Saturday, March 18, 2017

WEEK 3 (TVL v MML; F/S Showcase; CC dual meet, Jaguar Inv; Husky Inv; Dublin Dist Fiesta )

3/14 TVL v MML @ Riverbank
The only competing StanCo teams were Riverbank and Hughson. Honestly both Hughson and Riverbank ran very few of their top distance runners. So there is really nothing to report regarding StanCo runners. However Cassi Land of Sonora quadrupled in the 4,8,16,and 32. She won the 32 and 16. In somewhat warmer than usual conditions, her iron-man type performance was amazing. There is a link below to the complete results.
Cassie Land runs a rare quadruple


3/15 F/S SHOWCASE @ Turlock HS
The competing StanCo Teams were Pitman. Turlock, Ceres, Downey, and Hughson. This meet is designed to let the youngsters/rookies shine. A couple of runners from the County meet competed but mostly the top StanCo F/S runners either didn't run at all of run in a secondary event.


Fife leading Krieger and Andres in the 800m
1. Kaitlynn Perez (Merced) 2:24.95
3. Emily Fife (Hughson) 2:34.96
4. Emily Ramirez (Turlock) 2:40.99
5. Sofia Andres (Turlock) 2:41.53
6. Alondra Cardoza (Downey) 2:43.02
7. Katy Krieger (Downey) 2:44.53

Uriel Alvarez hits a huge 6 sec PR to take the victory
Alvarez in the 800m
1. Uriel Alvarez (Turlock) 2:09.26

1. Sofia Andres (Turlock) 5:49.60
2. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 5:50.10

1. Richard Cole McKain (Merced) 4:52.38

Mavleen Mann continues to run well just missing her own PR. Ysais hits a new PR.
Mann runs away with the 3200m
1. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 12:25.19
2. Elizette Ysias (Hughson) 12:45.26

1. Tim Cribbet (Pipon) 10:57.96



Anthony Vazquez turns in one of the greatest distance triples by winning the 8, 16, and 32 all in more than respectable times.

1. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 2:06.39
1. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 4:40.27
1. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 10:50.74


The only competing StanCo school was Gregori
This meet is beyond huge. It has become one of the premier distance events in the state. The high level of competition and the great weather seems to have combined to produces some very fast times.

1. Alyssa Brewer (California) 2:12.13
3. Briseida Garcia (Gregori) 2:17.31
16. Kassandra Rojas (Gregori) 2:25.41
117. Eva Rodriguez (Gregori) 2:41.51
--326 competitors

G 1600m
151. Eva Rodriguez (Gregori) 5:57.85

1. Alex Scales (Bellarmine Prep) 1:53.27
35. Matthew Marsh (Gregori) 2:03.36
45. Axel Lomeli (Gregori) 2:05.05
98. Sebastian Cronkite (Gregori) 2:09.60
--469 competitors

1. Jonathan Fierro (Miramonte) 4:19.93
97. Sebastian Cronkite (Gregori) 4:44.35
99. Jack Duchala (Gregori) 4:44.42
133. Hunter Reeves (Gregori) 4:47.77
199. Carter Mannon (Gregori) 4:55.64
236. Zach Sanders (Gregori) 4:59.59
--631 competitors

1. Callum Bolger (San Luis Obispo) 9:00.90
122. Matthew Marsh (Gregori) 10:35.88
--301 competitors

1. Bellarmine Prep 10:25.12
3. Gregori 10:35.88
(1200m: Santiago Ruiz 3:11; 400m:  Dexter Williams 51.2; 800m: Adrian Leal 2:02; 1600m: Mason Reeves 4:31)
--33 teams


3/18 JAGUAR INV @ Kimball HS in Tracy
Competing StanCo teams were Central Catholic and Turlock Christian

F/S 1600m
3. Elias Fierro (Central Catholic) 4:56.89


3/18 HUSKY INV @ Sheldon HS, Elk Grove
Competing StanCo teams were Turlock and Modesto Christian.

