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This is the sixth year that I have named an "All StanCo" XC team. Prior to me, Ruben Esparza, the creator of this site, named a top seven runners at the end of the season (so I do not take credit for creating the idea). Just as last year, I emailed ballots to one coach at each StanCo school (minus Tulock Christian and BVC--both of which I didn't have working emails). Additionally I sent ballots to both MJC coaches, the Stan St distance coach, and a couple of other independent but interested individuals. I think there were 30 ballots this year, of which 15 were returned. The criteria for each voter was their own. I totaled the votes and viola--the 2018 All StanCo Team. Regardless of who did or didn't vote, there are 20 very worthy runners listed below. It has been a pleasure to watch them compete this past season.

*MADISON KACKLEY (Gregori) 10th—1st CCAL 2 (17:27 #3 all-time Donnelly Park); 1st CCAL 3 (17:54 #2 all-time Legion Park); 2nd Lodi Flame; 4th Lowell; 1st Seeded Cap Cross; 1st Castro Valley; 1st D1 SS (18:33); 8th D1 Sect (19:28--#10 all-time StanCo); 12th D1 State (17:58--#1 all-time StanCo);

*MAVLEEN MANN (Pitman) 12th—2nd CCAL 2 (17:49 #5 all-time Donnelly Park); 2nd CCAL 3 (18:15 #4 all-time Legion Park); 13th LS Pacific Tiger (19:11); 5th Josh Ruff; 6th Roughrider; 2nd Kim Duyst; 2nd D1 SS (19:27); 2nd D1 Sect (19:12--#7 all-time StanCo); 33rd D1 State (18:37--#9 all-time StanCo);

 @BRISEIDA GARCIA-MEZA (Gregori) 12th—3rd CCAL 2 (18:29 #11 all-time Donnelly Park); 3rd CCAL 3 (18:26 #7 all-time Legion Park); 3rd Lodi Flame; 14th Lowell; 3rd LS Pacific Tiger (18:37); 15th Seeded Cap Cross; 6th Castro Valley; 3rd D1 SS (19:32); 5th D1 Sect (19:22--#8 all-time StanCo); 54th D1 State (19:00--#14 all-time StanCo);

 &@*EMILY FIFE (Hughson) 12th—1st TVL 3; 4th Woodbridge; 1st Hugh Sup Cross; 1st Jackie Henderson; 6th Kim Duyst; 2nd D4 Sect (19:47--#16 all-time StanCo); 22nd D4 State (19:01--#15 all-time StanCo);

 HALEIGH HUMBLE (Oakdale) 9th—1st VOL 3; 2nd SS Pacific Tiger (18:27); 4th Hugh Sup Cross; 3rd Kim Duyst; 4th D3 SS (19:37); 3rd D3 sect (19:57--#19 all-time StanCo); 30th D3 State (19:15--#21 all-time StanCo);

 *KAYDEN LEGAN (Oakdale) 11th—2nd VOL 3; 3rd Jaguar Inv; 14 SS Pacific Tiger (19:13); 3rd Hugh Sup Cross; 7th Kim Duyst; 3rd D3 SS (19:37); 6th D3 Sect (20:23); 39th D3 State (19:25--#24 all-time StanCo);

 *ELIZETTE YSAIS (Hughson) 11th—3rd TVL 3; 16th Woodbridge; 2nd Jackie Henderson; 9th Kim Duyst; 15th D4 SS (21:26); 5th D4 Sect (20:30); 50th D4 State (19:34--#30 all-time StanCo);

CAMILA STEPHENS (Pitman) 9th—5th CCAL 3; 17th LS Pacific Tiger (19:19); 10th Josh Ruff; 11th Artichoke; 8th Kim Duyst; 8th D1 SS (20:07); 24th D1 Sect (21:06); 

 EVA RODRIGUEZ (Gregori) 12th—6th CCAL 3; 14th Lodi Flame; 19th D1 Sect (20:55); 

 NOHELI RON (Modesto) 10th—7th CCAL 3; 13th Soph Mt Carmel; 12th Hugh Sup Cross; 20th D1 Sect (20:58);

