Sunday, November 26, 2017


Yesterday I headed down to Woodward Park in Fresno for the 2017 CIF XC Championships, better known as the State meet. Since I grew up in Fresno, I was at this park several times a week either racing or training. Consequently, just being there brings up a lot of memories for me. However yesterday, I was there to cap off the 2017 XC season for 12 StanCo runners.

On the whole I would say that most of the StanCo kids didn't have their best races. Some ran the races of their lives at SJS just to qualify. It is difficult to duplicate that sort of feat. Additionally the State meet races are crowded. The runners are all good, and the fields don't thin out very much. Some runners that are used to being mostly alone at the front, find themselves buried in a pack. It is difficult to find room to move up...well being able to say that you "ran in the State meet" is something that can never be taken away. They should all be proud of their amazing seasons regardless of how this final race turned out.

The Gregori boys would join Modesto's Alan Guerrero in this race. Alan got out well. The others were mostly buried in the herd. Santiago and Mason had small PRs over their times from a month ago. Jack Duchala turned his ankle at the start of the race and hobbled through the 5K.
H Reeves and Marsh in a crowd
 As a team Gregori placed. 16th. I was thinking that they would do well to place in the top 10. Had Duchala had a normal race (about 1:30 faster) they would have easily placed in the top 10. Jaxon Reeves, Guerrero, and Duchala are all non-seniors and will have another chance next year.

M Reeves and Ruiz
32. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 15:50.2
50. Mason Reeves (Gregori) 16:07.4
99. Alan Guerrero (Modesto) 16:33.0
117. Matt Marsh (Gregori) 16:39.9
140. Sebastian Cronkite (Gregori) 17:01.9
159. Hunter Reeves (Gregori) 17:14.6
182. Jaxon Reeves (Gregori) 17:50.7
187. Jack Duchala (Gregori) 18:07.8

Moises represented the first Downey boy to qualify for State. He got out fairly well but faded over the hillier second mile.
 131. Moises Benavides (Downey) 17:09.2

Anthony ran at State last year. Unlike the other StanCo runners, he got out pretty fast...maybe a bit too fast, and he ran almost the exact same time as last season.
33. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 16:48

It was only the two Hughson girls in this race. They had both run at State last year, but never really looked comfortable on this day. Both ladies will likely have a chance to redeem themselves next year.

 108. Elizette Ysais (Hughson) 20:56.8
117. Emily Fife (Hughson) 21:04.5



Tuesday, November 21, 2017

2017 All StanCo XC Team

 For the past 4 years I have named an All StanCo XC team consisting of ten boys and ten girls. This year it was suggested to me that the list would have more meaning if it was selected by the coaches and not just me. So I narrowed the potential choices by starting with the top 20 male and female StanCo finishers from SubSections. I emailed out ballots to one coach at all of the county's high schools and a few other non-biased parties--28 ballots in total. 19 people voted. I believe that they all discovered that the process of selecting this team is much more difficult than it may seem to the uninitiated. The final team is exactly what was voted for with no personal additions or deletions. So if you don't agree with the selections, you surly are welcome to complain to me, but I only had one vote. and here are the results--

MAVLEEN MANN (Pitman) 11th--3rd CCC  1; 3rd CCC 2; 3rd CCC 3; 2nd Kim Duyst; 12th Pacific Tiger; 1st Hughson SC; 11th  D1 SS (18:40); 11th D1 Sect (19:12)

 MADISON KACKLEY (Gregori) 9th--1st MMC  1; 1st MMC 2; 1st MMC 3; 1st MMC 4; 4th Roughrider; 1st  D1 SS (18:21); DNF D1 Sect 

 ELIZETTE YSAIS (Hughson) 10th--2nd TVL  1; 1st TVL 2; 1st TVL 3; 4th Nature's Bakery; 5th Hughson SC; 14th  D4 SS (20:01); 7th D4 Sect (20:20)

