Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sierra Invitational

The only meet of any note this week was the Sierra Invitational this past Saturday at Legion Park in Modesto. Thirteen schools from Stanislaus County participated, although it should be said that heavy weights Downey and Modesto ran but a fraction of their athletes. Given that, there were some interesting and predictable results.

Some notes on the non-varsity races...Josue Perez (Modesto), Sonia and Hilda's brother won the Frosh race. He will likely be the top cat at MoHi in the years to come. That may not be enough because it was Gregori with the Frosh boys team edge. Pitman Frosh girls placed 5 in the top 11 for the large schools. The balance of XC power may shift in the future of  the city of Turlock.



Mario Medina (Gregori) placed 2nd in a more than respectable time and appeared as if he held back. It was the Gregori boys again flexing to beat all the local teams (and that was without 2 of their top 4 runners--Jonathan Alcantara DNF and Jeremy Hart must sit out to Oct 6th because he transferred). They have up front talent and depth. If they can stay healthy they should ease through the MMC and make a serous run at State.

2. Mario Medina (Gregori) 17:06
5. Anthony Arauza (Gregori) 17:20
9. Isaiah Aguilar (Oakdale) 17:30
18. Javier Lara (Turlock) 18:04
19. Michael Keith (Enochs) 18:07
21. Blake Faria (Enochs) 18:09
22. Octavio Padilla (Oakdale) 18:14
24. Brian Mendez-Martinez (Turlock) 18:16
26. Rick Ortega (Gregori) 18:20
31. Antonio Venegas (Patterson) 18:29
33. Jaspreet Sanghera (Enochs) 18:31
37. Ramon Bravo (Enochs) 18:42
38. Jakob Maravilla (Gregori) 18:43
39. Thomas Virgen (Patterson) 18:44
41. John Puffer (Pitman) 18:44
42. William Anderson (Turlock) 18:45
43. Amaury Querones (Gregori) 18:46
44. Nick sanders (Gregori) 18:46
49. Erik Sousa (Turlock) 18:52
50. Ara Moosekian (Turlock) 18:52
51. Juan Ortega (Gregori) 18:53
52. Thi Bui (Enochs) 18:54

As you can see, for local teams this was basically a tri meet between 3 of the top five county teams (excluding MoHi, holding out their top runners; and Riverbank who was not competing). Gregori was missing two of their top 4 and they still easily handled the other two teams.

If I include the Riverbank times over the same course in TVL #1 it is possible to compare the RBK Bruins against the other three teams. I can already hear Coach Woods saying that this isn't a fair comparison...well it really isn't an apples to oranges is more like comparing tangerines to oranges--and it may it as close a comparison that is possible until the sub-section meet. So if I throw RBK into the mix here are the results:
GREGORI--1, 4, 9, 13, 15, 16, 20 = 42pts
RIVERBANK--2, 3, 10, 17, 24 = 56pts
ENOCHS--6, 7, 11, 12, 21 = 57pts
TURLOCK--5, 8, 14, 18, 19, 22, 23 = 64pts

This Wednesday we'll see how MoHi fits into the mix.


Torrey Maravilla (Gregori) was the top local finisher. But it was the tide of Turlock girls swamping all of the local competition. Also of note Grace Davis has a top notch frosh girl harking back to the pre-Gregori days: Ocean Goldman is already poised to be in the top 10 in the MMC. Gregori was missing #1 Mya Torres (who was ill); but even with her they will need runners 3, 4, and 5 to step up or they will be rolled by MoHi on Wednesday.

