Tuesday, May 3, 2016

BRISEIDA GARCIA 2:14.28 800m

Just the other day was Sean Gomes' (# 3 all-time StanCo 800m) birthday. Through Facebook I wished him him a "Happy Birthday." A day or so later he responded in a message and thanked me. He then asked how the local HS running scene looked. I told him that there were no "Sean Gomes" type athletes circling the track this year. In retrospect I spoke too soon, because last Saturday, Briseida Garcia (Gregori) exploded up out of the shadows by winning the girls 800m at the Sacramento Meet of Champions in 2:14.28. This race launched her into the stratosphere of Sac Joaquin Section all-star runners. It currently ranks her as the #5 800m runner in the section and #5 all time in Stanislaus County. Did I mention she is a freshman?? Well I thought it might put her accomplishment into perspective to compare it/her to some of the top StanCo female runners of the past 10 or so years.

BRISEIDA GARCIA (Gregori) 2015-
Briseida Garcia continues to improve

After doing really nothing of note during XC, Briseida has been a huge surprise. Her times have improved in leaps and bounds causing me to wonder just what her real potential may be (of course only time will really tell).

BEST MARKS (so far):
800m 2:14.26  #5 StanCo
1600m 5:13.7
3200m 11:47.80

KIM RUVALCABA (Riverbank) 2013-(current)
Rubalcaba will be graduating this year
Ruvalcaba will be graduating from RBK this Spring.
800m 2:28.00
1600m 5:23.00
3200m 11:27.99

MIKAYLA FLOREZ (Riverbank) 2010-2014
Florez with Ruvalcaba following
 After leaving Riverbank, Florez has run a couple of seasons for Long Beach State

800m 2:19.71  #15 StanCo
1600m 5:02.14  #5 StanCo
3200m 11:15.93  #14 StanCo

800m 2:23.90
1600m 5:13.83
3200m 12:18.00

LAUREN STANISLAW (Beyer) 2010-2014

Stanislaw, the tiny one in the middle

Stanislaw burst onto the scene as a very mighty mite. Her small size belied an intense competitive spirit. Her best HS running year was as a frosh. After finishing at Beyer she has been running for Scripps.

800m  2:30.64
1600m  5:16.83
3200m 11:16.15  #15 StanCo

FAITH MAKAU (Enochs) 2009-2013

Makau leading the SJS pack

Certainly the top StanCo runner of the past several years and arguably the best ever, Makau medaled at State in the 800m and won 3 separate SJS Masters titles. Faith is currently running for UC Riverside.

800m   2:11.01  #2 StanCo     went to 2013 state Meet in the 800m and placed 6th
1600m 4:54.48  #1 StanCo      went to 2011, 2012, 2013 State Meet in the 1600m
3200m  10:58.29  #3 StanCo

800m 2:21.06
1600m 5:31.53

MARYSSA MCDUFFY (Grace Davis) 2009

McDuffy leading the pack (Hobby in 3rd)
McDuffy ran only one year (Frosh) of track. Unquestionably a HUGE talent she preferred soccer and chose to focus of that sport in the remainder of her HS years.

1600m  5:19.29
3200m  11:24

REBECCA HOBBY (Hughson) 2008-2012

Makau and Hobby battling
Becky's times speak for themselves. She qualified for State once but just missed (once by one-hundredth or so of a second) two other times. She went on to be a star runner at MJC and is finishing her collegiate running career this Spring at UNLV.

800m 2:17 #10 StanCo
1600m   #5:02.14  #5 StanCo   went to 2010 State Meet in 1600m
3200m  11:05.21  #5 StanCo

800m 2:29
1600m 5:14.73
3200m 12:28.9

CRYSTAL ESPARZA (Beyer) 2004-2008
Esparza (#8) running for Beyer
Crystal ran several years for the Golden Bears of UC Berkeley after graduating from Beyer.