 ESMERALDA AGUAYO (Downey) 12th--6th MMC  1; 6th MMC 2; 4th MMC 3; 3rd MMC 4; 20th  D2 SS (19:26); 22nd D2 Sect (20:30)

ALONDRA HERNANDEZ (Riverbank) 12th--7th TVL  1; 10th TVL 2; 2nd TVL 3; 3rd Kim Duyst; 14th Roughrider; 18th Woodbridge; 11th  D4 SS (19:54); 11th D4 Sect (20:40)

 EMILY FIFE (Hughson) 11th--1st TVL  1; 2nd TVL 2; 2nd Nature's Bakery;  4th Hughson SC; 19th  D4 SS (20:22); 8th D4 Sect (20:23)

ALONDRA CARDOZA (Downey) 10th--4th MMC  1; 3rd MMC 2; 5th MMC 3; 5th MMC 4; 25th  D2 SS (19:36); 26th D2 Sect (20:41)

MAKAELYN BICKEL (Downey) 12th--3rd MMC  1; 2nd MMC 2; 2nd MMC 3; 2nd MMC 4; 16th  D2 SS (19:15); 40th D2 Sect (21:14)

KAYDEN LEGAN (Oakdale) 10th--4th VOL  1; 2nd VOL 2; 2nd VOL 3; 27th  D3 SS (19:58); 20th D3 Sect (20:42)

ARYANA PERILLO (Modesto) 12--7th MMC  1; 5th MMC 2; 3rd MMC 3; 4th MMC 4; 18th  D1 SS (19:24); 47th D1 Sect (21:48)

SANTIAGO RUIZ (Gregori) 12th--2nd MMC  1; 2nd MMC 2; 1st MMC 3; 1st MMC 4; 2nd Lodi Flame; 3rd Lowell;  5th Cap Cross; 7th Roughrider; 3rd  D1 SS (15:38); 2nd D1 Sect (16:09)

MASON REEVES (Gregori) 12th--1st MMC  1; 2nd MMC 3; 2nd MMC 4; 3rd Lodi Flame; 4th Lowell; 10th Cap Cross; 6th  D1 SS (15:46); 4th D1 Sect (16:11)

MOISES BENAVIDES (Downey) 12th--3rd  MMC  1; 1st MMC 2; 3rd MMC 3; 3rd MMC 4; 2nd Kim Duyst; 9th  D2 SS (16:01); 3rd D2 Sect (16:33)

ALAN GUERRERO (Modesto) 12th--9th MMC  1; 4th MMC 2; 4th MMC 3; 5th MMC 4; 7th Jr Mt Carmel; 7th Bronco; 25th  D1 SS (16:12); 8th D1 Sect (16:35)

 JACKSON DUCHALA (Gregori) 10th--10th MMC  1; 9th MMC 2; 3rd MMC 3; 7th MMC 4; 20th  D1 SS (16:07); 26th D1 Sect (17:02)

MATTHEW MARSH (Gregori) 12th--4th MMC  1; 7th MMC 3; 4th MMC 4; 48th  D1 SS (16:34); 13th D1 Sect (16:47)
 HUNTER REEVES (Gregori) 12th--6th MMC  1; 8th MMC 2; 5th MMC 3; 6th MMC 4; 29th  D1 SS (16:16); 31st D1Sect (17:08)

JOSUE PEREZ (Modesto) 12th--8th MMC  1; 3rd MMC 2; 10th MMC 3; 8th MMC 4; 39th  D1 SS (16:25); 65th D1 Sect (18:10)

ANTHONY VAZQUEZ (Central Catholic) 12th--4th VOL  1; 2nd VOL 2; 4th VOL 3; 10th Bret Harte; 24th Bronco; 19th Flat Sac; 2nd  D5 SS (16:36); 3rd D5 Sect (17:28)

 SEBASTIAN CRONKITE (Gregori) 12th--11th MMC  1; 7th MMC 2; 6th MMC 3; 9th MMC 4; 57th  D1 SS (16:49); 49th D1 Sect (17:36)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


I have been a little slow getting this article posted. Honestly I figured everyone who was interested had already seen the pertinent results. Well if you are indeed still interested here are the StanCo results from the SJS Championship meet.

