Sunday, September 25, 2016

This week's "Upcoming Races"

There are no "Runners of the Week" this week as I doubled up during a very busy Week 4. There was a mark of note though.
Virgen at Pacific Tiger

Honorable Mentions: Tomas Virgen 12 (Patterson) won the VB dual race against Pacheco and was the fastest StanCo competitor at the Pacific Tiger Inv.

Wed 9/28 MMC 2 at Dry Creek/East LaLoma Park, Modesto; competing StanCo schools are Beyer, Davis, Downey, Enochs, Gregori, Johanson, and Modesto. What am I looking for? This is essentially home turf for the Knights so they should win VG even more easily than Cluster 1; on the VB side will MoHi be able to rebound against Gregori after losing Cluster 1.
Wed 9/28 TVL 2 at Legion Park, Modesto: competing StanCo schools are Riverbank and Hughson (I think that the SL schools are now running their own meets. What am I looking for? honestly I think both the TVL and SL suffer from the splitting of their meets...Can anyone catch the Hughson boys or girls teams? I think not.
Wed 9/28 Patterson at Ceres at River Bluff Park in Ceres; competing StanCo schools are Ceres and Patterson. Tomas Virgen should win easily but on the team side it should be close in both boys and girls
Thur 9/29 SL 2 at Legion Park, Modesto; competing StanCo schools are Denair, Orestimba, and Waterford). I am interested in how this league will do running it's first XC meet (ever?) Delhi should have a cakewalk in the VB race, but in girls I have no idea.
Sat 10/1 Artichoke Inv at Half Moon Bay HS; competing StanCo teams are Turlock, Pitman, Gregori, Enochs, Grace Davis, Riverbank, and Modesto. What am I looking for? It is alway interesting to see how some of the runners from different StanCo schools fair against each other on a neutral course.
Sat 10/1 Stanford Inv at the Stanford University Golf Course; Competing StanCo teams are Downey, Modesto, (there may be more) What am I looking for? How will the Downey girls fair against REAL competition? The same goes for the experienced MoHi boys.

WEEK 5 (Patterson v Pacheco Dual, Pacific Tiger Inv)

PATTERSON v PACHECO DUAL (Patterson Sports Complex) 3mi
 The WAC seems to be the only local league still running dual meets (hey WACies why is that?) away with no other big meet this past Wednesday I journeyed out to Patterson to deliver Tomas Virgen's "Runner of the Week"shirt and catch the action as Pacheco visited the Tigers. As with most dual meets the times were slow as the runners spread out along the course and often runners end up mostly alone.

Ventura, Ibarra, and Xylama Gama
1. Haley Merrell (Pacheco) 23:01
2. Marilyn Ventura (Patterson) 23:33
3. Desirae Ibarra (Patterson) 23:34

1. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 17:44
2. Michael Buchanan (Pacheco) 19:16
3. Lolyn Tejeda (Patterson) 19:47
4. Dillon Sabori-Lopez (Patterson) 19:54
5. Sergio Rodriguez patterson) 19:56
6. Ben Osorio (Pacheco) 19:57



The only major meet of the week was the Pacific Tiger Invitational. It was at the Elkhorn Country Club and consisted on a 5K circuit that traversed the fairways and fringes of the property. The course was essentially flat and pretty fast. Competing StanCo teams were Beyer, Oakdale, Patterson, Waterford, Denair, and Turlock Christian. There were both Large and Small school races in Varsity, JV, and F/S divisions. 59 different teams competed.

1. Rio Americano; 7. Oakdale; 21. Patterson; 23. Waterford; 26. Turlock Christian;
One note is that Oakdale moved all of their F/S girls out of Varsity and into the F/S race where they took 2nd.