800m 2:19.03 #13 StanCo
1600m 5:03.16 #8 StanCo    went to 2008 State Meet in 1600m
3200m 11:10.02  #11 StanCo

MARITZA GARCIA (Riverbank) 2003-2007
Maritza Garcia

800m 2:18.7  #12 StanCo
1600m 5:04.71 #10 StanCo
3200m 11:10   #10 StanCo

ERIN LEWIS (Modesto) 2002-2006
After leaving MoHi Erin went on to run at University of Oregon.
800m 2:19.50  #14 StanCo
1600m 4:57.24  #2 StanCo   went to 2005 and 2006 State Meet in 1600m
3200m 11:00.2  #4 StAnCo

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Week's Highlights (Duals, CCC#3, Riverbank Dist, Sheldon Dist, SMOC)


This was my Wednesday meet selection. What was on paper some great head to head competition never really materialized. Michael Keith (Enochs) I think was undefeated in dual meet competition would meet up with Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) in the 1600m. Santiago would take the pace out fairly hard and Michael just wasn't feeling it of this day. He said, "my legs are dead." Every past runner knows what is is talking about. On the girls' side it would be Briseida Garcia (Gregori) against Clarissa Morales (Enochs), but the real "racing" never quite happened as they were mostly entered in opposite events.

I am still waiting to be sent some more results
Ruiz with a huge win in the 1600m
VB 1600m
1. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 4:53.08
VG 800m
1. Claire Seymour  (Enochs) 2:4...
VG 3200m
1. Briseida Garcia (Gregori)
Briseida Garcia with a big week!

VG 1600m
1. Kim Ruvalcaba (RBK) 5:37
VB 1600m
1. Michael Rodriguez (RBK) 4:48
2. Ruben  Paredez (RBK) 4:48
VB 800m
1. Michael Rodriguez (RBK) 2:08


VG 800m
1. Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) 2:37.8
2. Cheyenne Semchuk (Beyer) 2:38.8
3. Kerry Young (Modesto) 2:40.3
VB 1600m
1. Andrew Anderson (Beyer) 4:52
2. Marc Alania (Modesto) 4:53.8
3. Alan Guerrero (Modesto) 4:54.7


For the third time this season Turlock and Pitman's distance runners met up with the rest of the CCC. This edition was held on the oval at Turlock HS.
VG 800m
1. Ciara Colon (Merced) 2:30.59
4. Hope Salsig (Turlock) 2:34.07
6. Bianca Garcia (Pitman) 2:35.54
7. Cassie Derdivanis (Turlock) 2:35.81
VB 800m
1. Daniel Ambriz (Merced) 1:54.46
4. Jonathan Hollcraft (turlock) 2:03.29
5. Gali Farias (Turlock) 2:03.53
6. Richard Turknett (Pitman) 2:05.70
7. Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 2:07.31
VG 1600m
1. Quinn Hagerman (Merced) 5:38.32
6. Maria Varela (Turlock) 5:45.23
7. Sofia Andres (Turlock) 5:47.03
VB 1600m
1. Guillermo Rivas (Golden Valley) 4:28.53
2. Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 4:35.78
6. David Bosquez (Turlock) 4:41.70
12. Josh Van Allen (Pitman) 4:50.58
VG 3200m
1. Quinn Hagerman (Merced) 12:12.93
2. Maria Varela (Turlock) 12:27.62
7. Sofia Andes (Turlock) 12:55.64
VB 3200m
1. Guillermo Rivas (Golden Valley) 9:46.18
3. David Bosquez (Turlock)10:23.85
5. Casey Avellar (Turlock) 10:51.36
6. Josh Van Allen (Pitman)10:53.25
7. Jack Wooley (Turlock) 10:56.54


This meet is in its fledgling stages and has prospects of replacing the journey north to Elk Grove for the Sheldon meet for some area teams. If RBK, Hughson, MoHi, and Downey all broght their distance squads there could be some decent competition. If you could add Gregori and Pitman to the mix the meet would be even better...it is always good to have dreams, right?

VG 800m
1. Arielle Names (Downey) 2:30.66
VB 800m
1. Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 2:07.20
2. LeStat Bertolero (Downey) 2:07.95
3. Sammy Gutierrez (Downey) 2:08.58
VG 3200 
1. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 12:00.37
2. Katie Krieger (Downey) 12:27.49
3. Makaelyn Bickel (Downey) 12:29.26
4. Haylee Osgood (Downey) 12:36.22
5. Stephanie Bernal (Riverbank) 13:02.34
VB 3200M
1. Inteus Schivo (Downey) 9:59.62
2. David Bosquez (Turlock) 10:05.33
3. Diego Ruiz (Riverbank) 10:18.21
4. Moises Benavides (Downey) 10:19.45
5. Ruben Paredez (Riverbank) 10:21.86
6. Rodrigo Aguilar (Downey) 10:42.95


Hughson and Modesto High headed up the Hwy 99 corridor to Elk Grove for the Sheldon Distance Carnival. This meet is billed as the place to compete if you didn't get into the SMOC. As such it has produced some great competition and fast times in the past.