 &* ALAN GUERRERO (Modesto) 12th—1st CCAL 3 (16:12 #10 all-time Legion Park); 12th Sen Mt Carmel; 9th D1 Stanford; 2nd Hugh Sup Cross; 5th D1 SS (16:25); 16th D1 Sect (16:28--#6 all-time StanCo); 138th D1 State (16:47);

 SPENCER JEPPSON (Gregori) 12th—3rd CCAL 3 (16:29 #33 all-time Legion Park); 9th Castro Valley; 18th D1 SS (16:54); 13th D1 Sect (16:43--#17 all-time StanCo); 

*JACK DUCHALA (Gregori) 11th—5th CCAL 3; 4th Lodi Flame; 17th LS Pacific Tiger (16:21); 6th D1 SS (16:25); 24th D1 Sect (17:26);

 RYAN WEIDMAN (Enochs) 12th—2nd CCAL 3 (16:28 #28 all-time Legion Park); 5th Hugh Sup Cross; 24th D1 SS (17:01); 17th D1 Sect (16:58); 

 AIDAN WELLS (Gregori) 11th—10th CCAL 3; 46th D1 SS (17:38); 28th D1 Sect (17:43);

JAXON REEVES (Gregori) 12th—7th CCAL 3; 39th D1 SS (17:32); 29th D1 Sect (17:43);

JONATHAN STALEY (Waterford) 11th—1st SAL 3; 4th Jaguar Inv; 8th SS Frogtown; 15th Kim Duyst; 6th D5 SS (18:15); 2nd D5 Sect (17:59);

 CRISTIAN SILVA TORO (Modesto) 12th—6th CCAL 3; 12th Hugh Sup Cross; 12th Kim Duyst; 26th D1 SS (17:07); 40 D1 Sect (18:02);

DUSTIN CHAVEZ (Oakdale) 12th—2nd VOL 3; 11th Jaguar Inv; 16th SS Pacific Tiger (16:40); 4th LS Frogtown; 11th Hugh Sup Cross; 12th Kim Duyst; 15th D3 SS (17:16); 35th D3 Sect (18:07);

JOEL CARDOZA (Downey) 11th—4th CCAL 3; 35th D2 Stanford; 22nd Kim Duyst; 29th D2 SS (17:11); 64th D2 Sect (18:29);

*=2017 member              @=2016 member            &=2015 member                                 

Sunday, November 25, 2018


The CIF State Championship is obviously the culminating event of the XC season...but what a way to end it. The girls rewrote the record book with their performance to the degree of 7 of them racing their way into the top 30 all-time for the Woodward Park course.

D1 Boys
138. Alan Guerrero (Modesto) 16:47.9

D1 Girls
12. Madison Kackley (Gregori) 17:58.4 #1 all time StanCo
33. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 18:37.8  #9 all time StanCo
54. Briseida Garcia Meza (Gregori) 19:00.1 #14 all time StanCo

D4 Girls
Hughson placed 16th out of 25 teams
22. Emily Fife (Hughson) 19:01.3 #15 all time StanCo
50. Elizette Ysais (Hughson) 19:34.2 #30 all time StanCo
132. Taylor Scheuber (Hughson) 20:59.4
140. Jessie Lawrence (Hughson) 21:13.4
179. Makenzie Mason (Hughson) 22:34.9
180. Camile Haupt (Hughson) 22:35.2
181 Brianna Campos (Hughson) 22:37.3

D5 Boys
Waterford placed 25th out of 25
143. Evan Espinoza (Waterford) 18:28.9
161. Zach Velazquez (Waterford) 18:53.6
194. Jonathan Staley (Waterford) 19:59.5
195. Ethan Valdez (Waterford) 20:00.6
211. Fernando Castillo (Waterford) 21:48.0
212. Angel Vargas (Waterford) 21:48.1
213. Alex Barajas (Waterford) 22:26.3

Humble and Legan
D3 Girls
30 Haleigh Humble (Oakdale) 19:15.9 #21 all time StanCo
39. Kayden Legan (Oakdale) 19:25 #24 all time StanCo

D5 Girls
92 Ashley Sams (Central Catholic) 21:24.7



Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Well after a one week smoke delay and some tense days of indecision, the SJS Championship meet took place without the JV and F/S races. It was a whirlwind morning as the meet directors were trying to get all the races in before the AQI level rose above 150. In doing so sometimes there were 3 different races on the course at the same time. For a spectator it was action packed and a bit confusing. For a photographer it was pretty crazy. Fortunately my wife came with me. I wouldn't say the photos we took were our best ever work; but given the circumstances, most of the local athletes are represented.