1. Kaela Dishion (Bret Harte) 18:06
63. Kristin Aguilar (Oakdale) 22:56
71. Suzey Ramirez (Oakdale) 23:18
79. Marilyn Ventura (Patterson) 23:32
82. Desirae Ibarra (Patterson) 23:38

1. Alize Hartke (Oakmont) 18:15
50. Jenna Stanislaw (Beyer) 21:55

1. Rio Americano; 15. Patterson; 17. Oakdale; 23. Waterford;

Miller, Garcia, Pablan
1. Collin DeJulio (Vista Del Lago) 15:47
13. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 17:02
30. Justin Crescenti (Oakdale) 17:32
37. James Forkner (Oakdale) 17:46
43. Russell Pablan (Oakdale) 17:54
52. Cameron Hyde (Oakdale) 18:11
58. Daniel Prado (Oakdale) 18:21
60. Ben Miller (Oakdale) 18:22
70. Cesar Garcia (Oakdale) 18:34

1. Eliott Portillo (Liberty) 16:16
28. Andrew Anderson (Beyer) 17:27

These results are interesting to me in that Andrew Anderson's time beat the entire Oakdale team. Andrew placed 17th in the last MMC Cluster. Taking those facts into consideration Oakdale would do no better than 4th in the MMC (behind Gregori, Modesto, and Downey). This will be something to keep and eye on as I begin to establish mid-season rankings. To top that off the Mustangs lost once more to VOL rival Weston Ranch.



Sunday, September 18, 2016

Runners of Week 4 (and 5) and Upcoming Schedule of Races

This was a very busy week for StanCo runners with virtually every team in action in at least one meet (if not two). Because of that fact, and the fact that there are very few teams competing next week, I am doubling up this week's selections and choosing no one next week.
Tomas Virgen taken during the Sierra Inv
TOMAS VIRGEN 12th (Patterson)--won the WAC PreSeason meet and was the top StanCo performer at the Bret Harte/Frogtown Inv.

Mason Reeves
MASON REEVES 11th (Gregori)--placed 2nd at MMC 1 to help lead the Jags to the team title.

Makaelyn Bickel
 MAKAELYN BICKEL 11th (Downey)--placed 2nd at MMC 1 in a slight PR time to lead her team to the team title
Karina Prado taken during the Jaguar Inv
KARINA PRADO 9th (Oakdale)--placed 3rd at VOL 1 to almost lead her team to the team title

Honorable Mentions:
Briseida Garcia 10th (Gregori) won the MMC 1 Cluster in a PR time; Ryan Weidman 10th (Enochs) placed 10th in the MMC 1 Cluster, a great race for a soph; Santiago Ruiz 12th (Gregori) won MMC 1; David Bosquez 12th (Turlock) placed 4th at CCC 1; Maria Varela 12th (Turlock) placed 3rd at CCC 1; Macie Ericksen 11th (Turlock) placed 7th in a huge PR time to help Turlock win the team race; Anthony Vasquez 11th (Central Catholic) placed 5th at VOL 1 his first league XC meet; Adelae Fredeen 12th (Turlock) may be the glue that holds this team together. Placed 5th at CCC 1 to help lead them to victory.

Wednesday 9/21 Ceres @ Los Banos; Livingston@Central Valley (River Bluff Park);
Pacheco @ Patterson
Saturday 9/24 Pacific Tiger Inv--competing StanCo teams are Patterson, Oakdale, and Waterford.

WEEK 4 (MMC 1, CCC 1, VOL 1, WAC PreSeason, Frogtown, Mt Carmel, Trojan Inv)

MMC 1 (Legion Park, Modesto--3.03 mi)
Participating StanCo teams were Beyer, Downey, Grace Davis, Gregori, Johansen, Enochs, and Modesto.

Briseida Garcia cruises in for the victory
On the VG side the real questions for me were just what does Gregori have and how dominate can Downey be...well Downey put 6 in the top 10 and 9 in the top 17 to easily take the victory: TD=24  Mod=35; TD=20  Greg=42; Greg=27  Mod=30 when scored as head to head dual meets. To answer my second question..well Gregori finished 2nd with a whole group of non-seniors.