9. Torrey Maravilla (Gregori) 21:31
10. Arianna Lara Chavez (Turlock) 21:42
16. Ocean Goldman (Grace Davis) 22:03
18. Hailey Rodriguez-Delaney (Enochs) 22:18
19. Makenzie Salyer (Turlock) 22:25
21. Anna Perrone (Oakdale) 22:28
25. Amanda Medina (Turlock) 22:40
27. Kyannah Hernandez (Oakdale) 22:51
29. Cassie Derdivanis (Turlock) 23:08
30. Raveena Samra (Turlock) 23:14
31. Maria Varela (Turlock) 23:15
35. Erin Knopp Sargoni (Turlock) 23:26
39. Nina Shani (Pitman) 23:34
44. Dailene Perez (Modesto) 23:58
46. Tierrey Hermann (Gregori) 24:01
47. Meghan Hopkins (Turlock) 24:03
51. Sierra Schaaf (Gregori) 24:21
55. Jennifer Cisneros (Ceres) 24:33
56. Emily Cariaso (Pitman) 24:45
Turlock's #4-7 runners

Just like the boys it is possible to compare Riverbank to Turlock using the results from TVL #1. Surprisingly it is Turlock coming out on top 27 to 33 in a head to head dual meet.

TURLOCK--2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 = 27
RIVERBANK--1, 3, 6, 11, 12 = 33


PHOTOS (Varsity)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 2 Action (TVL1, Willow Hills, Thunder 2mi, Early Bird, and WAC Preseason)

First of all, the results I have for this meet are incomplete. In spite of this fact I will try to write up the meet to the best of my ability.
Norling with Adan Chavez and Emmanuel Chavez
For the boys The Adan-Emmanual Chavez (Riverbank) show continues to roll along. They led the pack of RBK boys over what to my eyes looked like a much weaker field of boys than in the most recent past years.
Paradez battles Yanez

1. Adan Chavez (Riverbank) 17:15
2. Emmanuel Chavez (Riverbank) 17:16
3. Alex Norling (ripon) 17:21
4. Daniel Yanez (Hughson) 17:55
5. Ruben Paradez (Riverbank) 18:24
6. Carlos Martinez (Riverbank) 18:49
7. Kenzie Spears (Hilmar) 19:24
8. Diego Ruiz (Riverbank) 19:30
Escalon dude??
10. Michael Rodriguez (Riverbank) 19:34
11. Kendall Camp (Riverbank) 19:44
Kim Ruvalcaba
For the girls Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) pulled away from Ellie Waters (Ripon) to lead the tide of Bruin runners. Kim and Sabrina Garcia looked strong. The rest of the RBK team looked not great, but they easily handled the rest of the TVL
Sabrina Garcia
1. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 20:34
2. Ellie Waters (Ripon) 20:53
3. Sabrina Garcia (Riverbank) 21:51
4. Maddie Mays (Hughson) 22:14
? Meagan Warwick?? (Modesto Christian)
? Nicole Warwick?? (Modesto Christian)
Escalon girl??
8? Kayla Jacklich (Ripon) 22:32
9. Joslyn Beliera (Riverbank) 22:48
10?. Haley Richardson (Riverbank) 23:40
11.? Stephanie Bernal (Riverbank) 24:27
Escalon girl?


This early season event is an opportunity for your team to tour the section championship course. Coaches may enter athletes in the individual event or in a five-person relay. The non-relay participates have the advantage of competing for position in a pack (like any other race). Whereas the relay runner often are on the course nearly alone--thus their time are somewhat slower. riverbank ran in the individual race and Hughson (boys) ran in the relay.
Adan, Sabrina, Emmanuel
Adan Chavez (Riverbank) 16:35
Emmanuel Chavez (Riverbank) 16:36
Ruben Paradez (Riverbank) 17:48
Daniel Yanez (Hughson) 17:49
Carlos Martinez (Riverbank) 18:37
Kendall Camp (Riverbank) 19:41
Wyatt Mitchell (Hughson) 19:53
Michael Rodriguez  (Riverbank) 20:07
Tristan Edwards (Hughson) 20:17

A couple of things to note here...The time by the Chavez brothers isn't far off of Zach Morrett's (Hughson) section winning time from last year--16:15. They are way ahead of the 17:10 that Zach ran in this same meet last year. Additionally Daniel Yanez in a full minute faster that what he ran at Sections last year.