10. Jaecelyn Romero (Waterford) 22:00.8 (just missed qualifying for State)
31. Momoka Leadon (Central Catholic) 23:50.6

3. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 17:28.3 (QUALIFIED FOR STATE)
11. Elias Fierro (Central Catholic) 18:17.1  (just missed qualifying for State)
17. Jonathan Staley (Waterford) 18:32.6
25. Zach Velazquez (Waterford) 19:10.8
32. Peter Pacheco (Big Valley) 19:27.3

Teamwise: CC was 7th and Waterford (missing #2 runner) was 10th
BTW: Velazquez is the only Senior and Pacheco is a Frosh


Fife and Ysais
7. Elizette Ysais (Hughson) 20:20.4 (QUALIFIED FOR STATE)
8. Emily Fife (Hughson) 20:23.5 (QUALIFIED FOR STATE)
11. Alondra Hernandez (Riverbank) 20:40.9 (just missed qualifying for State)
15. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 20:51.9
19. Kinsey Langley (Hughson) 21:15.4
44. Madeline Tree (Orestimba) 22:53.4
52. Camille Haupt (Hughson) 23:32.8
60. Jessie Lawrence (Hughson) 24:46

Teamwise: Hughson placed third and just missed qualifying for State.

30. Damian Lopez (Riverbank) 17:48.5
44. Chris Martinez (Riverbank) 18:10.5
45. Ramon Rosas (Riverbank) 18:10.8

20. Kayden Legan (Oakdale) 20:42.1

50. James Forkner (Oakdale) 18:18.9
59. Tanner Cusano (Oakdale) 18:39.8
65. Conner Farrow (Beyer) 19:07.6
68. Brady Cardozo (Beyer) 19:24.5

22. Esmeralda Aguayo (Downey) 20:30.1
26. Alondra Cardoza (Downey) 20:41.0
38. Katie Krieger (Downey) 21:08.6
40. Makaelyn Bickel (Downey) 21:14.0

Teamwise: Downey placed 7th

3. Moises Benavides (Downey) 16:33.9 (QUALIFIED FOR STATE)
40. Joel Cardoza (Downey) 17:37.0
41. Andy Rojo (Central Valley) 17:39.8
56. Christian Gutierrez (Downey) 18:10.9
57. Ryan Crisp (Downey) 18:13.6
59. Ben Costa (Downey) 18:14.9

Teamwise: Downey placed 8th

11. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 19:12.6 (just missed qualifying for State)
35. Hope Salsig (Turlock) 21:06.2
39. Eva Rodriguez (Gregori) 21:25.0
47. Aryana Perillo (Modesto) 21:48.1
49. Sienna Espinoza (Gregori) 21:57
50. Morgan McKay (Gregori) 22:00.1

Teamwise: Gregori was 9th and Modesto was 10th.

Mason reeves and Ruiz
2. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 16:09.3 (QUALIFIED FOR STATE)
4. Mason Reeves (Gregori) 16:11.2 (QUALIFIED FOR STATE)
8. Alan Guerrero (Modesto) 16:35.1 (QUALIFIED FOR STATE)
13. Matt Marsh (Gregori) 16:47.4 (QUALIFIED FOR STATE)
26. Jack Duchala (Gregori) 17:02.7 (QUALIFIED FOR STATE)
31. Hunter Reeves (Gregori) 17:08.0 (QUALIFIED FOR STATE)
39. Ryan Weidman (Enochs) 17:19.8
49. Sebastian Cronkite (Gregori) 17:36.7 (QUALIFIED FOR STATE)
55. Elias Barrera (Modesto) 17:52
58. Jaxon Reeves (Gregori) 17:59.5 (QUALIFIED FOR STATE)
59. Oscar Portillo (Modesto) 17:59.5
65. Josue Perez (Modesto) 18:10

Teamwise: Gregori placed 3rd and qualified for State, Modesto placed 10th

PHOTOS (D3,4,5)

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Week 10 Runners of the Week

With nearly all StanCo runners competing at SubSects this past Saturday, there were some awesome performances for me to select ROWs from. Given that, what I found was some of the best performances were produced by some of the most veteran athletes.