As with SubSections, every racer ran the same 5K? course so I have combined the results to allow for direct comparisons regardless of division.
1. Jesuit 81:18  17. Gregori 87:49  22. Modesto 89:04  35. Hughson 93:47  40. Waterford 97:44
45. Central Catholic 101:15  46. Big Valley  104:14  (48 teams)
 1. Garrett Gough (Nevada Union) 15:23 (#4 all-time for this course)
18. Alan Guerrero (Modesto) 16:28 QUALIFIED (#6 all-time StanCo)
32. Spencer Jeppson (Gregori) 16:43 (#17 all-time StanCo)
48. Ryan Weidman (Enochs) 16:58
87. Jack Duchala (Gregori) 17:26
117. Aidan Wells (Gregori) 17:43.7
118. Jaxon Reeves (Gregori) 17:43.9
145. Jonathan Staley (Waterford) 17:59 QUALIFIED
150. Oscar Portillo (Modesto) 18:01
151 Cristian Silva Toro (Modesto) 18:02
160. Dustin Chavez (Oakdale) 18:07
172. Gustavo Perez (Modesto) 18:11
175. Carter Mannon (Gregori) 18:12
187. Mario-Adonis Ron (Modesto) 18:21
196. Angel Rodriguez (Hughson) 18:25
199. Joel Cardoza (Downey) 18:29
202. Miguel Ramos (Hughson) 18:30
212. Trace Huber (Hughson) 18:35
219. Luis Yepez (Ceres) 18:38
228. Justin Thomas (Gregori) 18:45
229. Peter Pacheco (Big Valley Christian) 18:46
237. Evan Espinoza (Waterford) 18:54  QUALIFIED
253. Elias Fierro (Central Catholic) 19:04

379 runners
The big winner was Waterford which placed 2nd in D5 and thus qualified for State. Alan Guerrero is the only StanCo individual qualifier. The Gregori Boys placed third in D1. Last year they place third and qualified. This year D1 only gets 2 entries. Considering the talent this team lost from last year's squad, the third place finish in amazing. Spencer Jeppson just misses qualifying in D1 by one place and 3 seconds. Some of the top StanCo boys had perhaps their worst races of the year. Maybe it was because of the week off, or the early start time, or simply the pressure of the moment.

1. St Francis 97:11  9. Gregori 102:36  15. Hughson 106:47  17. Pitman 108.05  27. Oakdale 114:09
37. Central Catholic 123:04  45. Waterford 136:13   (45 teams)
Mann and Kackley
1. Riley Chamberlain (Del Oro) 17:57  (#8 all-time for this course)
7. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 19:12 QUALIFIED (#7 all-time StanCo)
13. Briseida Garcia Meza (Gregori) 19:22  QUALIFIED  (#8 all-time StanCo)
16. Madison Kackley (Gregori) 19:28 QUALIFIED (tie #10 all-time StanCo)
21. Emily Fife (Hughson) 19:47 QUALIFIED (#16 all-time StanCo)
27. Haleigh Humble (Oakdale) 19:57 QUALIFIED  (#19 all-time StanCo)
45. Kayden Legan (Oakdale) 20:23 QUALIFIED
50. Elizette Ysais (Hughson) 20:30 QUALIFIED
78. Eve Rodriguez (Gregori) 20:55
80. Noheli Ron (Modesto) 20:58
86. Camila Stephens (Pitman) 21:06
92. Sofia Andres (Turlock) 21:12
95. Cassandra Contreras (Gregori) 21:16
98. Alondra Cardoza (Downey) 21:20
110. Jessie Lawrence (Hughson) 21:30 QUALIFIED
114. Morgan McKay (Gregori) 21:33
115. Isabela Moreno (Downey) 21:34
119. Aliyah Williams (Enochs) 21:39
125. Taylor Scheuber (Hughson) 21:45  QUALIFIED
126. Ashley Sams (Central Catholic) 21:46  QUALIFIED
142. Myrka Banuelos (Modesto) 22:07
151 Hannah Beth Norman (Oakdale) 22:15
157. Madeline Tree (Orestimba) 22:18
The big winners here were all the individual qualifiers. Look at the times and how they are rewriting the record books. Haleigh Humble and Ashley Sams both qualify as Frosh! Mavleen Mann and Madison Kackley both just missed qualifying last year and thankfully make it this year. Garcia-Meza  returns to State after 2 long years of injuries. Hughson girls finish second in D4 to qualify as a team. Pitman girls go from never qualifying for sections to placing 5th in D1.  The toughest breaks went to Gregori girls who placed 4th in D1 when 3 qualified. Oh it gets worse. They were a short 4 points from 3rd and actually had a faster combined time than the 3rd place team...