VG 1600m
1. Elena Denner (Oak Ridge) 5:10.72
10. Maria Varela (Turlock) 5:40.37

VB 1600m
1. Andres Sandoval (Tokay) 4:19.99
8. Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 4:38.66


Up Coming Meets
3/21 TVL RELAYS @ Ripon HS   (Hughson and Riverbank)
3/23 KIMBALL @ OAKDALE Dual Meet
3/24 BRONCO DISTANCE CARNIVAL @ Bella Vista HS (Downey, Riverbank)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

WEEK 2 (StanCo Championship Meet)

Although it is very early in the season, yes this was a CHAMPIONSHIP meet were the top athletes earned bragging rights and a spot in the County Clash for the top 7 (top 10 in the 1600m and 3200m)

Briseida Garcia won by an amazingly huge margin. Frosh Legan outkicks veteran Varela.
Garcia followed by Fife, Varela, and Legan
 1. Briseida Garcia (Gregori) 5:18.36
2. Emily Fife (Hughson) 5:30.89
3. Kayden Legan (Oakdale) 5:40.51
4. Maria Varela (Turlock) 5:44.31
5. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 5:47.45
6. Kendra Branch (Oakdale) 5:48.81
7. Adele Dumars (Modesto) 5:48.88
8. Esmeralda Aguayo (Downey) 5:50.55
9. Sofia Andres (Turlock) 5:51.33

Santiago Ruiz  simply scorched the field for the huge margin of victory.

Ruiz pulling away from the field with 600m to go
1. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 4:27.23
2. Matthew Marsh (Gregori) 4:38.31
3. Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 4:40.93
4. Josue Perez (Modesto) 4:41.50
5. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 4:43.50
6. David Bosquez (Turlock) 4:45.21
7. Moises Benavides (Downey)
6 other runners broke 5 min

Wow! amazing finish as Alondra Hernandez was in 6th coming off of the final turn (where I was) and Claire Seymour had a 5 m lead at that point. With her speed I assumed the race was over. I actually thought she had won, until I saw the results.
The 800m pack on the 1st lap led by Seymour with Hernandez lurking behind
1. Alondra Hernandez (Riverbank) 2:27.01
2. Claire Seymour (Enochs) 2:27.07
3. Abigayle Mitchell (Hughson) 2:28.95
4. Emily Fife (Hughson) 2:28.98
5. Sara Stevens (Oakdale) 2:29.71
6. Kerry Young (Modesto) 2:34.49
7. Makaelyn Bickel (Downey) 2:35.17
8. Emily Ramirez (Turlock) 2:35.88
9. Bianca Garcia (Pitman) 2:35.99
10. Nikohl Jordan (Turlock) 2:36.11

Vazquez pulling away from Bosquez and Leal
 1. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 2:03.26
2. David Bosquez (Turlock) 2:04.89
3. Jose Orendain (Modesto) 2:06.60
4. Adrian Leal (Gregori) 2:06.73
5. Justin Crescenti (Oakdale) 2:07.15
6. Alan Guerrero (Modesto) 2:07.28
7. Sammy Gutierrez (Downey) 2:07.58
8. Josh Van Allen (Pitman) 2:09.84

Kayden Legan took the early paced out a bit too hard, as Esmeralda Campos and Kinsey langley worked together to reel her back in. Ultimately Kinsey was feeling it a bit more than Esmeralda. Kinsey breaks 12 for the first time. Mavleen Mann lowers her own school record again.
Langley and Campos lead Legan and a pack in the 3200m
1. Kinsey Langley (Hughson) 11:59.76
2. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 12:02.83
3. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 12:17.90
4. Kayden Legan (Oakdale) 12:20.48
5. Macie Ericksen (Turlock) 12:35.67
6. Hilda Perez (Modesto) 12:42.39
7. Makayla Perry (Pitman) 12:48.80

Mason Reeves surged hard on the second lap and left the field flat footed. He easily pushed home for the sub-10min mark
Mason Reeves all alone in the 3200m
1. Mason Reeves (Gregori) 9:50.94
2. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 10:03.01
3. Hunter Reeves (Gregori) 10:14.39
4. Luis Orendain (Modesto) 10:16.14
5. Leo Pando (Modesto) 10:28.08
6. Carson Boice (Hughson) 10:31.72
7. Brent Curiel (Pitman) 10:47.15
8. Cade Middaugh (Oakdale) 10:48.02
9. Jack Wooley (Turlock) 10:49.08
10. Zach Sanders (Gregori) 10:57.7
11. Edgar Ceballos (Turlock) 10:58.54