VG 800m
2. Emily Fife (Hughson) 2:25.64
6. Heavyn Herroz (Hughson) 2:27.62
7. Aryana Perillo  (Modesto) 2:28.84
13. Kerry Young  (Modesto) 2:34.66
VB 800m
23. Adrien Castellanos  (Modesto) 2:09.02
VG 1600m
6. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 5:34.95
FSB 1600m
4. Alan Guerrero  (Modesto) 4:42.02
VB 1600m
30. Cameron Duquette  (Modesto) 4:50.19
37. Daniel Yanez (Hughson) 4:54.56
45. Carson Boice (hughson) 4:57.71
FSG 3200m
3. Kinsey Langley (Hughson) 12:20.29
VB 3200m
14. Luis Orendain (Modesto) 10:15.24
25. Jaymie Jackson (Hughson) 10:36.54
26. Daniel Yanez (Hughson) 10:37.37
27. Juan Ramos (Modesto) 10:40.19
28. Josue Perez (Modesto) 10:42.57
32. Dalton Santiesteban (Hughson) 10:57.03


This is one of the most elite meets in Northern California ('nuff said)

Boys 3200m
17. Mason Reeves (Gregori) 10:06.59
Girls 800m
1. Briseida Garcia (Gregori) 2:14.28

More of Briseida's race. She won overall by over a second, but actually came of of the middle heat (which she won by over 5 secs). Her time ranks her in the top 5 in the section and #5 all time in Stanislaus County:

1) Alix Tubman (Davis) 1984  2:08.5
2) Faith Makau (Enochs) 2012  2:11.01
3) Angie Milner (Modesto) 1995  2:13.06
4) Tammy Anderson (Beyer) 1982  2:13.50 (H)
5) Briseida Garcia (Gregori) 2016  2:14.28



Modesto Hi runners: Hilda Perez, Jose Orendain, Kerry Young, Adrien Castellanos(?), Sonia Perez, and her date Elliott--Photo by Alondra Flores

Saturday, April 23, 2016

WEEK'S HIGHLIGHTS (Dual Meets, Bret Harte Inv, Fred Faucett Inv)

It was somewhat of a quiet week. Due to the rain-out (?) last week the big event in the MMC was a tri-meet; Modesto and Downey @ Enochs. I was there for the first portion of what was a very late starting and long running meet. I have only partial results from that meet. Most of the teams took the week off from invitationals but Ceres, Hughson, and Gregori headed up the hill for the Bret Harte Inv. Patterson headed over to Vallejo to run at the Fred Faucett Inv.


VG 1600m
Mendoza and Morales duel in the 1600m

1. Clarissa Morales (Enochs) 5:38.06
2. Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) 5:39.76
3. Katie Kriger (Downey) 5:58.52
4. Cindel Corbet (Enochs) 5:58.67

VB 1600m
Keith leads a huge pack early in the 1600m

1. Michael Keith (Enochs) 4:54.16
2. Alejandrpo Lemus (Downey) 4:56.66
3. Marc Alania (Modesto) 4:58.46
4. Cameron Duquette (Modesto) 4:58.92
5. Josue Perez (Modesto) 4:59.06
VG 800m
1. Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) 2:37.15
2.  Clarissa Morales (Enochs) 2:38.05
VB 800m
1. Michael Keith (Enochs) 2:10.20
2. Adrien Castellanos (Modesto) 2:10.82
VB 3200m
1. Michael Keith (Enochs) 10:39.40
2. Louis Orendain (Modesto) 10:39.62
3. Cameron Duquette (Modesto) 10:50.00
4. Isaac Flores (Enochs) 10:50.84


VB 1600m
1. Andrew Anderson (Beyer) 4:52.15

VG 800m
1. Heavyn Herroz (Hughson) 2:40.32
2. Emily Fife (Hughson) 2:40.75 
VG 1600m
1. Emily Fife (Hughson) 5:39.39


