Sunday, June 1, 2014

And Then There Were None (SJS Masters Results)

The only preliminary "distance" event was the 800m. Both Aaron Mayfield (Pitman) and Ian Brooks (Hughson) were competing for a chance to run in Friday's finals and compete for one of the three automatic berths in next week's State Meet. Aaron qualified by virtue of winning his heat. Ian didn't win his heat but ran a fast enough time to move on to Friday.

Aaron Mayfield (Pitman) 1:57.61
Ian Brooks (Hughson) 1:57.00


All three distance events would be run in Friday's finals. Qualifying for this meet was the goal for most StanCo athletes. Once at the meet all of the season's hard work (and some luck) might lead to a qualification spot for State.

VG 1600m
Mikayla Florez (Riverbank), perhaps the most accomplished of the StanCo competitors was still a long shot to qualify for State. It would take the race of her life and a huge PR. She looked pained and uncomfortable from the second lap. I am guess the she was trying to run through a minor injury. She finished with what would have been a respectable time for anyone, but I am certain it was disappointing for her.

Mikayla Florez
11. MIkayla Florez (Riverbank) 5:19.68

VB 1600m
Nathan Stanton (Patterson) ran hard for the first two laps and was elbowed and jostled around several times in the large pack of runners. On the third lap the reality of the fast pace seemed to settle in and he struggled to stay in contact over the final 800m.
Nathan Stanton

25. Nathan Stanton (Patterson) 4:42.42

VB 800m
Aaron Mayfield (Pitman) ran is solid position (about 3rd place) for the first 500m with Ian Brooks (Hughson) hovering in about 6th. On the back stretch Aaron tried to make a move, but everyone else was doing the same thing (only faster). As the real kickers put it in high gear for the final 100m, Aaron and Ian both looked "out of gas." Both finished near their PR times with more than respectable efforts.
Aaron on the outside and Ian on the inside

9. Aaron Mayfield (Pitman) 1:57.45
12. Ian Brooks (Hughson) 1:58.20

VB 3200m
For one of the few times this season neither Isaac Gonzalez (Pitman) and Zach Morrett (Hughson) ran the 1600m prior to the 3200m. That meant they both had fresh legs entering the 3200m. Both were hoping that the quick and deep field would carry them to big PRs. In Isaac's case that is exactly what happened. Every time he began falling off pace he would tuck his head down and surge. The top ten finish in the 3200m (not his preferred event) is a huge accomplishment!
Isaac Gonzalez
Zach Morrett

10. Isaac Gonzalez (Pitman) 9:34.87 PR
12. Zach Morrett (Hughson) 9:41.33

VG 3200m
In what was an incredibly fast assembly of female runners, Kim's best hope was to hang on for dear life and hope for a big PR. She did a solid job of hanging on, but just missed her PR.
Kim Ruvalcaba

23. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 11:51.14

On a personal note I will miss watching Mikayla, Aaron, Ian, Zach, Nathan, and Isaac compete. They are all seniors whom I have been watching and photographing for at least three years, if not four years. I am not their coach or their parents, but never-the-less I am proud of all they have accomplished.



Saturday, May 24, 2014

Section Championship Week--results and photos

D1 Championship Prelims and Finals
The only "distance" race one day one was the qualifying for the 800m
VB 800m
6. Aaron Mayfield (Pitman) 1:57.49
18. Alexies Reynoso (Johansen) 2:00.65
28. Kaleb Hallack (Modesto) 2:05.57
31. Matthew Lopes (Enochs) 2:07.37

VG 800m
15. Torrey Maravilla (Gregori) 2:24.35
25. Haylee Osgood (Downey) 2:35.09
26. Raveena Samra (Turlock) 2:35.24
27. Cassie Derdivanis (Turlock) 2:35.96

First day RESULTS

The second day, Friday/Final of this meet produced some incredible track results. I lost count of the number of times the announcer said the words "New meet record," or "That mark leads the State." Although it is beyond the focus of this blog--the winning time in the 400m was 46.9. That was an amazing athletic performance to witness. The combination of slightly cooler temperatures and the wind shifting from north-south to west-east probably contributed. In the VB 1600m 14 runners met the "at large" mark for the Section Masters meet. Additionally in the VG 3200m 13 runners met the "at large" mark. Three years ago 11th place in the VG 3200m was about 11:54. Yesterday 11th place was 11:15 in what was a smokin' fast 2mile. The top 10 in every event (plus anyone who met the "at large" mark qualified for next week's Masters meet.

