Monday, October 16, 2017

WEEK 7 Runners of the Week

I expected this to be a very busy week...then MMC was canceled and the number of participating runners (for the week) declined dramatically. As always there were some great marks produced over some vastly different courses.
Alan from MMC 1
ALAN GUERRERO (Modesto)--putting together what may have been his best race ever, Alan placed 7th at Bella Vista Bronco in a time of 16:37. This time is the 9th best ever for a StanCo runner over this very difficult course.

Esme from Saturday's Supercross meet
ESMERALDA CAMPOS (Hughson)--placed 6th at Hughson Supercross finishing 2 secs faster than last year's time and helping lead the Huskies to the team title

SANTIAGO RUIZ (Gregori)--placed 7th at Roughrider Inv in 15:51, improving his time over the Woodward park course by almost 20 secs. Placing him as the 10th fastest StanCo runner ever over this course
MASON REEVES (Gregori)--also improved his time at the Roughrider meet to 16:12, about #24 all time
MADISON KACKLEY (Gregori)--at Roughrider she placed 4th in the varsity large school division in a time of 19:39--about #30 all time
MAVELEEN MANN (Pitman)--placed 1st overall in the varsity race at the Hughson Supercross
RYAN WEIDMAN (Enochs)--placed 3rd overall in the varsity race and was the fastest StanCo finisher at the Hughson Supercross
ANDY ROJO (Central Valley)--placed 6th in the varsity race at the Hughson Supercross, demonstrating that he is the favorite to take the WAC title in 10 days.
ELIZETTE YSAIS (Hughson)--placed 5th at the Hughson Supercross in a time that was over a minute faster than last year, helping lead the Huskies to the team title
EMILY FIFE (Hughson)--placed 4th at Hughson Supercross. If the first three girls hadn't cut the course there is no tell who she might have caught. Her time and place helped lead the Huskies to the team title.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

WEEK 7 (CV @ Patterson, Roughrider, Hughson Supercross, Bella Vista Bronco)

TUE 10/10 CV @ Patterson, at Patterson Sports Park, Patterson 
I was hoping to get full results here, well hey, I still am hoping. What I do know is the the Patterson ladies won and the CV boys won a hard fought battle 23-32.

WED 10/11 MMC 3 at Davis Park, Modesto
Meet was canceled due to poor air quality and rescheduled to next Wed 10/25

FRI 10/13 Roughrider Inv, at Woodward Park, Fresno
The competing StanCo teams were Grace Davis, Gregori, and Riverbank. The races were held in both large and small school divisions. This meet along with last week's Clovis Inv serves as a preview of the State Meet course. Most teams with such lofty aspirations compete in one or the other. Hughson ran last week and Gregori this week. The varsity races were 5K.

Lg Schl VB
Gregori finished 4th out of 38 teams. I wouldn't say it was their best race of the season but it wasn't horrible either. They will need to close the gap between their #2 and #3 runners and their #4 and #5 runners if they hope to run on this course again.

1. Moises Medrano (Highland) 15:23
7. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 15:51 #10 all-time StanCo
15. Mason Reeves (Gregori) 16:12 #24 all-time StanCo
36. Matthew Marsh (Gregori) 16:44
38. Hunter Reeves (Gregori) 16:45
64. Jack Duchala (Gregori) 17:08
70. Sebastin Cronkite (Gregori) 17:14
74. Jaxon Reeves (Gregori) 17:20
97. Spencer Jeppson) 17:37
112. Justin Thomas (Gregori) 17:48

Lg Schl VG
This was an opportunity for Gregori's "Frosh Phenom" Madison Kackley to get some real competition. She had only competed in two varsity races (MMC 1 and MMC 2) and won them both.