On Friday 3/24 at Oakdale HS, the best of Stanislaus County (top 7 in each event/10 in 1600 and 3200) will meet up in County Clash V against the best of Merced County, San Joaquin County.the  San Joaquin County meet  is this coming week. The Merced County Meet was this  past Saturday. The link to the resultsis  below:

Waterford, Orestimba, and Denair all missed the StanCo Meet to run in the Southern League's first Cluster meet of the year. I scanned over the results but no one from these three StanCo schools  met my time threshhold to write up the results. If you would like to scan over the results yourself, I have provide a link to the full results.

This coming week:
Tuesday (3/14) is the TVL (Hughson and Riverbank) v MML at Riverbank HS
Tuesday (3/14) Gregori @ G Davis and Johansen @ Modesto
Wednesday (3/15) Downey is at Beyer
Wednesday (3/15) is the F/S Showcase--participating Stanco teams are Ceres, Denair, Downey, Hughson, Pitman, Turlock
Thursday (3/16) Sierra is at Oakdale and Central Cath, Weston Ranch, East Union @ Kimball
Friday (3/17) San Joaquin County Meet--Tracy HS
Saturday (3/18) Dublin Distance Fiesta--Dublin HS (Gregori)
Saturday (3/18) Jaguar Inv--Kimball HS, Tracy (Big Valley, Beyer, Central Cath, Orestimba, Tur Chr)
Saturday (3/18) Husky Inv Sheldon HS, Elk Grove (Modesto Christian, Turlock)

Monday, March 6, 2017

Pre WEEK 1--marks I missed (Dean Andreessen Classic, Buchanan Dist Classic)

I know a lot about local HS distance running,,,but I absolutely don't know everything (or even close, really). A week or so ago on my first post of the track season, I missed a meet that Enochs had attended and another that Patterson had run at. Since there were some decent marks posted by both schools at those meets, I wanted to give the athletes their due.

The only competing StanCo team was Enochs.

 400m specialist Claire Seymore steps up to the two lap event with a very solid mark
1. Claire Seymour (Enochs) 2:27.96

29. Ryan Weidman (Enochs) 4:48.96

Andrew Keys and Ryan Weidman both produce huge PRs and drop under 11 min for the first time.
19. Andrew Keys (Enochs) 10:42.02
22. Ryan Weidman (Enochs) 10:52.38
29. Chris Mariscal (Enochs) 11:10.57


The only competing StanCo team was Patterson.

Tomas Virgen picks up right where he left off last year--producing great times!

1. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 4:53.43

1. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 10:14.65


Sunday, March 5, 2017

WEEK 1 (Pitman Dist wars, Tom Moore Relays, Sac St Track Classic)

Participating StanCo teams were Gregori, Turlock, Pitman, Hughson, and Downey.

This all distance meet, for me, marks the beginning of track season. Given that for most of the athletes it was their first race, there were some decent early season marks (and some PRs) posted. The top Turlock ladies only ran their top runners in the DMR (which they won)

Briseida Garcia (Gregori) steps up from her usually 800m distance and finishes 3rd behind two of the best runners in the section.
Land leading Garcia early in the 1600m
 1. Cassi Land (Sonora) 5:09.73
3. Briseida Garcia (Gregori) 5:18.35
6. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 5:36.48

BOYS 1600M
Probably the best race of the evening as Mason Reeves barely out leaned Jackson McIlroy of Sonora

McIlroy leading Reeves with 100m left in the 1600m

1. Mason Reeves (Gregori) 4:32.79
4. Matt Marsh (Gregori) 4:4:40.65
8. Jackson Duchala (Gregori) 4:46.81

1. Cassie Land (Sonora) 2:21.90
8. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 2:32.61
10. Eva Rodriguez (Gregori) 2:33.50
12. Meghann Lofing (Downey) 2:36.42
13. Nikohl Jordon (Turlock) 2:36.44
14. Bianca Garcia (Pitman) 2:37.58
16. Katy Krieger (Downey) 2:37.84
20. Kinsey Langley (Hughson) 2:39.81