Isaac Gonzalez

VB 1600m
19. Isaac Gonzalez (Pitman) 4:36.24
20. Alexies Reynoso (Johansen) 4:36.66
26. Marc alania (Modesto) 4:42.49
27. Isiah Avila DeLaCruz (Modesto) 4:44.28
30. Alec Villagomez (Gregori) 4:50.27

Lauren Stanislaw and Makenzie Salyer

VG 1600m
17. Lauren Stanislaw (Beyer) 5:33.70
20. Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) 5:39.63
23. Makenzie Salyer (Turlock) 5:50.27

Aaron Mayfield

VB 800m
4. Aaron Mayfield (Pitman) 1:59.49 QUALIFIED

Torrey Maravilla

VG 800m
14. Torrey Maravilla (Gregori) 2:24.26

Isaac Gonzalez and Mario Medina

VB 3200m
10. Isaac Gonzalez (Pitman) 9:41.86 QUALIFIED
14. Mario Medina (Gregori) 9:50.58
23. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 10:09.53
29. Inteus Schiavo (Downey) 10:44.35
30. James DeLaO (Modesto) 11:00.08

VB 3200m
28. Lauren Stanislaw (Beyer) 13:00.01

Final day RESULTS

D4 and 5 Championship Prelims and Finals
The only "distance" race one day one was the qualifying for the 800m
Ian Brooks and Julius Flores
VB 800m
3. Ian Brooks (Hughson) 2:02.12
6. Tomas Roacha (Ceres) 2:01.97
9. Julius Flores (Patterson) 2:03.55

Nicole Warwick
VG 800m
7. Nicole Warwick (Modesto Christian) 2:25.19
13. Sara Stevens (Oakdale) 2:32.56
19. Lisette Carretero (Ceres) 2:39.87

First day RESULTS

The top 5 from this division qualify for the Masters meet (along with anyone outside of the top five who meet the "at large" standard.

VB 1600m
4. Nathan Stanton (Patterson) 4:31.29 QUALIFIED
7. Isaiah Aguilar (Oakdale) 4:33.98
8. Judas Chavarin (Ceres) 4:35.68

VG 1600m
 1. Mikayla Florez (Riverbank) 5:09.08  QUALIFIED
13. Lisette Carretero (Ceres) 5:49.39

VB 800m
2. Ian Brooks (Hughson) 1:56.87 QUALIFIED
4. Tomas Roacha (Ceres) 1:58.36 QUALIFIED

VG 800m
8. Nicole Warwick (Modesto Christian) 2:27.47

VB 3200m
3. Zach Morrett (Hughson) 9:42.72  QUALIFIED
6. Jonathen Beliera (Riverbank) 10:08.61
11. Emmanuel Chavez (Riverbank) 10:21.20
14. Nathan Stanton (Patterson) 10:32.97
15. Thomas Virgen (Patterson) 10:33.39

VG 3200m
2. Mikayla Florez (Riverbank) 11:33.16  QUALIFIED
6. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 12:07.24
9. Lupe Ventura (Patterson) 12:16.12

Final day RESULTS

Sunday, May 18, 2014

TVL and CCC Championships

League Championship season comes to a close this past week with the completion of the TVL and CCC meets. The top 3 athletes from the TVL meet move on to the Sac Joaquin D4-5 Championship qualifying meet this coming Tue at Stan State. The top 4 from the CCC meet move to the D1 Qualifier at Elk Grove on Wednesday.