1. Marilou Ruiz (Monache) 19:20
4. Madison Kackley (Gregori) 19:39 #30 all-time StanCo
52. Morgan McKay (Gregori) 21:28
60. Eva Rodriguez (Gregori) 21:48
71. Cassandra Contreras (Gregori) 21:54
85. Sienna Espinoza (Gregori) 22:09

Sm Schl VB
1. Nicholas Medearis (Crystal Springs Uplands) 15:57
66. Chris Martinez (Riverbank) 18:10

Sm Schl VG
1. Jenna Miles (Campolindo) 18:09
14. Alondra Hernandez (Riverbank) 20:12


SAT 10/14 Hughson Supercross, at Hughson High School, Hughson
Competing StanCo teams were Enochs, Pitman, Turlock, Modesto, Waterford, Orestimba, Patterson, Ceres, Central Valley, Hughson, Oakdale, Turlock Christian, Big Valley Christian, and Denair. All races were 4K. Since all races were the same distance I have combined the results. It should be noted that the first three girls in the varsity race took   wrong turn and shortened the course. Their times are approximations.

A shorthanded Hughson team win a close battle with Madera 69-70 to take the team title.

Mavleen Mann
1. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 15:58
4. Emily Fife (Hughson) 16:11
5. Elizette Ysais (Hughson) 16:23
6. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 16:32
8. Myrka Banuelos (Modesto) 16:58
F/S Kayden Legan (Oakdale) 17:01
11. Zeba Ahmad (Enochs) 17:19
12. Hope Salsig (Turlock) 17:22
13. Greta Erlingis (Enochs) 17:23
15. Paris Thompson (Oakdale) 17:27
18. Jaecelyn Romero (Waterford) 17:32
19. Mikayla Perry (Pitman) 17:33
21. Madeline Tree (Orestimba) 17:39
23. Sofia Andres (Turlock) 17:59

Enochs would take the boys' title outdistancing Pleasant Grove.

Ryan Weidman
1. Noe Reyes (East Union) 13:31
3. Ryan Weidman (Enochs) 13:43
6. Andy Rojo (Central Valley) 14:04
7. Austin Hoach (Hughson) 14:06
9. James Forkner (Oakdale) 14:14
10. Jordan Tasho (Pitman) 14:18
12. Jayson Martin (Pitman) 14:25
13. Adal Robles (Waterford) 14:26
16. Brandon Zwahlen (Enochs) 14:29
17. Chris Mariscal (Enochs) 14:30
18. Andrew Keys (Enochs) 14:32
20. Jonathan Staley (Waterford) 14:34
23. Christian Lee (Hughson) 14:40
25. Stephen Onesavanh (Enochs) 14:45


PHOTOS (varsity)
PHOTOS (JV and Open)

SAT 10/14 Bell Vista Bronco, at Willow Hills Park, Folsom
Competing StanCo teams were Beyer, Central Catholic, and Modesto. The varsity races were 5K

Sm Schl VG
1. Cassi Land (Sonora ) 18:54
103 Jenna Stanislaw (Beyer) 24:04

LG Schl VG
1. Meagan Lowe (Buchanan) 18:12
21. Aryana Perillo (Modesto) 21:02
100. Diana Cruz (Modesto) 24:28

Sm Schl VB
1. Karl Winter (St Marys) 16:29
24. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 17:45
76. Connor Farrow (Beyer) 18:54

Lg Schl VB
Modesto placed 9th against some of the best teams in the section. Alan Guerrero may have run his best race ever. His time is the 9th best ever for a StanCo runner over this grueling course; it was also 1 sec slow that Gregori's Santiago Ruiz ran last year to qualify for State.