1. Patrick Wiseman (Christian Brothers) 2:02.37
5. Isaiah Marable (Pitman) 2:06.63
7. Josh VanAllen (Pitman) 2:09.47

Emily Fife (Hughson) uses an incredible kick to come from 10m behind in the final 100m to take the victory.
Fife battling in the 3200m
 1. Emily Fife (Hughson) 12:13.25
3. Mavleen Mann (Pitmann) 12:36.11 (a new Pitman school record)
5. Sienna Espinoza (Gregori) 13:04.85
6. Mikayla Perry (Pitman) 13:07.12

BOYS 3200M
Santiago Ruiz out duels  some sold runners to hit the line in a sub 10, new PR time.
Ruiz beginning to pull away in the 3200m
1. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 9:56.49 (his first time under 10 and the #3 all-time mark at Gregori)
4. Hunter Reeves (Gregori) 10:23.65
12. Easton Hamilton (Pitman) 11:06.52
13. Zach Eve (Gregori) 11:10.31



Participating StanCo teams were Hughson, Gregori, Modesto, Central Valley, Johansen, and Waterford.
As with the Pitman Dist Wars (the night before) there were some solid early season times posted. Some teams kept their top runners out of the individual events in order to run in the DMR

1. Megan Oblin (Sierra) 5:18.95
5. Hilda Perez (Modesto) 5:49.94

BOYS 1600M
1. Andres Sandoval (Tokay) 4:28.75
8. Hunter Reeves (Gregori) 4:53.13
9. Cameron Duquette (Modesto) 4:54.67

1. Kaela Dishion (Bret Harte) 2:30.60
5. Kerry Young (Modesto) 2:36.5
10. Jacklyn Grubb (gregori) 2:53.10
11. Olivia Soto (Johansen) 2:54.00

F/S 1. Briseida Garcia (Gregori) 2:27.80
F/S 5. Jessica Lobato (Modesto) 2:50.50

1. Karl Winter (St Marys) 2:02.90
7. Josue Perez (Modesto) 2:08.00
9. Jose Orendain (Modesto) 2:10.10

 The Gregori boys placed second behind Tokay but posted a very serious time of 10:53.35 (about 10 secs faster than Lodi's winning time the night before).


This was perhaps the meet with the most elite field of the weekend; and as such, it produced the fastest times. The only participating StanCo teams were Ceres and Oakdale (only weight men).
Not really a lot of not here, for StanCo runners, but 10 boys ran under 10 flat in the 3200m and 6 girls bloke 12 flat (2 went under 11).

Destiny Suarez ran in the 800m. She placed 28th in 2:53.7

A couple of times (unofficial) to note here...

Frosh Kayden Legan threw up a huge PR and opening time of 5:42 in the VG 1600m.

Cade Middaugh open in the VB 1600m with a time of 4:52.

This Friday is the Stanislaus County meet (Varsity only) at Turlock HS. Although it is early in the season, the pride of an individual event victory lasts a lifetime. BTW StanCo Distance sweatshirts are on the table for the male and female winners in both the 3200m and 1600m. If that give you any more incentive, so be it.


Sunday, February 26, 2017


There were two events this weekend, but honestly my brain isn't quite in track mode yet. The official start of the season in my mind is next Friday's Pitman Distance Wars, and then Tom Moore relays, the following day at Sierra HS. I will be at the Distance Wars (unless it is pouring). If you see me out there, say HOWDY!

VIKING INV 2/25 @ Edison HS in Stockton
The only competing StanCo team seemed to be Modesto Christian. The distance times in this meet were slow even by early season standards with one exception:

