD (formerly Gregori / now Stanislaus State)
Akia placed 4th in her heat of the 800m at Stanford in a time of 2:14.19. Earlier in the season, on 3/7, she recorded her PR in the 800m of 2:13.01 at the Kim Duyst Inv.
RESULTS of Stanford
RESULTS of Kim Duyst Inv

SEAN GOMES (formerly Beyer/ now University of San Francisco)
on 4/4 at the SF St Distance Carnival, Sean recorded his PR in the 1500m with a time of 3:53.47 to place 4th in his heat and 20th overall. Earlier in the season at the Cal Opener he clocked 1:51.75 in the 800m.
RESULTS of SF Dist Carnival
RESULTS of Cal Opener

IAN BROOKS (formerly Hughson/ now Stanislaus State)
On 3/21 Ian ran the 800m at the Sac St Hornet Inv. He won his heat and placed 9th overall with a PR time of 1:53.71.
RESULTS of Sac St Hornet Inv

Sunday, April 5, 2015


CCC #1 (Golden Valley HS, Merced)
The schools of the CCC met for the first time on Wednesday (4/1/15) at the Golden Valley HS oval. The conditions were windy so some of the times were a bit slow. Pitman and Turlock were the two competing StanCo schools.
Bianca Garcia continues to progress--photo credit Karmjit Bath
VG 800m
2. Arianna Lara (Turlock) 2:35.47
3. Bianca Garcia (Pitman) 2:35.92
4. Cassie Derdivanis (Turlock) 2:36.50

VB 800m
6. Alberto Soto (Turlock) 2:09.66

VG 1600m
4. Arianna Lara (Turlock) 5:51.57
5. Makenzie Salyer (Turlock) 5:54.74

VB 1600m
6. Erik Soto (Turlock) 4:48.55

VG 3200m
3. Makenzie Salyer (Turlock) 12:55.99

VB 3200m
6. David Bozquez (Turlock) 10:42.84
7. John Puffer (Pitman) 10:43.02

PHOTOS (mostly Pitman athletes)

MJC INV (Modesto Junior College)
On Saturday 4/4/15 nine StanCo schools competed on the aging blue track at Modesto Junior College for the 9th version of the MJC Invitational. The competing local schools were: Gregori, Grace Davis, Enochs, Beyer, Modesto High, Modesto Christian, Turlock Christian, Central Catholic, and Patterson.
Savannah Mendoza in the 800m
VG 800m
3. Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) 2:36.29

FSB 800m
1. Anthony Vasquez (Cen Cath) 2:11.81
James Simmons in the 800m
VB 800m
3. James Simmons (Cen Cath) 2:08.10
4. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 2:08.22
Santiago Ruiz leads group in 1600m
FSB 1600m
1. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 4:51.06
2. Anthony Vasquez (Cen Cath) 4:55.08
Spears, Villegas, Behiel, Alcantara, Alania, Keith, Hart in 1600m
VB 1600m
This was an interesting race. The early leads was held by eventual winner Kenzie Spears (Hilmar) and Marc Behiel (Bret Harte) all-be-it a close pack of about 8 total runners. At about the 800m mark Jeremy Hart (Gregori) pushed to the lead and tried to pull away from the pack. In retrospect he may have moved forward too soon as Michael Keith (Enochs) took control with 300m left and surged into the wind. Coming into the home stretch Michael began to falter a bit and it was Spears (Hilmar) out-gutting him to take the title--a very competitive race!
2. Michael Keith (Enochs) 4:34.60 (running as Nathan Gutierrez in the results)
4. Jeremy Hart (Gregori) 4:37.03
6. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 4:39.85
7. Antonio Venegas (Patterson) 4:42.52
8. Marc Alania (Modesto) 4:45.70
Ventura in the 3200m
VG 3200m
2. Lupe Ventura (Patterson) 12:03.03

FSB 3200m
1. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 10:38.34
Medina leads early in the 3200m
VB 3200m
1. Mario Medina (Gregori) 10:02.43
4. Jeremy Hart (Gregori) 10:11.16
5. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 10:16.88
7. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 10:45.48
8. Nathan Gutierrez (Enochs) 10:51.46



This week I went to the Beyer at Enochs dual meet. None of the individual times were noteworthy, but I did shoot a lot of photos

PHOTOS (Beyer at Enochs)