On the girl's side Sabrina Garcia  (Riverbank) turned in the top local time. She ran 21:14 which is 67 seconds faster than she ran at Sections last year.

Sabrina Garcia (Riverbank) 21:14
Maddie Mays (Hughson) 22:02
Haley Richardson (Riverbank) 23:04
Joslyn Beliera (Riverbank) 23:05
Stephanie Bernal (Riverbank) 24:23 over 2 min faster than last year's Sections
Elitania Rosas (Riverbank) 24:39
Taylor Gray (Hughson) 25:22
Rosa Zurita (Riverbank) 25:22


This meet was held at Buhach High School in Atwater. The only StanCo team that competed was Orestimba. The top mark by the Warriors was turned in during the Senior Boy's race by Danny Navarrete who placed 7th in 11:45


This is a big early season Central Coast Section meet that Downey ran in this year. The meet is held at Toro Park outside of Salinas and the course is 3mi. Downey was the only StanCo team--and other than Escalon, they were the only Sac Joaquin section team. For and early season meet over and unfamiliar course there were some solid results turned in by some of the Knights.

The top girl's performer was Arielle Names who ran little over the summer but managed an impressive 20:40 which was good for 14th in the Junior Div.. Additionally newcomer/frosh Esmeralda Aguayo placed 21st in the frosh race--a 3mi race is a tough initiation for a freshman.

Arielle Names 20:40
Esmeralda Aguayo 21:26
Erika Martinez 21:38
Makaelyn Bickel 22:04
Esther Limon 22:19
Haylee Osgood 22:26
Meghan Matas 22:54

There are a couple of things to note here...The top 7 Downey runner are all non-seniors, with three being 9th graders. Additionally I would rate this as a way below par effort by Osgood. Hopefully she is running at her full potential soon. This team placed a combined 17th out of the 47 teams. Just the Jr team placed 3rd out of 15.

On the boys side the combined team placed 27th out of 50 teams--middle of the pack so to speak. The top mark was by Inteus Schiavo who placed 9th in the Soph race with a time of 17:07. Interestingly, Justin Goering who is definitely a senior, was entered as a junior and ran in the junior race.
Inteus Schiavo 17:07
Justin Goering 17:40
Hunter Casey 18:17
Alejandro Lemus 19:12
Sam Mora 19:14
Moises Benavides 19:32
Sammy Gutierrez 19:40


Not much info here
Christian Linares led the Ceres boys with a time of 20:50 over the River Oaks course. The Ceres girls were led by the 3rd place finish of Lissette Carretero in 24:48.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Week 1 Action

While many local school will begin their racing seasons next week, some got a jump start by beginning this past week. Pitman and Turlock battled each other for local bragging rights. Riverbank and Hughson competed in the Lodi Flame Inv, and Beyer ran in the Jaguar Inv in Tracy.

TURLOCK v PITMAN (scrimmage)
Although this was an unofficial meet with many of the competitors actually being friends with each other, there was also an element of the challenge of the first real test of fitness for the season. It was warm and many of the runners felt/suffered the effects of the heat as they circumnavigated the three loops around Donnelly Park. It was also clear from the gun that Turlock was the stronger team for both the boys and girls. At the finish line the results put a giant exclamation point of fact on that initial observation. Javier Lara led a wave of Turlock boys across the line swamping the Pride boys. I believe that no less than 10 Bulldogs crossed before the first Pitman boy! The girls results were similar. The real news on the female side was the initiation of Turlock Frosh Arianna Lara Chavez who was simply amazing. She beat all but one of the Pitman boys and of course all of the girls including teammate and veteran Makenzie Salyer. Arianna's time of 19:42 will already make her a contender for the CCC title and a spot in the section championship.