1. Matt Strangio (Jesuit) 16:09
7. Alan Guerrero (Modesto) 16:37 #9 all-time StanCo
17. Josue Perez (Modesto) 16:54
71. Oscar Portillo (Modesto) 18:21
89. Cristian Silva (Modesto) 18:45
92. Gustavo Perez (Modesto) 18:52


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

WEEK 6 Runners of the Week

Anthony Vazquez
ANTHONY VAZQUEZ (Central Catholic)--placed second at VOL 2

Elizette (far right) from TVL 1
ELIZETTE YSIAS (Hughson)--placed 34 at Clovis Inv. A 10 sec PR and 1:21 faster than she ran in the same meet last year. The previous week she won TVL 2

KAYDEN LEGAN (Oakdale)--placed second at VOL 2
RYAN WEIDMAN (Enochs)--was the top StanCo finisher at Artichoke Inv
EMILY FIFE (Hughson)--placed 28th at Clovis Inv in a PR time
MAVLEEN MANN (Pitman)--had the 13th fastest time at Artichoke Inv
HOPE SALSIG (Turlock)--placed 8th at CCC 2 as the fastest StanCo runner

Sunday, October 8, 2017

WEEK 6 (CCC #2, VOL #2, Artichoke, Clovis Inv, Pacific Grove)

WED 10/4/17 CCC 2 @ Atwater
Competing StanCo teams were Turlock and Pitman.

Once again Turlock was trying to bridge the gap to catch up to Atwater and Merced. They definitely were closer. The top four runners ran great races to put them in contention, but their 5th runner was too far back for them to capture the win.

Mer-57; GV-60; Tur-68; At-71; BC-116; Pit-135; ElCap-205

1. Quinn Hagerman (Merced) 18:13
3. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 18:40
8. Hope Salsig (Turlock) 19:54
10. Macie Ericksen (Turlock) 20:23
11. Sofia Andres (Turlock) 20:28
13. Emily Ramirez (Turlock) 20:31
25. Mikayla Perry (Pitman) 21:36

At-25; Mer-47; BC-86; GV-110; Pit-127; Tur-129; ElCap-210

1. Richard Cole McKain (Merced) 15:47
12. Uriel Alvarez (Turlock) 17:14
15. Jordan Tasho (Turlock) 17:16
21. Bryce Van Allen (Pitman) 17:42
23. Edgar Ceballos (Turlock) 17:44
25. Geovanny Acevas (Pitman) 17:49


WED 10/4/17 VOL 2 @ Legion Park, Modesto
Competing StanCo Teams were Central Catholic and Oakdale

Sier-50; Oak-71; Kim-83; 4-Man-83; EU-98; Lath-127; CC-180

1. Megan Oblin  (Sierra) 19:20
2. Kayden Legan (Oakdale) 20:53
13. Paris Thompson (Oakdale) 22:43
15. Emily Takaki (Oakdale) 23:05
22. Marnelle Salie (Oakdale) 23:55
23. Melanie Jericoff (Oakdale) 23:58
24. Taylor Aloisio (Oakdale) 24:03

Sierra-54; EU-71; WR-82; Oak-93; Lath-115; Kim-120; CC-167; Man-181

1. Noe Reyes (East Union) 16:55
2. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 17:00
8. Jams Forkner (Oakdale) 17:42
14. Russell Pabalan (Oakdale) 18:10
19. Tanner Cusano (Oakdale) 18:29
22. Ben Miller (Oakdale) 18:55


SAT 10/7/17 CLOVIS INV @Woodward Park, Fresno
Competing StanCo team was only Hughson, they finished 14th out of 29 teams in the small school division

28. Emily Fife (Hughson) 19:37
34. Elizette Ysias (Hughson) 19:51
82. Jessie Lawrence (Hughson) 20:59
104. Kinsey Langley (Hughson) 21:30
131 Camille Haupt (Hughson) 22:22


SAT 10/7/17 ARTICHOKE INV @ Half Moon Bay HS, Half Moon Bay
Competing StanCo teams were Enochs, Downey, Grace Davis, Gregori, Modesto. Everybody runs the same 2.33 mi course regardless of ability of division, so I have lumped the results together. The places are for the combined results (and not the runners' actual place in their race.). Note that many of the top local runners had the week off to rest or were taking the SAT.