Briseida Garcia coming off of one of the greatest Frosh track campaigns ever by a StanCo lady was the favorite to win, and she did. However I expected her margin of victory to be greater. Makaelyn Bickel and Esmeralda Aguayo worked together to fend off a possible 1,2,3 sweep by MoHi and to almost reel in Garcia.
VG lead pack
1. Briseida Garcia (Gregori) 19:53 #26 all time MMC over this course
2.Makaelyn Bickel (Downey) 19:58  #31 all time
3. Esmeralda Aguayo (Downey) 20:01
4. Hilda Perez (Modesto) 20:14
5. Aryana Perillo (Modesto) 20:25
6. Kerry Young (Modesto) 21:05
7. Megahnn Lofing (Downey) 21:15
8. Alondra Cardozo (Downey) 21:19
9. Katie Krieger (Downey) 21:20
10. Megan Matas (Downey) 21:34
11. Jenna Stanislaw (Beyer) 21:53
12. Greta Erlingis (Enochs) 21:59
13. Sienna Espinoza (Gregori) 22:12
14. Erika Martinez (Downey) 22:23
15. Leslie Acosta (Downey) 22:34

Santiago Ruiz takes the win
My questions going in were how would the resurgent Gregori squad fair against the very veteran MoHi team. I told Gregori's coach prior to the meet that I thought that his team would have to go 1-2 in order to have a chance to beat Modesto. Well Santiago Ruiz and Mason Reeves took the challenge and the pace from the gun. Santiago would ultimately pull away for the win. His time was a PR and places him as the #11 runner ever by an MMC competitor over this course. Beyond the Jags top two they supplied a strong supporting cast (10 in the top 22) to easily take the victory Greg=23  MoHi=32

A big VB pack 900m into the race
1. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 16:17  #11 all time MMC over this course
2. Mason Reeves (Gregori) 16:25 #20 all time
3. Josue Perez (Modesto) 16:36
4. Moises Benavides (Downey) 16:43
5. Sebastian Cronkite (Gregori) 16:49
6. Jose Orendain (Modesto) 16:52
7. Alan Guerrero (Modesto) 16:54
8. Matthew Marsh (Gregori) 16:59
9. Luis Orendain (Modesto) 17:00
10. Hunter Reeves (Gregori) 17:03
11. Ryan Weidman (Enochs) 17:11
12. Cameron Duquette (Modesto)
13. Sammy Gutierrez (Downey) 17:18
14. Zachary Sanders (Gregori) 17:24
15. Leo Pando (Modesto) 17:28


PHOTOS (varsity)
VIDEO (varsity girls)
VIDEO (varsity boys)
VIDEO F/S girls)
VIDEO (F/S boys)

CCC 1 (Buhach Colony HS, Atwater--3 mi)
Participating StanCo teams were Turlock and Pitman.


The team scores were 1. Turlock=43; 2. Merced=49; 3. Atwater=76; 4. Golden Valley=95;
5. Pitman=99; 6. Buhach Colony=142; 7. El Capitan=224
1st place VGs of Turlock HS
The Bulldogs (minus the injured Hope Salsig and Megan Drew) were still able to eke out the victory behind a strong performance from their top four runners.
Macie Ericksen had a huge race to help Turlock to the victory
1. Quinn Hagerman (Merced) 17:54
3. Maria Varela (Turlock) 19:24
5. Adelae Fredeen (Turlock)  19:46
7. Macie Ericksen (Turlock) 19:57
8. Sofia Andres (Turlock) 20:17
14. Mikayla Perry (Pitman) 20:59
17. Dalina Holmes (Pitman) 21:07
18. Priscilla Bazan (Pitman) 21:11
20. Sandra Tovar (Turlock) 21:32
24. Sarah Siegel (Pitman) 22:00


The team scores were  1. Atwater=48; 2. Merced=62; 3. Buhach=65; 4. Turlock=83; 5. Pitman=95; 6. Golden Valley=167; 7. El Capitan=209
David Bosquez continues to lead the Bulldogs, but his partner (Eric Alvarez) faded a bit. They certainly still have some work to do if they are to keep pace with the best runners in the CCC.

1. Jose Prado (Buhach Colony) 15:37
4. David Bosquez (Turlock) 16:31
13. Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 17:03
15. Josh VanAllen (Pitman) 17:08
16. Kristian Robles (Pitman) 17:09
17. Jack Wooley (Turlock) 17:14
18. Jordan Tasho (Pitman) 17:19
19. Jonathan Hollcraft (Turlock) 17:25
21. Ethen Collins (Pitman) 17:32
25. Zachery Bucheli (Pitman) 17:50

PHOTOS (from the Turlock Yearbook) 
PHOTOS (from Shannon Tate Mardakis)

VOL 1 (Eagal Lake, Tracy--5K)
Participating StanCo teams were Oakdale and Central Catholic.