ARYANA PERILLO (Modesto)--has led the Panthers all year as they labored behind both Downey and Gregori. She and her MoHi teammates had their best race Saturday. She placed 18th in the D1 race to lead her team to a 10th place finish and another spot in the Section Championships

ESMERALDA AGUAYO (Downey)--has helped lead the Knights to 4 straight MMC titles and two previous trips to Sections. I think even with all of her many solid past races, she ran her best race Saturday when her short-handed team needed it the most. She placed 20th in the D2 division to help Downey to a 5th place finish and another berth to the SJS meet.

MADISON KACKLEY (Gregori)--placed 1st in the D1 division to lead the Jags to their first ever team berth in the Section meet
HOPE SALSIG (Turlock)--placed 25th in the D1 division to snag Turlock's only SJS berth
MOISES BENAVIDES (Downey)--placed 9th in the D2 division to lead the Knights to the section meet for the first time in forever.
ANTHONY VAZQUEZ (Central Catholic)--placed 2nd in D5 to help CC to a sectional berth.
JONATHAN STALEY (Waterford)--placed 8th in D5 to lead his team to Friday's championships.
ELIAS FIERRO (Central Catholic)--after being injured for most of the season he placed 10th in D5.
ALONDRA HERNANDEZ (Riverbank)--placed 11th in D4
ALONDRA CARDOZO (Downey)--placed 25th in D2 to help the Knights to another SJS slot.

Monday, November 6, 2017

WEEK 10 (SubSections)

First I want to say that I am overjoyed that it didn't rain this past Saturday at SubSections. I almost didn't  make the trip up the hill because of the forecast of rain. With that said, I am glad that I went (and happier still that it didn't rain). Well, it was a looooooong day. I was there for 7.5 hours and took 2000 photos. That led to a long Saturday night and Sunday cropping and editing. I'll write more on this later in the week. Sub Sections is the only day all year that everyone (varsity) runs on the same course on the same day. Granted some teams cruise and others must go all out in order to qualify for Sections, but it does give me a point of comparison for both individuals and teams.

For VGs I focused on finishing times under 22:00; for the VBs I was looking at times under 17:30

StanCo teams in D5 include Waterford, Central Catholic, Denair, Turlock Christian, Big Valley

11. Jaecelyn Romero (Waterford) 21:30 q
32. Momoka Leadon (Central Catholic) 22:40 q

Team-wise Waterford placed 11th

Vazquez second of a long line of D5 runner
2. Anthony Vazquez (Central Catholic) 16:36 q
8. Jonathan Staley (Waterford) 17:19 q
10. Elias Fierro (Central Catholic) 17:29 q
13. Adal Robles (Waterford) 17:33 q

Team-wise both Waterford 8th and Central Catholic 9th both qualified

StanCo teams in D4 are Orestimba, Hughson, and Riverbank

At the beginning of the season the Hughson girls may have been StanCo's best bet to get a team to the State meet. However they have struggled through the season with injuries and illness. It will be interesting next week, when they are forced to run all out, what they will be able to produce.

Hernandez (left)
11. Alondra Hernandez (Riverbank) 19:54 q
14. Elizette Ysais (Hughson) 20:01 q
15. Esme campos (Hughson) 20:01 q
19. Emily Fife (Hughson) 20:22 q
21. Madeline Tree (Orestimba) 20:29 q
28. Kinsey Langley (Hughson) 20:54 q
61. Melony Garcia (Orestimba) 21:56

Team-wise Hughson was 3rd and Orestimba was 17th

Riverbank's boys have been climbing uphill all season. Last week they won the TVL championship meet, and it looked like they were on their way to sections. But on Saturday they would come up a bit short a a team.