Tuesday, November 6, 2018

WEEK 10 Runners of the Week

With everyone running at Subsections there were a lot of great performances to choose from. It was not an easy choice as I was mulling over 6-8 possible selections. I eventually opted for these 4 very worthy selections.

JOEL CARDOZA (Downey)--her placed 29th in D2 at Subsections and was the 7th overall StanCo finisher. He qualified as an individual for SJS. Joel is the model of consistency, he never seems to have a bad race

BRODY VECCHIONE (Turlock)--AS A FROSH he led the Bulldogs and placed 47 in D1 Subsections to qualify as an individual for SJS.

ISABELA MORENO (Downey)--AS A FROSH she placed 38th in D2 Subsection and 9th for StanCo runners at Subsections to earn an individual spot in Saturday's SJS.

SOFIA ANDRES (Turlock)--in perhaps her best race of the season she placed 17th in D1 and 7th for StanCo runners at Subsections to earn an individual berth in Saturday's SJS meet.

ALAN GUERRERO (Modesto)--placed 5th in D1, 19th overall, and 1st for StanCo at SS
CASSANDRA CONTRERAS (Gregori)--placed 25th at SS and 8th for StanCo runners to give the Jags a huge team boost.
LUIS YEPEZ (Ceres)--placed 43rd in D3 Subsections to grab the final qualifying spot for SJS. He is the first Bulldog to qualify for SJS in 10 years
JACK DUCHALA (Gregori)--placed 6th in D1, 20th overall, and 2nd for StanCo at SS.
MADISON KACKLEY (Gregori)--won the D1 race at SS turning in the 3rd fastest time of the day.
MAVLEEN MANN (Pitman)--placed 2nd in D1, 8th overall and 2nd for StanCo at SS leading the Pride Ladies to their first ever team berth at SJS.
KAYDEN LEGAN (Oakdale)--placed 3rd in D3, 18th overall, and 4th for StanCo at SS leading the Mustangs to a team berth at SJS.
SPENCER JEPPSON (Gregori)--placed 18th is D1 and 3rd for StanCo at SS.

DARIO SALINAS (Hughson)--placed 18th in D4 and 5th for StanCo at SS leading the Huskies to a team spot at SJS.
ALIYAH WILLIAMS (Enochs)--placed 41st in D1 and qualified for SJS as a FROSH!
JESSIE LAWRENCE (Hughson)--led the Huskies to a qualifying spot for SJS in the absence of Fife with a strong 14th place in D4

Here is everything you could possibly need to know


Wow what a busy day. My wife and I arrived at the meet at 8:30 AM and didn't leave until almost 4 PM. I took about 4,000 pics during the meet. I deleted about 1500 between the races. I had 2400 and my wife had over 600 for me to go through when I got home... I guess I wouldn't want to spend my time any other way.
Sofia Andres had perhaps her best race
Enough about me. This is the first and only day of the year that all of the top StanCo runners are on the same course on the same day. Some runners and teams turned in great performances and as you would expect some runners had "off" days at an unfortunate time.

I have combined the times rather than separating them out by division.