Oakdale ladies led by a host of Frosh runners surprisingly ALMOST knock off Sierra, losing in dual meet scoring by one point 28 to 27. This close finish surely sent a ripple of shock through the rest of the VOL. This performance will also launch them up the StanCo rankings

1. Megan Oblin (Sierra) 20:21
3. Karina Prado (Oakdale) 21:03
7. Kristian Aguilar (Oakdale) 22:14
8. Kayden Legan (Oakdale) 22:15
13. Kendra Branch (Oakdale) 22:56
15. Jazmine Martinez (Oakdale) 23:30
25. Ruby Houchens (Oakdale) 24:24

The big question going in was could the somewhat ailing Oakdale team keep pace with an experienced Sierra squad. The answer is still NO as the Mustangs not only lost to Sierra but to Weston Ranch also.
Sierra 19  Oak 36; Sierra 23 West Ran 32; Oak 32 West Ran 23

1. Tomas Huerta (Weston Ranch) 17:11
5. Anthony Vasquez (Central Catholic) 17:47
7. Justin Crescenti Oakdale) 18:05
12. Ben Miller Oakdale) 18:3214. Russell Pabalan (Oakdale) 18:39
18. James Forkner (Oakdale) 18:50
19. Cesar Garcia (Oakdale) 18:54
24. Daniel Prado (Oakdale) 19:22


WAC PRESEASON (River Bluff Park, Ceres--3 mi)
Participating StanCo teams were Ceres, Central Valley, and Patterson.

1. Los Banos=26; 2. Patterson=50; 3. Ceres=61; Pacheco=88; Central Valley=97

1. M Akers (Los Banos) 21:45
5. Brissa Gonzales (Ceres) 23:50
6. Destiny Suarez (Ceres) 23:51
7. Marilyn Ventura (Patterson) 23:52
8. Desirae Ibarra (Patterson) 23:58
10. Jennifer Herrera (Patterson) 24:57

The competing StanCo teams duked it out for the team title with an upstart CV team coming out on top.  1. Central Valley=59; 2. Ceres=63; 3. Patterson=63

1. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 17:35
3. Andy Rojo (Central Valley) 18:34
6. Dylan Sabori-Lopez (Patterson) 19:26
7. Christian Linarez (Ceres) 19:32
8. Haaydn Martinez (Ceres) 19:44
9. Lolyn Tejeda (Patterson) 19:46
10. Enrique Martinez Central Valley) 19:47
11. Sebastian Pena (Central Valley) 19:55
12. Chase Bogart (Central Valley) 19:59
13. Noah Holloday (Ceres) 20:00


FROGTOWN (Calaveras County Fairgrounds, Angels Camp--3 mi)
Participating StanCo teams Enochs, Central Valley, Central Catholic, Ceres, Orestimba, Waterford, Johansen, and Patterson.

1. Isabella Dobson (Elk Grove) 19:23
22. Greta Erlingis (Enochs) 23:20
These results are from the Varsity large school division of the meet.
1. Sam Lavorato (Palma) 16:53
11. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 17:54
15. Ryan Weidman (Enochs) 18:18
27. Andy Rojo (Central Valley) 19:03
37. Andrew Keys (Enochs) 19:16
38. Angel Hernandez (Enochs) 19:17
39. Chris Marisol (Enochs) 19:17
53. Branden Zwahlen (Enochs) 19:54


MT CARMEL (Morely Field, San Diego 2.95/2.75mi)
 Participating StanCo team was Modesto.
MoHi enjoying the beach Photo credit Lucia Luis
The boys ran by their grade level over a 2.95 mi course.
1. (Sr) Charle Sherman (Loyola) 15:53
12 (So) Alan Guerrero (Modesto) 16:37
27 (Jr) Josue Perez (Modesto) 16:37
43 (Sr) Jose Orendain (Modesto) 16:53
53 (Sr) Leo Pando (Modesto) 17:02
55 (Sr) Avery Payan (Modesto) 17:06 
67 (Sr) Luis Orendain (Modesto) 17:22
127 (Sr) Adrien Castellanos (Modesto) 18:29
115 (Jr) dante Orendain (Modesto) 18:30