VG 1600m
Briseida Garcia battling Kaela Dishon down the home stretch--photo credit to Greg Beliera

2. Briseida Garcia (Gregori) 5:13.69
5. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 5:46.64
VB 1600m
5. Sebastian Cronkite (Gregori) 4:49.30
7. Christian Linarez (Ceres) 4:51.07
8. Jaymie Jackson (Hughson) 4:56.01
9. David Murrillo Serrano (Ceres) 4:58.90
VG 800m
2. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 2:35.31
3. Ingrid Cardona (Gregori) 2:39.37
VG 3200m
2. Briseida Garcia (Gregori) 11:47.75
VB 3200m
3. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 10:01.27


VB 800m
1. Sean Hicks (Patterson) 2:06.31
VB 1600m
 3. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 4:42.07
VB 3200m
3. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 10:17.82


Saturday, April 16, 2016

Week's Highlights (CCC#2, Woody Wilson, Dual Meets, Oregon Relays)

 Well it was 6 meets over 9 days (this week and last week combined) for me. I was happy that there was no big local meet this weekend. It would seem that for several local schools it was prom weekend. For me I appreciated the personal time to catch up on my school/class work

CCC #2
The schools of the CCC met for the second time this season. The distance event have been dominated by Merced's athletes all season and this meet was no different. However there were some decent times from Pitman and Turlock runners too.

VG 800m
1. Quinn Hagerman (Merced) 2:28.75
4. Bianca Garcia (Pitman) 2:35.23
5. Hope Salsig (Turlock) 2:36.57
6. Cassie Derdivanis (Turlock) 2:38.43

VB 800m
1. Alex Vargas (Atwater) 2:00.90
5. Gali Farias (Turlock) 2:04.83
6. Jonathan Hollcraft (Turlock) 2:08.06

VG 1600m
1. Quinn Hagerman (Merced) 5:37.87
3. Maria Varela (Turlock) 5:45.43
7. Sofia Andres (Turlock) 5:58.71

VB 1600m
1. Daniel Ambris (Merced) 4:27.50
5. Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 4:42.90
10. David Bosquez (Turlock) 4:51.0
11. Josh VanAllen (Pitman) 4:51.80

VG 3200m
1. Quinn Hagerman (Merced) 12:17.14
3. Maria Varela (Turlock) 12:38.48

VG 3200m
1. Julian Johnson (Merced) 9:47.06
9. David Bosquez (Turlock) 10:44.83


A couple of StanCo teams took a handful of athletes to compete at the once very prestigious Woody Wilson meet in Davis. There were some excellant marks produced by those who ran.

Gregori's Reeves, Garcia, and Ruiz after the meet--photo credit: Morgan Gallegos
VB 800m
10. Gali Farias (Turlock) 2:03.05
16. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 2:04.81

VG 1600m
Gregori's Briseida Garcia continues to improve and impress--and I AM IMPRESSED. She sped to a 5:20.48 in the 1600m

4. Briseida Garcia (Gregori) 5:20.48
6. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 5:26.86
14. Maria Varela (Turlock) 5:55.91

VB 1600m
6. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 4:35.05

VB 3200m
5. Mason Reeves (Gregori) 9:55.78 (I think the first StanCo runner under 10 flat this year)

4. Turlock (Derdivanis, Fredeen, Salsig, and Varela) 13:48.43

5. Riverbank (Ruiz--3:36; Glynn--56; Rodriguez--2:05; Paredez--4:43) 11:24.23



The only 2 StanCo teams in the TVL met on RBK's new oval. As always these two squads produced some excellent distance marks. The highlight, for me, was the VG 1600m, where Riverbank's senior Kim Ruvalcaba and Hughson's super frosh Emily Fife ran virtually stride for stride/side by side for 1500m. The head to head dual produced amazing times for both girls.
Fife and Hernandez battle in the 800m
VG 800m
1. Alondra Hernandez  (Riverbank) 2:36.56
2. Emily Fife (Hughson) 2:37.42
3.  Valeria Aguiniga (Riverbank) 2:44.41

VB 800m
Rodriguez was fierce in the 800m
 1. Michael Rodriguez (Riverbank) 2:09.28
2. Ruben Paredez (Riverbank) 2:10.15
3. Mark Hanson (Hughson) 2:12.43