1. Javier Lara (Turlock) 17:22
2. Will Anderson (Turlock) 18:18
3. AJ Carbajal (Turlock) 18:23


1. Arianna Lara Chavez (Turlock) 19:42
2. Makenzie Salyer (Turlock) 21:05
3. Amanda Medina (Turlock) 21:32


Hughson and Riverbank both took the drive up Hwy 99 to Lodi to check on their early season fitness levels. The Bruin boys and girls both finished 5th (being beaten by some large and strong D1 and D2 schools. For RBK the Chavez brothers had a very strong showing with Adan finishing 2nd and Emmanuel finishing 3 ticks back in 4th. It would appear to me that there is some work still to do behind the twins if the Bruins hope to repeat as section champs. For the girls Kim Ruvalcaba and Sabrina Garcia both had strong races. Similarly for the girls if they too hope to repeat at Sections the spread between runners 1-4 must be much smaller.
Emmanuel and Adan sporting their medals

2. Adan Chavez (Riverbank) 16:46
4. Emmanuel Chavez (Riverbank) 16:49
24. Ruben Paradez (Riverbank) 18:04
27. Daniel Yanez (Hughson) 18:12
42. Carlos Martinez (Riverbank) 18:54
46. Jared Williams (Hughson)

6. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 20:45
13. Sabrina Garcia (Riverbank) 21:31
19. Madison Mays (Hughson) 21:58
33. Joslyn Beliera (Riverbank) 22:58
36. Haley Richardson (Riverbank) 23:03
50. Stephanie Bernal (Riverbank) 24:11


Not really much to report here other than Beyer competed. The Beyer Varsity boys have some real work to do if they don't want to be completely embarrassed in an already very weak MMC. For the girls, I'm not even sure if they ran a varsity girl. What I did notice was that Lauren Stanislaw's little sister Jenna is running. If she has 1/2 the running genes as her sister, she'll make an impact in the MMC.


Coming up this week is the WAC Preseason Meet (Ceres) and the first TVL (Hughson,  Riverbank, Orestimba, and Waterford) race, both are on Wed. The TVL race is at Legion. Next Saturday RBK, Hughson again will be competing at the Willow Hills relays in Folsom. Most MMC schools won't be racing until the Sierra Inv the following Saturday.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Preseason All-StanCo XC Boys' Team

Alcantara, Medina, Sanders, Aruza
I want to begin by saying my mission has always been to give the hardest working athletes (distance runners) the recognition they richly deserve. My hope is that once that recognition is given, it "doesn't go to anyone's head." Distance running is about hard work and long hot (often dusty) miles. I doesn't matter how many times I write about you in this blog--THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR HARD WORK. Additionally one (or even two) great individuals do not solely produce great team results. At its core, XC is still a team sport; and getting your name on a preseason list, will not win a league championship for your team.

Given that only two boys return from last year's end of season list, compiling the boys' list was much more difficult than the girls' list. I am basing some of my selections on last season, results during track, and generally on my gut instinct about who I think is ready to blossom as a runner. In other words this was a truly scientific process (not).
Paredez and Adan Chavez
As with the girls' list the returning members are underlined, and the list is in no particular order.

MARC ALANIA, 11th, Modesto
MARIO MEDINA, 12th, Gregori
ADAN CHAVEZ, 12th, Riverbank
EMMANUEL CHAVEZ, 12th, Riverbank
RUBEN PAREDEZ,11th, Riverbank
ANDREW WILLIAMS, 12th, Modesto
JEREMY HART, 11th, Big Valley Christian
ANTHONY ARAUZA, 12th, Gregori
DANIEL YANEZ, 11th, Hughson

Medina and Alania had stellar seasons last year (and backed them up with decent track seasons too). Gregori's runners usually begin the season strong and fade a bit as the MoHi runners are coming on strong at league. Emmanuel and Adan Chavez were mid-year transfers into the RBK program. Their arrival vaults the Bruins into D4 contention yet again. Jeremy Hart and Daniel Yanez are the dark horses here. Hart seems to be reaching physical maturity. Genetics says that he has untapped potential (his father Benton Hart #3 AT StanCo 3200m 8:54). Yanez has giant shoes to fill for the Huskies, but Coach Bernard always has his runners well prepared and ready to compete.I believe that Yanez will prosper as literally the top dog (go Huskies!).