What I noticed here...D2 was the toughest race to qualify in. Brody Vecchione (Turlock) runs almost the exact time and Christian Balderas (Central Valley). Brody qualifies in D1, but Christian does not qualify in D2. After several disappointing Subs, Hughson boys qualify easily in D4. Dario Salinas for Hughson is the emerging star of this group. I believe that Luis Yepez is the first varsity boy from Ceres HS to qualify for SJS in nearly 10 years.
Hughson's Miguel Ramos and Dario Salinas
1-Jesuit; 15-Gregori; 24-Modesto; 33-Hughson; 41-Turlock; 51-Downey; 53-Enochs; 60-Oakdale; 63-Beyer; 67-Pitman; 68-Waterford; 69-Central Valley; 82-Central Catholic; 84-Patterson; 85-Riverbank; 88-Ceres; 95-Big Valley Christian; 106-Orestimba  (112 teams competing in Varsity boys) Teams in Yellow qualified in their division for Saturday's Section meet. Q=qualified as part of a team; q=qualified as an individual
Guerrero with Duchala trailing
1. Garrett Gough (Nevada Union) 15:17
19. Alan Guerrero (Modesto) 16:25 Q
20. Jack Duchala (Gregori) 16:25 Q
58. Spencer Jeppson (Gregori) 16:54 Q
74. Ryan Weidman (Enochs) 17:01 q
77. Dario Salinas (Hughson) 17:03 Q
82. Cristian Silva-Toro (Modesto) 17:07 Q
88. Joel Cardoza (Downey) 17:11 q
105. Dustin Chavez (Oakdale) 17:16 q
128. Austin Hoach (Hughson) 17:26 Q
132. Miguel Ramos (Hughson) 17:27 Q
142. Jaxon Reeves (Gregori) 17:32 Q
145. Gustavo Perez (Modesto) 17:32 Q
155. Christian Balderas (Central Valley) 17:37
158. Aidan Wells (Gregori) 17:38 Q
159. Brody Vecchione (Turlock) 17:38 q
171. Carter Mannon (Gregori) 17:45 Q
182. Justin Thomas (Gregori) 17:48 Q
192. Eric Hernandez (Turlock) 17:50
202. Oscar Portillo (Modesto) 17:55 Q
208. Uriel Alvarez (Turlock) 17:56
219. Matt Molthen (Downey) 18:00
(This was everyone under 18:00 here are the remaining individual qualifiers)
225. Tanner Cusano (Oakdale) 18:04  q
241. Luis Yepez (Ceres) 18:07 q
359. David Lund (Turlock Christian) 18:48 q

All members of Gregori, Modesto,  Hughson, Waterford, Central Catholic, and Big Valley Christian  QUALIFIED

Some random comments here: Gregori girls ran hard and finished 4th. They have their sights set on a top 3, State qualifying spot at SJS. Cassandra Contreras ran a great race in support of their front two-some; but they will need a lot more Saturday from #4 and #5 runners in order to have any chance to go to State as a team. This was maybe Sofia Andres' (Turlock) best race of the season. Downey frosh, Isabella Moreno vaults into the top-ten for StanCo and qualifies for SJS. Hughson qualifies easily even without top runner Emily Fife, but they will likely need her to qualify for State. The D2 race was again tougher than the D1 race. Modesto ladies just miss qualifying the whole team as they were missing #3 runner. They did grab three individual spots though as did Turlock.