VG 1600m
Fife and Ruvalcaba stride for stride
 1. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 5:23.4
2. Emily Fife (Hughson) 5:24.33

VB 1600m
1. Michael Rodriguez (Riverbank) 4:49.52
2. Ruben Paredez (Riverbank) 4:51.47

VG 3200m
1. Diego Ruiz (Riverbank) 10:45
2. Eric Wise (Riverbank) 10:57


What on paper should have had some outstanding distance competition, in reality was somewhat of a but do to Gregori resting some of there athletes for the Woody Wilson Meet.
VG 800m
1. Kerry Young (Modesto) 2:35.2
2. Aryana Perillo (Modesto) 2:35.8

VB 800m
1. Marc Alania (Modesto) 2:11
2. Adrien Castellanos (Modesto) 2:12

VG 1600m
1. Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) 5:51

VB 1600m
1. Marc Alania (Modesto) 4:53
2. Alan Guerrero (Modesto) 4:56
3. Josue Perez (Modesto) 4:58
4. Roman Franzia 4:59

VG 3200m
1. Luis Orendain (Modesto) 10:41
2. Roman Franzia (Gregori) 11:04


I attended this cross-town rivalry on a very windy Thursday. Ceres dominated the distance races, but there were no marks of huge significance.
Ceres dominated Central Valley in the distance events


The track coach at Pitman was never been afraid to take his athletes to BIG meets. This year a group of them participated in the Oregon Relays at historic Hayward Field. There were a couple of distance results produced that were of note:

In the VG 800m Bianca Garcia (Pitman) placed 38th with a time of 3:37.65.

In the VB 800m it was Richard Turknett running 2:09.20 to place 51st.


Sunday, April 10, 2016

WEEK'S HIGHLIGHTS (Hughson Vintage, Ross Middle School, Dual Meets)

 This was a very busy week for me as I went to 4 meets in 4 days. I am not trying to complain, I choose to do what I do...but even for me this was a lot. There is the time at the meets taking photos of course. I took about 3000 shots this week. But I then go home and go through them all...deleting, editing, cropping, and finally uploading. At the end of it all I put the blog together. I have to find the results and type them up, and then link the photo albums and the results pages to the blog...a labor of love to be sure. I know that the three people who read this blog appreciate all of it.  : )

Osgood, Herroz, Campos, and Bickel in the mile
1. Ellie Waters (Ripon) 5:36.00
2. Haylee Osgood (Downey) 5:47.28
3. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 5:52.42
4. Heavyn Herros (Hughson) 5:52.47
5. Makaelyn Bickel (Downey) 5:54.60
6. Esmeralda Aguayo (Downey) 5:57.43
Marc Behiel, Connor Landis, and David Bosquez battle in the home stretch
1. Conner Landis (Bret Harte) 4:44.04
2. David Bosquez (Turlock) 4:44.17
4. Inteus Schiavo (Downey) 4:46.52
5. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 4:48.74
6. Josh Gorman (Oakdale) 4:48.89


Langley leading the DMR for Hughson
In the VG race it was all Hughson nearly from the gun as Kinsey Langley handed the other members a huge lead that for the most part they continued to expand upon
1. Hughson 13:26.13
3. Downey 14:24.20
Behiel for Bret Harte leading Crescenti for Oakdale in the DMR
In the VB race Bret Harte took the race over a strong performance from Oakdale.
1. Bret Harte 11:18.00
2. Oakdale 11:26.61
3. Downey 11:47.78

VG 800m
1. Kaela Dishion (Bret Harte) 2:28.89
2. Arielle Names (Downey) 2:29.76
3. Kinsley Langley (Hughson) 2:41.33
4. Meghann Lofling (Downey) 2:42.27

VB 800m
1. Alejandro Lemus (Downey) 2:05.56
3. Justin Crescenti (Oakdale) 2:06.51
4. James Simmons (Central Catholic) 2:08.16

VG 3200m
1. Kaela Dishion (Bret Harte) 11:23.70
2. Emily Fife (Hughson) 12:14.03
3. Meghan Matas (Downey) 13:13.59

VB 3200m
1. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 10:17.55
2. Josue Perez (Modesto) 10:41.30