32. Damian Lopez (Riverbank) 17:02 q
33. Chris Martinez (Riverbank) 17:03 q
36. Ramon Rosas (Riverbank) 17:05 q
60. Miguel Ramos (Hughson) 17:27

Team-wise Riverbank placed 11th, Hughson 18th, and Orestimba was 31st

StanCo teams in D3 are Patterson, Ceres, Beyer,  and Oakdale

27. Kayden Legan (Oakdale) 19:58 q
65. Paris Thompson (Oakdale) 21:19
70. Jenna Stanislaw (Beyer) 21:41

Team-wise Oakdale placed 11th

34. James Forkner (Oakdale) 17:07 q
54. Tanner Cusano (Oakdale) 17:38 q
60. Brady Cardozo (Beyer) 17:50 q
62. Conner Farrow (Beyer) 17:56 q

Team-wise Oakdale was 12th, Beyer 16th, Ceres 18th, and Patterson was 25th

StanCo teams in D2 are Downey, Central Valley, Grace Davis, and Johansen

Downey swept through the MMC. Part way through the season they lost their #5 runner  and their #6 runner didn't compete Saturday. I was very curious how they would match up against the section's best--well they more than held their own.

Aguayo and Bickel
16. Makaelyn Bickel (Downey) 19:15 q
20. Esme Aguayo (Downey) 19:26 q
25. Alondra Cardozo (Downey) 19:36 q
45. Katie Krieger (Downey) 20:14 q
77. Yara Andujo-Velez (Grace Davis) 21:34
83. Meghan Matas (Downey) 21:57 q

Team-wise Downey was 5th, Grace Davis 19th, Johansen 22nd

The Downey boys had only qualified for sections once in the last 20 years (probably even longer) until Saturday. The Knights seem to be gaining confidence as the season progresses.

9. Moises Benavides (Downey) 16:01 q
39. Andy Rojo (Central Valley) 16:51 q
52. Joel Cardoza (Downey) 17:07 q
56. Christian Gutierrez (Downey) 17:16 q
61. Ben Costa (Downey) 17:23 q
65. Chase Bogart (Central Valley) 17:32 q

Team-wise Downey placed 7th, Central Valley 13th, Grace Davis 22nd

StanCo team is D1 are Modesto, Turlock, Enochs, Gregori, Pitman

Gregori girls have had a rough season since top Jag, Briseida Garcia got injured at MMC 1. But behind super-frosh Maddie Kackley they ran to their first ever SJS team berth. Additionally Modesto which has been building all season behind Downey and Gregori also snuck into sections as a team.

1. Madison Kackley (Gregori) 18:21 q
11. Mavleen Mann (Pitman) 18:40 q
18. Aryana Perillo (Modesto) 19:24 q
25. Hope Salsig (Turlock) 29:54 q
27. Eva rodriguez (Gregori) 19:56 q
46. Morgan McKay (Gregori) 20:32 q
49. Macie Ericksen (Turlock) 20:39
50. Greta Erlingis (Enochs) 20:39
53. Mikayla Perry (Pitman) 20:46
55. Zeba Ahmad (Enochs) 20:51
57. Myrka Banuelos (Modesto) 50:53 q
62. Adele Dumars (Modesto) 21:05 q
64. Sienna Espinoza (Gregori) 21:08 q
67. Sofia Andres (Turlock) 21:20
69. Kassy Rojas (Gregori) 21:28 q
75. Sarah Siegel (Pitman) 21:50
78. Jacklyn Grubb (Gregori) 21:59 q

Team-wise Gregori was 8th, Modesto 10th, Pitman 11th, Turlock 12th, and Enochs 17th

This race was a contest to see who could put out the least effort and still hold their own and qualify. Gregori easily made it in. Modesto came on at the end of the season and slides into sections. Enochs started the season strong, but it all fell apart Saturday.