The girls, like the boys ran by grade level, but their course was a bit shorter, only 2.75 mi.
1. (Sr) Laura Moran (Mt Carmel) 15:41
19 (Sr) Hilda Perez (Modesto) 17:22
25 (Jr) Aryanna Perillo (Modesto) 17:42
43 (Sr) Kerry Young (Modesto) 18:17

MoHi medal winners Photo by Lucia Luis
PHOTOS (by Lucia Luis)

TROJAN INV (Willow Hills Park, Folsom--5K)
Participating StanCo teams were Hughson and Turlock Christian

1. Andres Sandoval (Tokay) 16:20
58. Christian Lee (Hughson) 18:19
78. Sean Horcrow (Hughson) 18:51

1. Megan Oblin (Sierra) 19:48
56. Emily Fife (Hughson) 22:46
60. Jessie Lawrence (Hughson) 23:05
61. Elizette Ysias (Hughson) 23:07


WOODBRIDGE INV (Silver Lakes Sports Complex, Norco)
Participating StanCo team was Riverbank.
The course was three miles. Riverbank competed in the "White Varsity B" division.

61. Chris Martinez (Riverbank) 16:43
72. Christian Balanos (Riverbank) 17:07
75. Carlos Aguilera (Riverbank) 17:10
118. Julian Lopez (Riverbank) 18:08
126. Damian Lopez (Riverbank) 18:26
130. Ramon Rosas (Riverbank) 18:38

Riverbank Ladies at Woodbridge--photo by Jamie Moreno
1. Wendy Leos (Western) 18:00
106 Valeria Aguiniga (Riverbank) 21:04


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Runners of the Week 3 and Up Coming Schedule of Races

Santiago Ruiz at Lowell photo credit Steve Fuller

SANTIAGO RUIZ (Gregori) 12th--Santiago was the top StanCo finisher at Lowell Inv. He placed 8th in his section and was 16th overall out of 432 runners. He continues to get stronger and lead an improving group of younger Jag runners

Esmeralda Campos at Lowell. Photo credit to Steve Fuller
ESMERALDA CAMPOS (Hughson) 11th--Esmeralda placed 7th at TVL 1 and 38th at Lowell Inv. Her coach states that Esmeralda "had been struggling a bit with a calf strain the past couple of weeks that slowed her down in Reno. She was great yesterday, probably the best race I've seen her run." That was enough to sway my decision.

Honorable Mentions:
Brent Curiel (Pitman) didn't even run this week but really impressed me by cheering for and encouraging every single runner during the VB race at the Sierra Inv. Emily Fife (Hughson) placed 3rd at TVL #1 and 34th at Lowell. Elizette Ysias (Hughson) as a Frosh she has filled the crucial 5th runner spot for the Huskies. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) placed 10th at the Sierra Inv and was the first StanCo finisher. Kayden Legan (Oakdale) as a Frosh she placed 11th at the Sierra Inv VG division and was the 2nd StanCo finisher.