JV 1 Daniel Prado (Oakdale) 10:47.00



Joelle Lok won the 1600m and 800m
7G 1600m
 1. Joelle Lok (Turlock) 6:14:44
2. Madison Taylor (Turlock) 6:18.60
3. Isabela Holms (Ross) 6:18.95
4. Brynn Rowell (Denair) 6:27.60
5. Alexa Espinoza (Dutcher) 6:28.27
Erik Ontiveros won the 1600m and 800m
 7B 1600m
1. Erik Ontiveros (Turlock) 5:23.63
2. Jackson Thomas (Turlock) 5:37.72
3. Kaleb Miller (Ross) 5:48.25
5. Patrick Stevens (Glick) 5:5:58.96

Romero leading the 1600m
8G 1600m
1. Jaecelyn Romero (Waterford) 6:18.51
2. Elizette Ysais (Ross) 6:18.51
3. Emmerson Stempson (Dutcher) 6:20.70
4. Hannasophia  Arreola (Turlock) 6:24.79

8B 1600m
1. Anthony Frias (Turlock) 5:05.15
2. Bryce Martin (Turlock) 5:09.06
3. Jordon Tasho (Dutcher) 5:10.69
5. Joel Cardozo (LaLoma) 5:23.54
7. Matthew VanAllen (Dutcher) 5:43.94
8. Pablo Guizar (Mt View) 5:47.83
9. Moises Jiminez (LaLoma) 5:48.08
10. Jonathan Staley (Hickman) 5:51.07

7G 800m
1. Joelle Lok (Turlock) 2:46.19
2. Madi Coelho (Ross) 2:52.52
5. Kayli Wilson (Denair) 2:56.70
6. Alexa Espinoza (Dutcher) 2:58.66

7B 800m
1. Erik Ontiveros (Turlock) 2:27.96
2. Isaac Garcia (Dutcher) 2:30.53
8G 800m
1. Hannasophia  Arreola (Turlock) 2:55.94
2. Delaney Serpa (Ross) 2:56.81
3. Angela Hollcraft (Turlock) 2:58.35

8B 800m
1. Anthony Frias (Turlock)
2. Jordon Tasho (Dutcher) 2:25.80
4. Eric Guzman (Turlock) 2:27.30




Keith leading Andrew Andreson in the 1600m
At the Enoch@Beyer meet it was Michael Keith tripling to victories in the 1600m, 800m, and 3200m. (4:57, 2:11, 11:23)
Virgen with a huge effort in the 1600m
At the Ceres@Patteson Tomas Virgen (Patterson) PR in the 1600m with a 4:43 time. Sean Hicks (Patterson) won a hottly contested 800m in 2:10 edging Cristian Linarez (Ceres) and teammate Virgen. For the girls Haileigh Leazer (Ceres) won the 800m in 2:44.

PHOTOS (Enochs at Beyer)

PHOTOS (Ceres at Patterson)

Sunday, April 3, 2016


The only major activity this week for most schools was the MJC HS Invitational. With a dozen or so StanCo teams represented, some of the races were close. As the day progressed the temperatures rose to warmer than normal. The 3200m runners noticeably suffered under the late afternoon warmth.

VG 800m
Briseida Garcia
1. Briseida Garcia (Gregori) 2:21.69
4. Aryana Perillo (Modesto) 2:35.40
6. Hannah Heath (Central Catholic) 2:44.56
7. Ana Torres (Grace Davis) 2:44.96

VB 800m
1. Juan Gomez (Manteca) 1:59.16
5. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 2:06.81
8. James Simmons (Central Catholic) 2:07.53

1.JV Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 2:05.71

VG 1600m
Savannah Mendoza and Clarissa Morales

1. Haley Boynkin (Lodi) 5:15.71
3. Clarissa Morales (Enochs) 5:44.14
4. Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) 5:47.81

VB 1600m
Michael Keith leading Marc Behiel
 1. Michael Keith (Enochs) 4:32.82
4. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 4:35.61
5. Mason Reeves (Gregori) 4:39.93
6. Marc Alania (Modesto) 4:43.38
7. Andrew Anderson (Beyer) 4:45.83

1. JV Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 4:50.18

VG 3200m
Jenna Stanislaw

1. Haley Boynkin (Lodi) 12:36.73
3. Jenna Stanislaw (Beyer) 13:56.61

VB 3200m
Mason Reeves

1. Marc Behiel (Bret Harte) 10:13.58
2. Mason Reeves (Gregori) 10:24.71
4. Luis Orendain (Modesto) 10:36.73
5. Cameron Duquette (Modesto) 10:54.17

2 JV Hunter Reeves (Gregori) 11:01.01



The only StanCo athlete that I saw in the Stanford results (please send me corrections to that statement) was Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) in the 3000m race. She placed 17th out of 29 in an ultra competitive race. Her time of 10:34 would convert to a time of 11:18 for the 3200m .