Mavleen Mann
 1. Hannah Chau (Justin Siena) 13:55
13. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 15:01
31. Alondra Cardozo (Downey) 15:34
53. Katie Krieger (Downey) 16:01
68. Adele Dumars (Modesto) 16:13
71. Noheli Ron (Modesto) 16:14
92. Myrka Banuelas (Modesto) 16:38
97. Meghan Matas (Downey) 16:39
101. Diane Olthaf (Pitman) 16:42
104. Greta Erlingis (Enochs) 16:49
108. Sienna Espinoza (Gregori) 16:51
117. Zeba Ahmad (Enochs) 16:54

Ryan Weidman

1. Robert Miranda (Menlo) 11:49
36. Ryan Weidman (Enochs) 12:59
50. Elias Barrera (Modesto) 13:15
62. Brandon Zwahlen (Enochs) 13:22
67. Spencer Jeppson (Gregori) 13:25
81. Christian Bickel (Downey) 13:34
82. Oscar Portillo (Modesto) 13:35
88. Ivan Rai (Enochs) 13:37
93. Jason Martin (Pitman) 13:38
111. Stephen Onesavarath (Enochs) 13:42
124. Jordan Tasho (Pitman) 13:46
133. Ryan Crisp (Downey) 13:48
142. Chris Mariscal (Enochs) 13:51
145. Ben Costa (Downey) 13:52
155. Joel Cardoza (Downey) 13:55
161. Zach Eve (Grgeori) 13:57


PHOTOS (JV and varsity)
PHOTOS (Camera Kim)

SAT 10/7/17 PACIFIC GROVE INV, Pacific Grove HS, Pacific Grove
Competing StanCo team was  Central Valley

This course was listed as 5K. I have never seen it but it must be long, tough, and/or slow as the times were less than impressive. The races were run by grade level, but everyone ran the same 5K course so I have lumped the times together.

1. Emmanuel Guzman (Vintage) 16:48
Andres Rojo (Central Valley) 17:46
Chase Bogart (Central Valley) 18:51
Enrique Martinez (Central Valley) 19:20
Favio Gonzalez (Central Valley) 19:55


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Mid-Season Team and Individual Rankings

Ranking XC runners and teams is a pseudoscience at best. I rely on meet results, personal observations, and my gut instincts. The difficulty lies in the fact that the top athletes and teams rarely run head to head against each other. With all that said, I'll give it a shot BUT as always being named in this list isn't a substitute for hard work. Ultimately the only meets that matter are about 4 weeks away.


1. Hughson
The Lady Huskies were the top team last season and they returned nearly everyone. They easily won TVL 1 and @ over a very solid Ripon team.
2. Downey
The Lady Knights won both MMC 1 and 2. A healthy Gregori could give them a real test at the end of the season
3. Gregori
The Jags' #1,2,3 runners have all had injury and illness issues. If they can get all of that ironed out they may give Downey a real challenge at MMC 4
4. Modesto
The Lady Panthers are beginning to gel, but still have a long way to go.
5. Turlock
The Lady Bulldogs began the season with high hopes that may be fading. They will need to improve if they hope to make it to the Section meet.

Fife, Kackley, and Mann
1. Emily Fife (Hughson) 11th--won TVL 1 and 2nd TVL 2
2. Madison Kackley (Gregori) 9th--won both MMC 1 and MMC 2
3. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 11th--top StanCo finisher at CCC1 and Pacific Tiger
4. Briseida Garcia (Gregori) 11th--if she was uninjured I would rank her #1. This ranking is based on my faith that she will be able to overcome her injuries and somewhat run normally again.
5. Elizette Ysias (Hughson) 10th--won TVL 2
6. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 12th--3rd at TVL 2
7. Mahaelyn Bickel (Downey) 12th--2nd at MMC 2
8. Kayden Legan (Oakdale) 10th
9. Kinsey Langley (Hughson) 11th
10. Alondra Cardozo (Downey) 10th