VG 800m
 1. Jessica Groen (Modesto Christian) 2:36.13


The other "track" event of the weekend was the Riverbank 12 Hour. For those unfamiliar, this was just what it sounds like...running for twelve hours on a track and let's see who goes the farthest. Personally the furthest I ever ran was 16 miles. The furthest I ever raced was 13 miles. So running for 12 hour straight is truly some sort of insanity...With all of that said I am in awe of the results by Hunter Jamison (Gregori). Hunter has participated in TRM and has finished several marathons. On Saturday he completed 264 laps on the track...I'll save you the math, that is 65.75 miles. That is more than many of the HS distance runners pound out in a whole week. I can only imagine how his legs must feel today. But HUNTER, my hat is off to you, WOW!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I am sorry that it took so long for me to get this article written and posted. I attended the State meet this past Saturday. They were expecting rain and I was comforted that it held off for most of the meet. I did leave before the last two races as the rain was on the way and I strongly dislike standing in the rain (and my camera hates the rain even more).
In the D5 boys' race Anthony Vazquez of Central Catholic was the lone StanCo competitor and he ran a very solid race. In his first XC season he finished 36th (out of 201 runner) with a time of 16:44.6.

In the D5 girls' race the only StanCo racer was Waterford's Jaecelyn Romero. As just a Frosh she finished in 21:24.7 which was good for 98th place out of 204 runners.
Esmeralda Campos
Abigalle Mitchell

The D4 girls race had the largest StanCo contingent. The Hughson girls were the lone competing StanCo full team. As a team they would finish 12th out of 23 teams. Their combined time would make them the fastest D4 Sac Joaquin team in at least the past 17 years. Individually they would be led by their lone senior, Abigayle Mitchell. She placed 36th (19:11.60--the 16th best StanCo time on this course ever. Behind Abi Esmeralda Campos turned in a very strong race placing 67th (19:53.1). Hughson's third finisher was Emily Fife who earlier in the week learned that she had a lower leg stress fracture. Emily placed 71st (19:57.1). Close behind would be Elizette Ysias in 77th (20:02.7). In 99th Kinsey Langley would be Hughson's 5th finisher and complete their team scoring. Kinsey complete the course in 20:29.6. Jessie Lawrence (124th--21:48.5) and Sophia Kline (168th--22:02.5) would be the Husky's final two finishers. There were 189 finishers.

Karina Prado (Oakdale) would compete in the D3 girls race. Also competing in her first XC season she would finish 86th out of 204 runners in a time of 19:37.8
In the D1 boys race, Santiago Ruiz of Gregori would place 61st out of 200 runners. His time of 16:14.3 was 225th out of 990 competitors.
Briseida Garcia competed in the D1 girls' race. She placed 64th (out of 199) in a time of 19:03.5. This time placed her as 218th out of 986 total finishers on the day. It also ranks her as the 12th fastest StanCo lady on this course all time (and the sixth fastest from the MMC).



Wednesday, November 23, 2016


The mission of this blog is and has always been to recognize the hard working distance runners of Stanislaus County. One part of this effort the past 4 years has been to compile an All StanCo Team consisting of ten male and ten female runners. The named athletes receive an "All StanCo" patch and a copy of the below photo collage. 

The selection of these teams is one of the toughest decision processes I go through each year.  Some athletes are obvious choices. However when you get down to those final couple of selections the choosing becomes more difficult. How much should I weigh one race against another? How much can I discount that "off-day?" I am a very analytical person. I want there to be rules to follow. Well no matter how hard I try to apply certain criteria, there is always that exception...My wife would testify to my inner turmoil and personal debates. I take the selection of these individuals very seriously, as it is the highest honor I have to bestow upon them. Even if you don't fully agree with my choices I hope that you will join me in recognizing and congratulating these 20 runners on the completion of successful seasons. The listings are in no particular order...