M Reeves and Ruiz
3. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 15:38 q
6. Mason Reeves (Gregori) 15:46 q
20. Jack Duchala (Gregori) 16:07 q
25. Alan Guerrero (Modesto) 16:12 q
29. Hunter Reeves (Gregori) 16:16 q
39. Josue Perez (modesto) 16:25
48. Matt Marsh (Gregori) 16:34 q
54. Eliab Barrera (Modesto) 16:41 q
55. Ryan Weidman (Enochs) 16:45 q
57. Sebastian Cronkite (Gregori) 16:49 q
69. Chris Mariscal (Enochs) 17:00
72. Oscar Portillo (Modesto) 17:08 q
76. Christian Silva (Modesto) 17:15 q
82. Andrew Keys (Enochs) 17:24
83. Jaxon Reeves (gregori) 17:25 q
87. Gustavo Perez (Modesto) 17:30 q

Team-wise Gregori placed 4th, Modesto 9th, Enochs 15th, and Turlock 20th

The JV raced the exact course as the varsity. Interestingly enough a couple of the JV times met my sub 17:30 standard
5. Spencer Jeppson (Gregori) 16:48 q
11. Justin Thomas (Gregori) 17:04 q

PHOTOS (D3,4,5)

Sunday, October 29, 2017

WEEK 9 Runners of the Week and Sub Sect Info

I believe that all StanCo runners were in action this past week. Given that fact and the fact that league title and individual pride was on the line, there were some great performances. I doubled up this week and named four Runners of the Week

DAMIAN LOPEZ (Riverbank) in his first meet of the season, he placed 2nd in the TVL Championship meet to help lead the Bruins to a share of the league title

RAMON ROSAS (Riverbank)--placed 1st at the TVL Championship meet. It notched his first individual victory and a 20 sec PR to lead the Bruin to a share of the league title

MASON REEVES (Gregori)--placed 2nd at the MMC Championship meet helping to lead the Jags to the team title. His PR time ranks # 4 all-time for MMC runners

MAKAELYN BICKEL (Downey) placed 2nd at the MMC Championship meet in a PR time (2nd fastest ever by a Downey runner and #20 all-time MMC runner) to lead the Knights to their 4th straight MMC title.

MAVLEEN MANN (Pitman) placed 3rd at the CCC Championship meet

HOPE SALSIG (Turlock) placed 6th at the CCC Championship meet in a PR time.
ELIZETTE YSAIS (Hughson) placed 1st at the TVL Championship meet in a slight PR time, to lead the shorthanded Huskies to the league title.
MIGUEL RAMOS (Hughson) placed 3rd at the TVL Championship meet in a 20 sec PR time only 2 secs out of first.
KAYDEN LEGAN (Oakdale) placed 2nd at the VOL championship meet
ANDY ROJO (Central Valley) placed first at the WAC Championship meet to lead the Hawks to their first ever XC league championship
ISAIAH SANCHEZ (Central Valley) placed second at the WAC Championship meet in a 2 min improvement over his time on the same course at the beginning of the season.
JAECELYN ROMERO (Waterford) placed first at the SAL Championship meet to win her first individual title in a PR time
JONATHAN STALEY (Waterford) took first at the SAL Championship meet in a 20 sec PR time
MADISON KACKLEY (Gregori) completed her sweep of the MMC by winning the MMC Championship meet in a PR time of 19:21 (the #12 all time MMC mark)
MOISES BENAVIDES (Downey) placed third at the MMC Championship meet in a PR time and the # 13 all-time MMC mark

SANTIAGO RUIZ (Gregori) won the MMC Championship meet helping to lead the Jags to the team title. His time was a PR time, #2 all-time MMC mark over the course
SPENCER JEPPSON (Gregori) placed 11th at the MMC Championship meet. This was an improvement of one minute and 15 places from MMC 1.