the #1 Jags
1. Gregori
The Jags won both MMC 1 and 2 they had amazing showings at Lowell and Capital Cross too
2. Modesto
This was a close call between 2,3,4. The Panthers have a formidable 1-2 punch. The remaining spots still need some work. They had a huge improvement from MMC 1 to MMC 2
3. Downey
The up front 1-2-3 is very solid. The group after that seems to be improving. In order to get beyond Sub Sect they will need to improve even more.
4. Enochs
The Eagles are nipping at the heels of Modesto and Downey and may make the race for 2nd place in the MMC very interesting.
5. Riverbank
The Bruins finished 2nd at TVL 1 and 2

M. Reeves, Ruiz, Perez, and Benavides in the background
1. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 12th--2nd MMC 1, 2nd MMC 2, 5th at Capital Cross
2. Mason Reeves (Gregori) 12th--1st MMC 1, 10 Capital Cross
3. Moises Benavides (Downey) 12th--3rd MMC 1, 1st MMC 2
4. Josue Perez (Modesto) 12th--3rd MMC 2
5. Alan Guerrero (Modesto) 11th--4th MMC 2
6. Matt Marsh (Gregori) 12th--4th MMC 1
7. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 12th--4th VOL 1
8. Ryan Weidman (Enochs) 11th--5th MMC 2
9. Chris Martinez (Riverbank) 12th--1 TVL 2
10. Joel Cardoza (Downey) 10th--6th MMC 2

Sunday, October 1, 2017

WEEK 5 Runners of the Week

I skipped naming ROW last week and promised to double up this week. About 19 of the StanCo teams were in action; and there were many stellar performances, making the selection process a difficult one.
Jessie Lawrence (from TVL 1)
Jessie placed 9th overall at TVL 2. Her time was a 55 sec improvement  from TVL 1 and gives the Huskies an all important solid # 5 runner
Madison Kackley
MADISON KACKLEY (Gregori)--as a Frosh she has run 2 varsity races, MMC 1 and MMC 2, and won them both. Her converted time of 19:24 (the course was at least 10 secs longer than normal) ranks her tied for #7 all-time over the course. Oh did I mention that she was injured and hardly practiced between MMC 1 and MMC 2.
Justin Thomas
At MMC 2 while Gregori was missing 2 of their top 5 runners, Justin stepped up big time to improve 33 secs and 9 places between MMC 1 and 2 and finish as Gregori's # 5 runner.
Joel Cardoza
As a Soph Joel placed 6th at MMC 2 in a 34 sec improvement from MMC 1. His emergence gives the Downey boys a solid 1-2-3 punch

CHRIS MARTINEZ (Riverbank)--places 1st at TVL 2 for his first ever TVL individual victory
ELIZETTE YSIAS (Hughson)--places 1st at TVL 2 for her first ever TVL individual victory
ADAL ROBLES (Waterford)--back to back come-from-behind SAL victories
MADELINE TREE (Orestimba)--1st individual SAL title
MAKAELYN BICKEL (Downey)--placed 2nd at MMC 2 in a PR time
MOISES BENAVIDES (Downey)--placed 1st at MMC 2 in his first individual cluster victory
MASON REEVES (Gregori)--after being sick most of the week he placed 10th  in the very elite seeded division of the Capital Cross Challenge
SANTIAGO RUIZ (Gregori)--he placed 5th  in the very elite seeded division of the Capital Cross Challenge

Saturday, September 30, 2017

WEEK 5 (TVL 2, MMC 2, Ceres @ Patterson, SAL 2, Capital Cross Challenge)

Last week was a bit of a loll, but we are back to nearly full action this week with at least 19 StanCo teams competing somewhere. Busy, busy for me as I attended 4 meets in 8 days (and spent the other 4 days cropping all the photos that I took.)