Wed 9/14 MMC1 (Legion Park, Modesto) competing StanCo teams are Grace Davis, Downey, Modesto, Johansen, Enochs, Beyer, and Gregori. What am I looking for? How far ahead of the rest of the league are the Downey girls? MoHi and Gregori may be the speed bumps between the Lady Knights and a third straight crown. On the boys' side MoHi is the team to beat with Gregori the team chasing them. Who will take the individual win? Mason Reeves (Gregori) by far had the best track season...can he carry that through to XC? Teammate Santiago Ruiz and a host of Mo Hi runners may have the last word on the issue.
Wed 9/14 CCC 1 (Buhach Colony HS, Atwater) competing StanCo teams are Turlock and Pitman. What am I looking for? Can the Turlock ladies repeat as CCC Champs without #2 runner Hope Salsig. On the boys' side are Eric Alvarez and David Bosquez (Turlock) ready to run with the top CCC boys. Can the Bulldogs hold of the upstart Pitman Pride boys?
Wed  9/14 VOL 1 (Eagal Lakes, Tracy) competing StanCo teams are Oakdale, and Central Catholic. What am I looking for? For the girls will Oakdale frosh phenom Karina Prado be able to hang with the girls from Sierra HS. Will the Oakdale boys be healthy enough to run to their potential and fight for the team title against VOL nemesis Sierra HS .
Wed 9/14 WAC Preseason (River Bluff Park, Ceres) competing StanCo teams are Ceres, Central Valley, and Patterson(?). What am I looking for? How will Andy Rojo (CV) fare against 2 time defending WAC champion Tomas Virgen (Patterson)?
Fri 9/16 Woodbridge Inv (Silver Lakes Sports Complex, Norco) competing StanCo team is Riverbank. What am I looking for? How will the Bruins handle the HUGE SoCal meet atmosphere?
Sat 9/17 Bret Harte Frogtown Inv (Calaveras County Fairgrounds) competing StanCo teams are Ceres, Central Valley, Central Catholic, Enochs, Johansen, Orestimba, Waterford. What am I looking for?
Sat 9/17 Mt Carmel Movin Shoes Invitational (Morely Field, San Diego) competing StanCo team is Modesto High. What am I looking for? How will the top MoHi runners compete against some serious competion
Sat 9/17 Josh Ruff Memorial Trojan Invite (Willow Hills, Folsom) competing StanCo teams are Hughson and Turlock Christian. What am I looking for? Hughson won't be running their top kids so not much of note here

WEEK 3 (TVL 1, Sierra Inv, Lowell Inv)

TVL/Southern #1 (Legion Park, Modesto)
Competing StanCo TVL teams are Hughson and Riverbank. Competing StanCo Southern League teams are Denair, Orestimba, and Waterford.
The meet began late because there had been a fire in the park earlier in the day (some of Modesto's finest citizens practicing their pyromania hobby I suppose). I also was surprised to see all of the Southern League teams present (I had never seen XC runners from Denair or Gustine before). Unfortunately I learned that in the future the two leagues will be holding separate meets...I do understand the rationale, but I think it is a loss for both of the leagues (and especially the Delhi boys program).
Husky VG dominating
 Let's start with the VARSITY GIRLS. I predicted that the Hughson girls would have 5 runners in the top 8 (and they did exactly that). They (Hughson) started slowly. However by the half way point they were thoroughly in control with six runners in the top seven. Kayla Jacklich (Ripon) appeared to be "the one that got away," as she had a huge lead out in first. But after the 2mi mark Abigayle Mitchell (Hughson) left her team mates in hot pursuit of Jacklich. With 400m left she caught and passed Jacklich to take the victory in impressive "come-from-behind" fashion. On the team side it was a Husky rout.

Abbi showing some intensity

1. Abigayle Mitchell (Hughson) 21:33
2. Kayle Jacklich (Ripon) 21:42
3. Emily Fife (Hughson) 22:00
4. Nora Nash (Escalon) 22:12
5. Kinsey Langley (Hughson) 22:17
6. Arianna Lara (Hilmar) 22:24
7. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 22:29
8. Elizette Ysias (Hughson) 22:33
9. Renae Mechuca (Mountain House) 22:34
10. Alondra Hernandez (Riverbank) 23:09
11. Valeria Aguiniga (Riverbank) 23:14
12. Josocelyn Romaro (Waterford) 23:21
13. Jessie Lawrence (Hughson) 23:33
14. Marisol Aguayo (Escalon) 23:37
15. Makeila Hinrichsen (Ripon) 23:39

On the VARSITY BOYS' side I had predicted that Hughson would put 5 runners in the top ten...they did manage 4 in the top six and easily ran to the team title. Surprisingly it wasn't a Husky who took the individual victory but a DELHI RUNNER! That is so cool for that small school program! On another note there were no Riverbank VBs in the top 15...has that ever happened before...ever?