TEN MORE TO WATCH (again in no order)
JAVIER LARA, 12th, Turlock
JAMES DE LA O, 12th, Modesto
BEN SALDANA, 12th, Central Valley
NICK SANDERS, 12th, Gregori
INTEUS SCHIAVO, 10th, Downey
MICHAEL KEITH, 11th, Enochs
ISAIAH AGUILAR, 12th, Oakdale
RAMON BRAVO, 11th, Enochs
ERIK SOUSA, 12th, Turlock
Williams and Keith

Turlock has some solid veterans and will compete with Enochs for the 4th/5th best StanCo team (behind Gregori, Riverbank, and Modesto). The biggest question for the Enochs' runners is can they find a competitive rhythm after the loss of their coach. Schiavo is the rookie in the group. He placed 3rd in the MMC 3200m in track last year as a Frosh. He will need racing experience to reach his potential.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Preseason All-StanCo XC Girls' Team

Richardson, Beliera, Ruvalcaba, and Garcia
Producing an all-anything list is inherently controversial and problematic. Attempting to produce a pre-season all-whatever list is destine to unravel as the season unfolds. To illustrate this folly, all you have to do is compare any NCAA pre-season football ranking to those at the end of the season to see that even the most knowledgeable analysts can be oh so wrong. With all of that said, I am still going to give this a shot. I will view it as the starting point of what I hope will be a successful season for all StanCo XC runners.

Preseason All-StanCo XC Girls' Team
The girls' list is perhaps easier than the boys' given that only 2 of last year's top-ten all StanCo team graduated (whereas with the boys eight of the ten graduated). I should also say that the names are in no particular order--they are NOT RANKED! All underlined athletes were on last year's end of season list.
Mendoza, Torres, and Maravilla
MYA TORRES, 11th, Gregori
SABRINA GARCIA, 12th, Riverbank
KIM RUVALCABA, 11th, Riverbank
HALEY RICHARDSON, 12th, Riverbank
LUPE VENTURA, 12th, Patterson
MEAGAN WARWICK & NICOLE WARWICK, 10th, Modesto Christian
JOCELYN BELIERA, 10th, Riverbank
MAKENZIE SALYER, 12th, Turlock

Richardson, Garcia, and the Warwick twins

Technically that is 11 names. I found it extremely difficult to separate Nicole and Meagan Warwick last year. Meagan eventually made the end of the year list, but Nicole was probably the next one in line. It doesn't take a genius to see that Riverbank is still loaded with up front talent (but not very deep). Barring injury they are easily the best team in the county. Gregori could easily put two in the top three in the MMC, but it remains to be seen it they can muster the supporting cast to battle a MoHi team that returns nearly intact from top to bottom.

Young and Derdivanis

TEN MORE TO WATCH  (again in no order)
ANNA PERRONE, 12th, Oakdale
KERRY YOUNG, 10th, Modesto
HAYLEE OSGOOD, 11th, Downey
ARIELLE NAMES, 11th, Downey
EMILY CARIASO, 11th, Pitman
RAVEENA SAMRA, 12th, Turlock
MICHELLE LAYNE, 12th, Enochs
SONIA PEREZ, 11th, Modesto
Names and Osgood
A few notes here: Lisette Carretero will probably be a distant second behind Ventura in the WAC. She is a solid runner but Ventura is figuratively in a different league. Michelle Layne has the talent to make the top-ten list, but I'm not even sure that she is running this year. Kerry Young is a HUGE talent with little varsity experience. MoHi will need her to take the MMC. Turlock and Downey probably will battle for the 4th/5th best teams status in the county (behind RBK, MoHi, and Gregori--in that order).