9/27 WED TVL 2, Legion Park, Modesto 5K
Competing StanCo teams were Hughson and Riverbank

Hughson's big three girls dictate the pace and easily control the race. #5 Hughson runner, Jessie Lawrence with a 55 sec improvement over TVL 1 three weeks ago.
Hu-23; Rip-49; MH-96; RBK-100; Hil-105; Esc-126

The VG pack on the first loop--photo credit Robbi Irigoyen
1. Elizette Ysias (Hughson)20:39
2. Emily Fife (Hughson) 20:44
3. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 20:44
4. Kayla Jacklich (Ripon) 20:48
5. Angelyca Chapman (Mountain House) 21:04
6. Sandra Castillo (Ripon) 21:05
7. Laila Irigoyen (Ripon) 21:09
8. Kinsey Langley (Hughson) 21:44
9. Jessie Lawrence (Hughson) 21:45
10. Alondra Hernandez (Riverbank) 22:06

Riverbank's Chris Martinez takes his first TVL victory, but Escalon takes the team win.
Es-37; RBK-55; Hil-70; Hu-84; Rip-90

1. Chris Martinez (Riverbank) 17:41
2. Juan Lopez (Escalon) 17:52
3. Gabriel Romero (Escalon) 17:55
4. Ramon Rosas (Riverbank) 17:57
5. Samuel Fletcher (Escalon) 18:03
6. Miguel Ramos (Hughson) 18:04
7. Austin Houch (Hughson) 18:09
8. Ethan Barcelos (Hilmar) 18:15
9. Jonathan Chavez (Hilmar) 18:18
10. Jon Muller (Hilmar) 18:19


9/27 WED MMC 1, East LaLoma/Dry Creek park, Modesto almost 5K
Competing StanCo teams were Gregori, Enochs, Beyer, Davis, Downey, Johansen, and Modesto

With Gregori missing their #1 runner and placing seven in the top 11, Downey rolled over the rest of the MMC. Kackley takes her second straight MMC Cluster win.
Madison Kackley pulls away at the mile mark
1. Madison Kackley (Gregeori) 19:34
2. Makaelyn Bickel (Downey) 19:51
3. Alondra Cardozo (Downey) 20:13
4. Katie Krieger (Downey) 20:19
5. Aryana Perillo (Modesto) 20:27
6. Esmeralda Aguayo (Downey) 20:47
7. Myrka Banuelos (Modesto) 20:59
8. Meghann Lofing (Downey) 21:16
9. Hayley Corriea (Downey) 21:26
10. Adele Dumars (Modesto) 21:35
11. Meghan Matas (Downey) 21:35
12. Sienna Espnoza (Gregori) 21:45
13. Cassandra Contreras (Gregori) 21:55.49
14. Yovana Chavarria (Downey) 21:55.85
15. Greta Erlingas (Enochs) 21:59

Missing two of their top five boys and Gregori still puts 6 in the top 11 to easily take the victory. With Gregori somewhat coasting, Benavides runs a strong race to earn his first ever MMC victory.

Moises Benavides leading Josue Perez at the mile
big Gregori pack at the mile

1. Moises Benavides (Downey) 16:22
2. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 16:32
3. Josue Perez (Modesto) 16:43
4. Alan Guerrero (Modesto) 16:49
5. Ryan Weidman (Enochs)17:07.07
6. Joel Cardoza (Downey) 17:07.95
7. Sebastian Cronkite (Gregori) 17:09
8. Hunter Reeves (Gregori) 17:21
9. Jack Duchala (Gregori) 17:27
10. Justin Thomas (Gregori) 17:28.23
11. Jaxon Reeves (Gregori) 17:28.62
12. Cristian Gutierrez (Downey) 17:33
13. Oscar Portillo (Modesto) 17:37.19
14. Elias Barrera (Modesto) 17:37.58
13. Brandon Zwahlen (Enochs) 17:38