Hughson VB pack
1. Andrew Vasquez (Delhi) 18:18
2. Christian Lee (Hughson) 18:28
3. Josue Esquivel (Hughson) 18:29
4. Jaymie Jackson (Hughson) 18:30
5. Zack Gardner (Escalon) 18:34
6. Carson Boice (Hughson) 18:38
7. Samuel Fletcher (Escalon) 18:41
8. Eddy Calderon (Escalon) 18:44
9. Brandon Hagood (Delhi) 18:49
10. Luis Munoz (Ripon) 18:55
11. Christian Pelaez (Ripon) 19:01
12. Dalton Santiesteban (Hughson) 19:08
13. Rex Robbins (Escalon) 19:23
14. Gabriel Romero (Escalon) 19:29
15. Tim Cribbet (Ripon) 19:30


SIERRA INV (Legion Park, Modesto)
For me, this meet always marks the true beginning on the Fall XC season. As the years have progressed more and more local teams either shy away from this meet or don't enter their top athletes. With all that said their always are some solid marks posted at this meet.
Turlock VG team
For the Varsity Girls Turlock continues to impress as a team. They finish second out of 23 teams and are still missing their #2 runner.
1. Pleasant Grove 59; 2. Turlock 86;  6. Oakdale 182; 7. Pitman 205; 16. Patterson 475; 17. Ceres 489; 18. Modesto 501; 20. Central Catholic 548; 23. Central Valley 622
Fredeen and Legan with Perry in the background
1. Rachel Victor (Pleasant Grove) 19:11
8. Maria Varela (Turlock) 20:45
11. Kayden Legan (Oakdale) 21:07
14. Adelae Fredeen (Turlock) 21:17
20. Sofia Andres (Turlock) 22:11
21. Macie Ericksen (Turlock) 22:13
23. Megan Drew (Turlock) 22:16
24. Kristen Aguilar (Oakdale) 22:16
27. Mikayla Perry (Pitman) 22:23
32. Jazmine Martinez (Oakdale) 22:32
34. Jaecelyn Romero (Waterford) 22:47
35. Dalina Holmes (Pitman) 22:55
36. Priscilla Bazan (Pitman) 22:56
40. Kendra Branch (Oakdale) 23:01
48. Sarah Siegel (Pitman) 23:38

Oakdale VB team
On the VB side Oakdale had the best local team showing (and the was even without 2 of their top 7).
1. Willow Glen 29; 4. Oakdale 172; 7. Pitman 231; 12. Turlock 313; 16. Ceres 443; 18. Central Catholic 466; 19. Patterson 473; 21. Central Valley 530; 24. Modesto 707; 25. Waterford 715
Bosquez and Virgen
1. Zach Walker (Willow Glen) 16:17
10. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 17:06
11. David Bosquez (Turlock) 17:27
15. Anthony Vasquez (Central Catholic) 17:34
19. Justin Crescenti (Oakdale) 17:38
21. Andy Rojo (Central Valley) 17:48
22. James Forkner (Oakdale) 17:49
36. Kristian Robles (Pitman) 18:23
38. Josh VanAllen (Pitman) 18:25
40. Josh Tasho (Pitman) 18:29
41. Cesar Garcia (Oakdale) 18:30
42. Cameron Hyde (Oakdale) 18:31
49. Cade Middaugh (Oakdale) 18:46
55. Russell Pabalan (Oakdale) 18:53
56. Christian Linarez (Ceres) 18:53
58. Ethan Collins (Pitman) 18:55


PHOTOS (Varsity)