Don't agree? Did I miss someone? Hit me up with your opinion at

Tomorrow night I'll try to get the boys' list posted.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

And Then There Were None (SJS Masters Results)

The only preliminary "distance" event was the 800m. Both Aaron Mayfield (Pitman) and Ian Brooks (Hughson) were competing for a chance to run in Friday's finals and compete for one of the three automatic berths in next week's State Meet. Aaron qualified by virtue of winning his heat. Ian didn't win his heat but ran a fast enough time to move on to Friday.

Aaron Mayfield (Pitman) 1:57.61
Ian Brooks (Hughson) 1:57.00


All three distance events would be run in Friday's finals. Qualifying for this meet was the goal for most StanCo athletes. Once at the meet all of the season's hard work (and some luck) might lead to a qualification spot for State.

VG 1600m
Mikayla Florez (Riverbank), perhaps the most accomplished of the StanCo competitors was still a long shot to qualify for State. It would take the race of her life and a huge PR. She looked pained and uncomfortable from the second lap. I am guess the she was trying to run through a minor injury. She finished with what would have been a respectable time for anyone, but I am certain it was disappointing for her.

Mikayla Florez
11. MIkayla Florez (Riverbank) 5:19.68

VB 1600m
Nathan Stanton (Patterson) ran hard for the first two laps and was elbowed and jostled around several times in the large pack of runners. On the third lap the reality of the fast pace seemed to settle in and he struggled to stay in contact over the final 800m.
Nathan Stanton

25. Nathan Stanton (Patterson) 4:42.42

VB 800m
Aaron Mayfield (Pitman) ran is solid position (about 3rd place) for the first 500m with Ian Brooks (Hughson) hovering in about 6th. On the back stretch Aaron tried to make a move, but everyone else was doing the same thing (only faster). As the real kickers put it in high gear for the final 100m, Aaron and Ian both looked "out of gas." Both finished near their PR times with more than respectable efforts.
Aaron on the outside and Ian on the inside

9. Aaron Mayfield (Pitman) 1:57.45
12. Ian Brooks (Hughson) 1:58.20

VB 3200m
For one of the few times this season neither Isaac Gonzalez (Pitman) and Zach Morrett (Hughson) ran the 1600m prior to the 3200m. That meant they both had fresh legs entering the 3200m. Both were hoping that the quick and deep field would carry them to big PRs. In Isaac's case that is exactly what happened. Every time he began falling off pace he would tuck his head down and surge. The top ten finish in the 3200m (not his preferred event) is a huge accomplishment!
Isaac Gonzalez
Zach Morrett

10. Isaac Gonzalez (Pitman) 9:34.87 PR
12. Zach Morrett (Hughson) 9:41.33

VG 3200m
In what was an incredibly fast assembly of female runners, Kim's best hope was to hang on for dear life and hope for a big PR. She did a solid job of hanging on, but just missed her PR.
Kim Ruvalcaba

23. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 11:51.14

On a personal note I will miss watching Mikayla, Aaron, Ian, Zach, Nathan, and Isaac compete. They are all seniors whom I have been watching and photographing for at least three years, if not four years. I am not their coach or their parents, but never-the-less I am proud of all they have accomplished.