Nicole Warwick fights for the lead

VG 800M
1. Nicole Warwick (Modesto Christian) 2:23.58
3. Heavyn Herroz (Hughson) 2:37.28
Ian Brooks

VB 800M
1. Ian Brooks (Hughson) 2:00.08
4. Ruben Paredez (Riverbank) 2:10.07
5. Brigham Lee (Hughson) 2:10.76
MIkayla Florez

VG 1600M
1. Mikayla Florez (Riverbank) 5:18.00
4. Jessica Groen (Modesto Christian) 5:41.00
6. Madison Mays (Hughson) 5:58.00
Morrett and Brooks

VB 1600M
1. Ian Brooks (Hughson) 4:38.10
3. Zach Morrett (Hughson) 4:39.45
6. Adan Chavez (Riverbank) 4:47.01
7. Ruben Paredez (Riverbank) 4:49.33
Ruvaclcaba battles for second

VG 3200M
1. Mikayla Florez (Riverbank) 11:52.62
2. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 12:02.08
5. Madison Mays (Hughson) 12:56.84
Morrett towing a pack of runners

VB 3200M
1. Zach Morrett (Hughson) 9:58.87
2. Jonathen Beliera (Riverbank) 10:06.41
3. Anthony Arce (Hughson) 10:09.71
4. Emmanuel Chavez (Riverbank) 10:14.03
5. Adan Chavez (Riverbank) 10:25.28
6. Moises Gomez (Riverbank) 10:33.90
7. Michael Rodriguez (Riverbank) 10:39.49
8. Daniel Yanez (Hughson) 10:41.02
9. Diego Ruiz (Riverbank) 10:45.85
10. Austin Zehr (Hughson) 10:48.15



VG 800M
2. Cassandra Derdivanis (Turlock) 2:33.94
4. Raveena Samra (Turlock) 2:38.25
Mayfield struggles to hang on to the lead
VB 800M
2. Aaron Mayfield (Pitman) 1:58.45
4. Justin Ambita (Turlock) 2:09.15
VG 1600M
3. Makenzie Salyer (Turlock) 5:44.06

VB 1600M
2. Isaac Gonzalez (Pitman) 4:35.05
5. Erik Sousa (Turlock) 4:45.03

Salyer tries to hang on
VG 3200M
3. Makenzie Salyer (Turlock) 12:56.37

VB 3200M
2. Isaac Gonzalez (Pitman) 10:18.59
6. Rex Doo (Turlock) 10:39.22


Monday, May 12, 2014

VOL Championship

The schools in the MMC may have higher enrollments; but their smaller cousins in the WAC, TVL, and VOL frequently have stronger sports programs. Track is no exception to that rule. Oakdale is the only StanCo school in the VOL, but a head to head MMC vs VOL comparison would heavily favor the VOL.

VG 800m
1. Sara Stevens (Oakdale) 2:26.03
11. Viviana Aguilera (Oakdale) 2:38.35

VB 1600m
3. Isaiah Aguilar (Oakdale) 4:35.71

F/S B 3200m
2. Josh Gorman (Oakdale) 10:43.27

VB 3200m
4. Isaiah Aguilar (Oakdale) 10:30.78


Sunday, May 11, 2014

WAC Championship

VG 800m
3. Lisette Carretero (Ceres) 2:45.33

VB 800m
1. Tomas Rocha (Ceres) 2:05.59
3. Julius Flores (Patterson) 2:07.59

VB 1600m
1. Nathan Stanton (Patterson) 4:37.46
2. Judas Chavarin (Ceres) 4:45.15
3. Antonio Venegas (Patterson) 4:47.01
4. Ben Saldana (Central Valley) 4:49.28

VG 3200m
1. Lupe Ventura (Patterson) 12:25.50

VB 3200m
1. Nathan Stanton (Patterson) 10:10.78
2. Ben Saldana (Central Valley) 10:28.65
3. Tomas Virgin (Patterson) 10:55.9


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Week's Action (MMC Champ, CCC#3...)