PHOTOS (varsity)

9/27 WED CERES AT PATTERSON, Patterson Sports Complex, Patterson 3 mi

The Patterson girls easily ran past the Lady Bulldogs 19 to 39.
1. Marilyn Ventura (Patterson) 23:01
2. Desirae Ibarra (Patterson) 23:09
3. Ada Jack (Patterson) 24:04
4. Destiny Suarez (Ceres) 25:21
5. Jackie Rodriguez (Ceres) 25:37

The Tiger boys dominated a depleted Ceres squad 18 to 45
1. Adrian Contreras (Patterson) 18:33
2. Alex Alvarez (Patterson) 19:21
3. Joe Gutierrez (Ceres) 19:33
4. Andre McDonald (Patterson) 20:07
5. Noah Mirelez (Patterson) 20:09


9/28 THUR SAL 2, Legion Park, Modesto 5K
Competing StanCo teams were Orestimba, Waterford, and Denair

Madeline Tree takes her first SAL victory, but it was all Ripon Christian for the team title.

Maddy Tree leading Jaecelyn Romero with 800m to go
1. Madeline Tree (Orestimba) 22:08
2. Jaecelyn Romero (Waterford)  22:11
3. Elle Van Wyngarden (Ripon Christian) 24:53
4. Brittany Bloomhof (Ripon Christian) 24:55
5. Citlali Lopez (Gustine) 24:59

Robles runs down Staley AGAIN for the individual title. Delhi brings a full compliment of runners to over-come Waterford's tough top three and take the team title.
Eventual winner Adal Robles
1. Adal Robles (Waterford) 18:33
2. Jonathan Staley (Waterford) 18:37
3. Ruben Estrada (Delhi) 19:10
4. Jason Padilla (Gustine) 19:12
5. Zachary Velazquez (Waterford) 19:17



 9/30 SAT CAPITAL CROSS CHALLENGE, Haggen Oaks Golf Complex, Sacramento
Competing StanCo teams were Gregori, Big Valley Christian, Central Catholic, Turlock Christian, Turlock.

Turlock placed 18th out of 41 teams
Uriel Alvarez
1. Collin Ullrich (Liberty Ranch) 15:24
72. Uriel Alvarez (Turlock) 17:58
103. Edgar Ceballos (Turlock) 18:27
133. Obid Meraz (Turlock) 19:00
134. Marc Carrizales (Turlock) 19:01
136. Colton Cummings (Turlock) 19:04
142. David Lund (Turlock Christian) 19:07

319 finishers

The Turlock ladies placed 21st out of 36 teams
Sofia Andres
1. Marin Chamberlin (Placer) 18:26
92. Sofia Andres (Turlock) 21:55
103. Kaylee DeLaMotte (Turlock Christian) 22:13
124. Sandra Tovar (Turlock) 22:48
126. Yazmine Davalos (Turlock) 22:51
155. Katja Guerrero (Turlock) 23:36
165. Victoria Souza (Turlock) 24:00

290 finishers

Gregori placed 5th overall (but beat all the D1 teams from the SJS) and Central Catholic was 33rd out of 34 teams
Santiago Ruiz
1. Matt Strangio (Jesuit) 15:23
5. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 15:38
10. Mason Reeves (Gregori) 15:52
46. Matt Marsh (Gregori) 16:21
66. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 16:35
67. Jack Duchala (Gregori) 16:37
93. Sebastian Cronkite (Gregori) 16:54
110. Hunter Reeves (Gregori) 17:04
118. Jaxon Reeves (Gregori) 17:08
142. Justin Thomas (Gregori) 17:21
236. Elias Fierro (Central Catholic) 18:49

Central Catholic placed 24th out of 24 teams

1. Jenna Miles (Campolindo) 17:43
171. Hannah Heath (central Catholic) 24:10
172. Momoka Leaden (Central Catholic) 24:13