1-St Francis; 10-Gregori; 15-Pitman; 28-Oakdale; 30-Downey; 31-Modesto; 33-Turlock; 34-Hughson; 47-Enochs; 54-Central Catholic; 66-Orestimba; 70-Waterford; 74-Patterson  (there were 84 competing teams). Teams in Yellow qualified in their division for Saturday's Section meet. Q=qualified as part of a team; q=qualified as an individual
Humble and Legan
1. Riley Chamberlain (Del Oro) 17:54
3. Madison Kackley (Gregori) 18:33  Q
8. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 19:27  Q
15. Briseida Garcia-Meza (Gregori) 19:32  Q
18. Kayden Legan (Oakdale) 19:37.1  Q
19 Haleigh Humble (Oakdale) 19:37.4  Q
39. Camila Stephens (Pitman) 20:07  Q
61. Sofia Andres (Turlock) 20:24  q
88. Cassandra Contreras (Gregori) Q
90. Isabella Moreno (Downey) 20:50  q
92. Ashley Sams (Central Catholic) 20:51  Q
94. Noheli Ron (Modesto) 20:53 q
97. Alondra Cardoza (Downey) 20:55  q
98. Myrka Banuelos (Modesto) 20:55  q
110. Hannah Beth Norman (Oakdale) 21:03 Q
139. Jessie Lawrence (Hughson) 21:25  Q
140. Elizette Ysais (Hughson) 21:26  Q
142. Stefanie Rodriguez (Pitman) 21:27  Q
145. Taylor Scheuber (Hughson) 21:28  Q
149. Morgan McKay (Gregori) 21:34  Q
156. Aliyah Williams (Enochs) 21:40  q
157. Madeline Tree (Orestimba) 21:41 q
158. Diana Olthof (Pitman) 21:41  Q
157. Eva Rodriguez (Gregori) 21:44  Q
181 Fatima Chavez (Turlock) 21:54  q
(This was everyone under 22:00 here are the remaining individual qualifiers)
195. Jennifer Peraza (Modesto) 22:05  q
196. Ashley Mendez (Turlock) 22:05
241. Diane Murillo (Riverbank) 22:44  q
291. Johana Perez (Turlock Christain) 23:30  q

All members of Gregori,  Waterford, Central Catholic, Hughson, and Pitman  QUALIFIED


PHOTOS D1 and D2 nonvarsity
PHOTOS all varsity
PHOTOS D3-D5 nonvarsity

Sunday, October 28, 2018

WEEK 8/9 Runner of the Week

With all the leagues, teams, and runners in action this week there were some remarkable performances and consequently I had a difficult time choosing. I was planning on 2 boys and 2 girls, but I ended up with 5 very worthy selections.

SPENCER JEPPSON (Gregori)--placed 3rd at the CCAL Championship meet in 16:29 (a 42 sec PR that is the #33 time ever over this course)

MADELINE TREE (Orestimba)--swept through all 3 SAL Clusters. She capped off the season with a huge PR of about 90 seconds over the Legion 5K course

photo cred--Steven Rodriguez
DUSTIN CHAVEZ (Oakdale)--placed 2nd in the VOL Championship meet

photo cred--Steven Rodriguez
ASHLEY SAMS (Central Catholic)--placed 3rd at the VOL Championships. She went from running F/S at the beginning of the season to placing 3rd in varsity for the league

DARIO SALINAS (Hughson)--placed 3rd at the TVL Championships. His time of 17:24 was a 73 sec improvement on this course.

ALAN GUERRERO (Modesto)--won the CCAL Championship meet in a PR time of 16:12 that is the #10 all-time mark on this course.
RYAN WEIDMAN (Enochs)--placed 2nd at the CCAL Championship meet in a PR time that is the #28 time over this course
MADISON KACKLEY (Gregori)--won the CCAL Championship met in a PR time of 17:54 that is the 2nd best time ever on this course.
BRISEIDA GARCIA MEZA (Gregori)--placed 3rd at the CCAL Championship meet in a PR time of 18:26 (50 secs faster than her best time on this course) It was the #7 time ever on this course
PETER PACHECO (Big Valley Christian)--won the CCAA Championship meet
HALEIGH HUMBLE (Oakdale)--won the VOL Championship meet
KAYDEN LEGAN (Oakdale)--placed 2nd at the VOL Championship meet
CONNOR FARROW (Beyer)--placed 2nd at the WAC championship meet
EMILY FIFE (Hughson)--placed 1st at the TVL Championship meet. Her time of 19:28 was a 15 sec PR over this course
JONATHAN STALEY (Waterford)--was 1st at SAL Championships. His time of 17:27 was a 30 PR over this course

SAT 11/3 SubSections @ Calaveras County Fairgrounds, Angels Camp I WILL BE THERE
SAT 11/10 Sections @ Willow Hills, Folsom I WILL BE THERE