LOWELL INV (Golden Gate Park, SF)
Competng StanCo schools were Gregori, Beyer, Grace Davis, and Hughson. This meet is certainly a cooler (temperature and destination) when compared to the Sierra Inv. For some schools this is their big travel event of the season. The competition is extremely strong as it draws in most of the top schools from around the Bay plus a sprinkling from the Valley and beyond.
Gregori VBs at Lowell--photo credit: Karen Reeves
Gregori and Hughson are two of the top boys' programs in StanCo. They seldom run on the same course on the same day. In this meet they ran in the same section was a direct comparison could be made. Hughson was missing one of their top five runners, but with or without him, Gregori would have and did get the better of the racing on this day. There were two VB sections (that were fairly evenly split competition-wise).  Gregori finished 2nd in their section and 4th overall out of 65 total teams. Hughson was 16th in the the same section; Beyer was 19th; Davis was 31st. Hughson was missing Christian Lee who would have probably knocked about 100 pts off of their total score, which still would have placed them well behind Gregori.The Varsity races were 2.93 miles.
Hughson VBs at SF after Lowell Inv--photo credit Joel Bernard
8. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 15:31
13. Mason Reeves (Gregori) 15:39
27. Sebastian Croncite (Gregori) 16:04
35. Matthew Marsh (Gregori) 16:21
36. Carson Boice (Hughson) 16:22
46. Hunter Reeves (Gregori) 16:31
53. Andrew Anderson (Beyer) 16:37
55. Jose Esquivel (Hughson) 16:38
62. Jared Bingham (Beyer) 16:47
68. Jaymie Jackson (Hughson) 16:57
95. Roman Franzia (Gregori) 17:18
98. Eddie Charles (Beyer) 17:21
100. Daniel Turn (Gregori) 17:24
113. Daniel Torres (G Davis) 17:37
119. Dalton Santiesteban (Hughson) 17:42

A direct comparison between Gregori and Hughson didn't materialize on the lady's side of the competition as Gregori split up the top athletes over different divisions. The Husky Ladies ran well and placed 4th in their section and tied for the 9th best team effort when the two sections are combined.
Hughson VGs at Lowell--Photo credit Joel Bernard
1. Rylee Bowen (Sonma) 17:03
25. Abigayle Mitchell (Hughson) 19:00
34. Emily Fife (Hughson) 19:22
38. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 19:29
46. Kinsey Langley (Hughson) 19:43
50. Elizette Ysias (Hughson) 19:56
Hughson VGs at SF--photo credit Joel Bernard

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Runners of the Week 2 and Up Coming Schedule of Races

I have decided that the Runners of the Week will get unique StanCo t-shirts. They are ordered and I will get them to the week 1,2,and 3 winners. By that point I should have them to hand out more immediately. I may be asking you about sizes in the mean time.

CARSON BOICE (Hughson) 12th--Carson led the Huskies to a victory in the Small School division at the Nevada Twilight Classic. He placed an impressive 5th overall with a time of 14:31 over the 4K course.

ABIGAYLE MITCHELL (Hughson) 12th--Abi won the individual title in the Small School division at the Nevada Twilight Classic. She also should her leadership qualities by leading the Hughson ladies to the team title.

Honorable Mentions: Karina Prado (Oakdale) was the fastest StanCo female at Jaguar; Andy Rojo (Central Valley) showing some distance chops at Thunder 2mi; Justin Crescenti (Oakdale) was the fastest StanCo male at Jaguar Inv; James Forkner (Oakdale) led all StanCo males through Jaguar up until the mad sprint at the finish.

Wed 9/7--TVL 1 (Legion Park, Modesto) competing StanCo teams: Hughson, Riverbank, Orestimba, Waterford). What am I looking for? Can the Hughson girls place five in the top 8, can the boys put 5 in the top 10...they should both take the team  wins.

Sat 9/10--Sierra Invitational (Legion Park, Modesto) competing StanCo teams: Riverbank, Modesto, Central Catholic, Central Valley, Ceres, Pitman, Turlock, Waterford, Oakdale, Johansen, Patterson. What am I looking for? Modesto never runs their top 7 here so I am looking for the same things as Jaguar Inv the week before, that is the duel between the Oakdale top boys and those of Turlock, Pitman, and Patterson. Additionally of the girls' side Varela (Turlock) was nosed out by Prado (Oakdale) at will round 2 go?

Sat 9/10--Lowell Invitational (Golden Gate Park, San Francisco) competing StanCo teams: Gregori, Grace Davis, Hughson, and Beyer. What am I looking for? The comparison of the Hughson and Gregori boys' and girls' teams both ranked highly in my preseason poll. This is one of the few times to directly compare a MMC and a TVL program over the same course on the same day. I am anxious for Gregori to get a race in.