MMC Championship

VG 800m
1. Torrey Maravilla (Gregori) 2:25.2
2. Haylee Osgood (Downey) 2:33.2
3. Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) 2:39.00

VB 800m
1. Matthew Lopes (Enochs) 2:03.8
2. Alexies Reynoso (Jonahsen) 2:05.7
3. Freddy Contreras (Gregori) 2:07.2
4. Kaleb Halleck (Modesto) 2:07.9

VG 1600m
1. Lauren Stanislaw (Beyer) 5:38
2. Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) 5:45.6
3. Torrey Maravilla (Gregori) 5:49.1

VB 1600m
1. Mario Medina (Gregori) 4:36.0
2. Alexies Reynoso (Jonahsen) 4:39.5
3. Marc Alania (Modesto) 4:41.9
4. Alec Villagomez (Gregori) 4:45.3
5. Isiah Avila DeLaCruz (Modesto) 4:45.5

VG 3200m
1. Lauren Stanislaw (Beyer) 12:40

VB 3200m
1. Mario Medina (Gregori) 10:16
2. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 10:33
3. Inteus Schiavo (Downey) 10:34
4. James DeLaO (Modesto) 10:36
5. Ramon Bravo (Enochs) 10:38.9
6. Jaspreet Sanghera (Enochs) 10:47.3
7. Abraham Giron (modesto) 10:59.8


VG 800m
2. Cassandra Derdivanis (Turlock) 2:34.31
3. Makenzie Salyer (Turlock) 2:34.65
4. Raveena Samra (Turlock) 2:39.09
6. Mackenzie Hassett (Pitman) 2:40.34

VB 800m
 2. Aaron Mayfield (Pitman) 2:00.89

VB 1600m
3. Isaac Gonzalez (Pitman) 4:37.22
10. Erik Souza (Turlock) 4:47.47

VG 3200m
2. Makenzie Salyer (Turlock) 12:33.05

VB 3200m
3. Isaac Gonzalez (Pitman) 10:25.25
7. Rex Doo (Turlock) 10:45.84

VG 800m
 1. Mikayla Florez (Riverbank) 2:25

VB 800m
1. Ruben Paredez (Riverbank) 2:09

VG 1600m
1. Mikayla Florez (Riverbank) 5:27
VB 1600m
1. Jonathen Beliera (Riverbank) 4:46

VB 3200m
1. Adan Chavez (Riverbank) 10:45
2. Emmanuel Chavez (Riverbank) 10:46



VB 800m
1. Ian Brooks (Hughson) 2:06.96

VB 1600m
1. Ian Brooks (Hughson) 4:54
2. Anthony Arce (Hughson) 4:56

VB 3200m

1. Zach Morrett (Hughson) 10:20.40


I find it somewhat interesting that apparently F/S athletes in the TVL may compete in this meet and then also compete in the Varsity TVL meet. This is a new one on me. In the other leagues it is either F/S or Varsity and no athlete may compete in both. hum...

G 1600m
1. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 5:34.3


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Meet of Champions

Mikayla Florez finishing the 3200m courtesy of Frank Florez

A handful of StanCo's best distance runners competed yesterday at the prestigious Sacramento Meet of Champions. Although the conditions were probably a bit too windy some fine marks where achieved.

800m Varsity Boys
Ian Brooks (Hughson was looking to break 2 min and perhaps PR but it wasn't meant to be. He placed 25th overall in 2:03.65

800m Invitational Boys
In the much faster "Invitational" field Aaron Mayfield (Pitman) placed 11th with a hard-earned time of 1:58.66.

3200m Invitational Boys
Zach Morrett (Hughson) was a mere 2 secs off of his PR in the 3200m in placing 16th with a time of 9:39.50

3200m Invitational Girls
I saved the best for last. Mikayla Florez (Riverbank) ran in this ultra competitive 3200m against some of the top distance runners in Northern California. She placed 13th with a time of 11:15.93. This time is a 7 sec PR for her and places her in the #15 spot on the all-time StanCo 3200m list. Additionally she was already #15 in the 800m and #11 in the 1600m.