Saturday, May 24, 2014

Section Championship Week--results and photos

D1 Championship Prelims and Finals
The only "distance" race one day one was the qualifying for the 800m
VB 800m
6. Aaron Mayfield (Pitman) 1:57.49
18. Alexies Reynoso (Johansen) 2:00.65
28. Kaleb Hallack (Modesto) 2:05.57
31. Matthew Lopes (Enochs) 2:07.37

VG 800m
15. Torrey Maravilla (Gregori) 2:24.35
25. Haylee Osgood (Downey) 2:35.09
26. Raveena Samra (Turlock) 2:35.24
27. Cassie Derdivanis (Turlock) 2:35.96

First day RESULTS

The second day, Friday/Final of this meet produced some incredible track results. I lost count of the number of times the announcer said the words "New meet record," or "That mark leads the State." Although it is beyond the focus of this blog--the winning time in the 400m was 46.9. That was an amazing athletic performance to witness. The combination of slightly cooler temperatures and the wind shifting from north-south to west-east probably contributed. In the VB 1600m 14 runners met the "at large" mark for the Section Masters meet. Additionally in the VG 3200m 13 runners met the "at large" mark. Three years ago 11th place in the VG 3200m was about 11:54. Yesterday 11th place was 11:15 in what was a smokin' fast 2mile. The top 10 in every event (plus anyone who met the "at large" mark qualified for next week's Masters meet.

Isaac Gonzalez

VB 1600m
19. Isaac Gonzalez (Pitman) 4:36.24
20. Alexies Reynoso (Johansen) 4:36.66
26. Marc alania (Modesto) 4:42.49
27. Isiah Avila DeLaCruz (Modesto) 4:44.28
30. Alec Villagomez (Gregori) 4:50.27

Lauren Stanislaw and Makenzie Salyer

VG 1600m
17. Lauren Stanislaw (Beyer) 5:33.70
20. Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) 5:39.63
23. Makenzie Salyer (Turlock) 5:50.27

Aaron Mayfield

VB 800m
4. Aaron Mayfield (Pitman) 1:59.49 QUALIFIED

Torrey Maravilla

VG 800m
14. Torrey Maravilla (Gregori) 2:24.26

Isaac Gonzalez and Mario Medina

VB 3200m
10. Isaac Gonzalez (Pitman) 9:41.86 QUALIFIED
14. Mario Medina (Gregori) 9:50.58
23. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 10:09.53
29. Inteus Schiavo (Downey) 10:44.35
30. James DeLaO (Modesto) 11:00.08

VB 3200m
28. Lauren Stanislaw (Beyer) 13:00.01

Final day RESULTS

D4 and 5 Championship Prelims and Finals
The only "distance" race one day one was the qualifying for the 800m
Ian Brooks and Julius Flores
VB 800m
3. Ian Brooks (Hughson) 2:02.12
6. Tomas Roacha (Ceres) 2:01.97
9. Julius Flores (Patterson) 2:03.55

Nicole Warwick
VG 800m
7. Nicole Warwick (Modesto Christian) 2:25.19
13. Sara Stevens (Oakdale) 2:32.56
19. Lisette Carretero (Ceres) 2:39.87

First day RESULTS

The top 5 from this division qualify for the Masters meet (along with anyone outside of the top five who meet the "at large" standard.

VB 1600m
4. Nathan Stanton (Patterson) 4:31.29 QUALIFIED
7. Isaiah Aguilar (Oakdale) 4:33.98
8. Judas Chavarin (Ceres) 4:35.68

VG 1600m
 1. Mikayla Florez (Riverbank) 5:09.08  QUALIFIED
13. Lisette Carretero (Ceres) 5:49.39

VB 800m
2. Ian Brooks (Hughson) 1:56.87 QUALIFIED
4. Tomas Roacha (Ceres) 1:58.36 QUALIFIED

VG 800m
8. Nicole Warwick (Modesto Christian) 2:27.47

VB 3200m
3. Zach Morrett (Hughson) 9:42.72  QUALIFIED
6. Jonathen Beliera (Riverbank) 10:08.61
11. Emmanuel Chavez (Riverbank) 10:21.20
14. Nathan Stanton (Patterson) 10:32.97
15. Thomas Virgen (Patterson) 10:33.39

VG 3200m
2. Mikayla Florez (Riverbank) 11:33.16  QUALIFIED
6. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 12:07.24
9. Lupe Ventura (Patterson) 12:16.12

Final day RESULTS