EMILY FIFE (Hughson) 10th Highlights--3rd TVL 1; 1st TVL 2; 2nd TVL 3; 5th Hughson SC; 8th D4 SS (20:41); 3rd D4 Sect (20:09)-- qualified for State
ABIGAYLE MITCHELL (Hughson) 12th Highlights--1st TVL 1; 4th TVL 2; 1st TVL 3; 2nd Hughson SC; 1st Nature's Bakery; 4th D4 SS (20:23); 5th D4 Sect (20:27)-- qualified for State
ESMERALDA AGUAYO (Downey) 11th Highlights--3rd MMC 1 1; 2nd MMC 2; 2nd MMC 3; 3rd MMC 4; 17th Lodi Flame; 34th D2 SS (20:47); 23rd D2 Sect (20:24)
MAKAELYN BICKEL (Downey) 11th Highlights-- 2nd MMC 1; 4th MMC 2; 5th MMC 3 ; 2nd MMC 4; 27th D2 SS (20:25); 27th D2 Sect (20:38)
HILDA PEREZ (Modesto) 12th Highlights--4th MMC 1; 5th MMC 2; 3rd MMC 3; 4th MMC 4; 19th Mt Carmel; 25th D1 SS (20:32); 25th D1 Sect (20:30)
ARYANA PERILLO (Modesto) 11th Highlights--5th MMC 1; 1st MMC 2; 4th MMC 3; 6th MMC 4; 18th Crystal Springs; 34th D1 SS (21:01); 42nd D1 Sect (21:33)
BRISEIDA GARCIA (Gregori) 10th Highlights--1st MMC 1; 2nd MMC 2; 1st MMC 3; 1st MMC 4; 4th HMB; 5th D1 SS (19:38); 13th D1 Sect (19:38)--qualified for State
MARIA VARELA (Turlock) 12th Highlights--3rd CCC 1; 5th CCC 2; 4th CCC 3; 8th Sierra; 8th Jaguar; 16thHMB; 35th D1 SS (21:16); 29th D1 Sect (20:43)
ADELAE FREDEEN (Hughson) 12th Highlights--5th CCC 1; 3rd CCC 2; 6th CCC 3; 14th Sierra; 12th Jaguar; 34th D1 SS (21:01); 37th D1 Sect (21:27)
KARINA PRADO (Oakdale) 9th Highlights--3rd VOL 1; 2nd VOL 2; 2nd VOL 3; 10th D3 SS (20:12); 6th D3 Sect (19:48)-- qualified for State

SANTIAGO RUIZ (Gregori) 11th Highlights--1st MMC 1; 1st MMC 2; 1st MMC 3; 1st MMC 4; 1st HMB; 8th Lowell; 11th Roughrider; 17th D1 SS (16:43); 8th D1 Sect (16:35)--qualified for State
MASON REEVES (Modesto) 11th Highlights--2nd MMC 1; 3rd MMC 2; 2nd MMC 3; 2nd MMC 4; 6th HMB; 13th Lowell; 21st Roughrider; 15th D1 SS (16:43); 16th D1 Sect (16:49)
JOSUE PEREZ (Modesto) 11th Highlights--3rd MMC 1; 2nd MMC 2; 6th MMC 3; 3rd MMC 4; 16th Stanford; 16th D1 SS (16:43); 15th D1 Sect (16:47)
LEO PANDO (Modesto) 12th Highlights-- 6th MMC 2; 4th MMC 3; 9th MMC 4; 14th D1 SS (16:43); 13th D1 Sect (16:41)
SEBASTIAN CRONKITE (Gregori) 11th Highlights--5th MMC 1; 7th MMC 2; 7th MMC 3; 6th MMC 4; 14th HMB; 24th D1 SS (16:49); 45th D1 Sect (17:42)
TOMAS VIRGEN (Patterson) 12th Highlights--11th Frogtown; 10th Sierra; 13th Pacific Tiger; 16th Bronco; 1st WAC PreSeason; 1st WAC Champ; 14th D3 SS (17:11); 28th D3 sect (17:79)
MOISES BENAVIDES (Downey) 11th Highlights--4th MMC 1; 4th MMC 2; 3rd MMC 3; 4th MMC 4; 6th Lodi Flame; 24th D2 SS (17:03); 29th D2 Sect (17:12)
JOSE ORENDAIN (Modesto) 12th Highlights--6th MMC 1; 9th MMC 2; 10th MMC 3; 8th MMC 4; 31st D1 SS (17:01); 31st D1 Sect (17:10)
ANTHONY VAZQUEZ (Central Catholic) 11th Highlights--5th VOL 1; 4th VOL 2; 5th VOL 3; 15th Sierra; 9th Sac Inv; 3rd D5 SS (17:48); 3rd D5 Sect (17:27)--qualified for State
DAVID BOSQUEZ (Turlock) 12th Highlights--4th CCC 1; 6th CCC 2; 12th CCC 3; 11th Sierra; 9th HMB; 1st Hughson SC; 55th D1 SS (17:31)