Additionally Turlock's ladies competed in the DMR. They placed 27th out of 33 teams with a time of 13:37.7.  Cassie Derdivanis ran the 1200m  (3:32) ; Hope Salsig ran the 800m (2:30); Ade Freeden ran the 400m (62) and Maria Varela anchored the 1600m (5:32). The times are approximate from Coach Davidson.


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week's Highlights (TVL Relays, CCC #1, Dual Meets, Falcon Spring Classic)

Rarredez winning the DMR for the Bruins

One Tuesday 3/22/16 the inaugural TVL Relays were held on the new oval at Riverbank HS. Since there were no individual distance events I don't have any times to post here. There were some fine anchor leg (come-from-behind) performances by Ruben Parredez (Riverbank) and Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) in the VB and VG DMR respectively.

Ruvalcaba finishing the DMR


CCC #1
On Wednesday 3/23/16 the schools of the CCC met for the first time this season at Atwater. The distance events were totally dominated by Daniel Ambriz and and Quinn Hagerman both of Merced.

VG 800m 
1. Quinn Hagerman (Merced) 2:26.55
3. Hope Salsig (Turlock) 2:34.00
5. Bianca Garcia (Pitman) 2:36.17
6. Cassie Derdivanis (Turlock) 2:38.14

VB 800m
1. Daniel Ambriz (Merced) 1:58.18
4. Gali Farias (Turlock) 2:02.96
5. Jonathan Hollcraft (Turlock) 2:05.40
10. Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 2:09.48

VG 1600m
1. Quinn Hagerman (Merced) 5:25.38
3. Maria varela (Turlock) 5:39.94

VB 1600m
1. Daniel Ambriz (Merced) 4:24.62
6. Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 4:40.72
7. David Bosquez (Turlock) 4:40.98
14. Josh VanAllen (Pitman) 4:58.40

VG 3200m
1. Quinn Hagerman (Merced) 11:11:53.35
3. Maria Varela (Turlock) 12:12.81

VB 3200m
1. Daniel Ambriz (Merced) 9:45.64
8. David Bosquez (Turlock) 10:23.79
10. Josh VanAllen (Pitman) 10:51.13


I don't know a lot of info here, but I do know that Andrew Anderson (Beyer) won a hotly contested 1600m race over Santiago Ruiz (Gregori). Anderson's tim was 4:47

PARTIAL RESULTS (Beyer @ Gregori)

I was at this meet. Both teams certainly did not run all of their distance kids in their best events, so some of the placing seems a bit out of alignment. There were some descent marks turn in.

VG 800m
Mendoza and Young battling in the 800m

1. Kerry Young (Modesto) 2:34
2. Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) 2:36

VG 1600m
Krieger takes the 1600m

1. Katie Krieger (Downey) 5:59

VB 1600m
Alania in the 1600m
1. Marc Alania 4:47.3

VB 3200m
1. Luis Orendain (Modesto) 10:59

PHOTOS (Downey @ MoHi)

 On 3/26/16 while many schools were on Spring Break, a handful of StanCo teams competed in Atwater at the Falcon Spring Classic.

VG 800m
1. Ciara Colon (Merced) 2:26.90
3. Cassie Derdivanis (Turlock) 2:34.19

VB 800m
1. John Hagerman (Merced) 2:01.85
2. Gali Farias (Turlock) 2:04.86
7. Marc Carrizales (turlock) 2:09.29

VG 1600m
1. Quinn Hagerman (Merced) 5:28.47
3. Maria Varela (Turlock) 5:46.78

VB 1600m
1. Alex Vargas (Atwater) 4:30.64
4. Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 4:44.62

VG 3200m
1. Quinn Hagerman (Merced) 12:07.31
4. Maria Varela (Turlock) 12:29.27

VB 3200m
1. Daniel Ambriz (Merced) 9:50.33
2. David Bosquez (Turlock) 10:37.69