Thursday, October 30, 2014

League Championship Wednesday

Yesterday 10/29/14 there were four different (local) league championship meets. I will attempt to summarize some of the results.

WAC results are hard to come by. Lupe Ventura (Patterson) reports that she repeated as the VG Champion and ran around 21:00 over a challenging course. She also said that the Patterson boys placed third. Antonio Venegas (Patterson) placed second and Tomas Virgen (Patterson) placed third.


The schools of the CCC contested their conference championship at Donnelly Park in Turlock.
For the VBs it was all about the head to head battle of Merced's upfront stars vs Atwater's depth. On Wednesday, it was Merced squeaking out the 36 to 39 victory. Turlock was a distant third with 69.

1. Daniel Ambriz (Merced) 15:33
2. John Hagerman (Merced) 15:44
3. Kirk Hagerman (Merced) 15:55
4. Andres Quezada (Atwater) 15:57
5. Guillermo Rivas (Golden Valley) 16:01
6. Alex Vargas (Atwater) 16:05
7. Erik Sousa (Turlock) 16:11
8. Ozzy Nava (Atwater) 16:14
9. Immanuel Wright (Golden Valley) 16:19
10. Spencer Jacobs (Atwater) 16:26
11. Francisco Gloria (Atwater) 16:38
12. Javier Lara (Turlock) 16:41
13. Jose Aguilar (Atwater) 16:43
14. Faustino Reyes (Merced) 16:45
15. Brian Mendez-Martinez (Turlock) 16:47

For the VGs it was again an Atwater-Merced dual (A=42; M=48) with Turlock a step behind in third with 60 pts. Arianna Lara-Chavez (Turlock) placed third overall to pace the Bulldogs.

1. Ciara Rios Colon (Merced) 18:30
2. Jackie Magana (Atwater) 18:32
3. Arianna Lara-Chavez (Turlock)  19:19
4. Genesis Mendoza (Merced) 19:30
5. Shay Hagerman (Merced) 19:33
6. Marisela Rodriguez (Atwater)  19:43
7. Mya bond (Golden Valley) 19:44
8. Bethany Hamilton (Merced) 19:47
9. Makenzie Salyer (Turlock) 20:07
10. Evelin Espinoza (Atwater) 20:25
11. Marlen Mendoza (Atwater) 20:26
12. Faith Avila (Buhach Colony) 20:27
13. Jacqueline Butrick (Atwater) 20:29
14. Alonda Cisneros (Atwater) 20:31
15. Cassie Derdivanis (Turlock) 20:32


The schools of the VOL met at Eagle Lakes in Tracy. Manteca easily took the VB title. Oakdale placed a distant 4th. For the VGs it was Sierra racking up a near perfect 18 points to take the title. Oakdale was 5th with 95 pts.

In the VBs race Mahir Pepic (Manteca) took the title with a clocking of 16:50. The top Oakdale finishers were frosh Daniel Prado in 11th (18:45) and Isaiah Aguilar in 13th (18:48).

In the VGs race it was Weston Ranch's Iris Carillo taking the title in 19:49. Sierra took 5 of the next 6 places to breeze to the title. The top Oakdale finisher was Anna Perrone in tenth place (22:52).


The TVL (and Southern League) schools met at Legion Park in Modesto for the third time this year. It was the Riverbank Bruin's day. They took both varsity team and individual titles.
The champion VB Bruins

In the VG race it was Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) taking the title, cruising to victory as she has all season. The Lady Bruins swept through the team competition this season as well.
Mays, Richardson, Waters, Garcia, and Ruvalcaba leading the pack

1. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 19:24
2. Ellie Waters (ripon) 19:40
3. Haley Richardson (Riverbank) 20:12
4. Sabrina Garcia (Riverbank) 20:45
5. Maddie Mays (Hughson) 20:49
6. Marisol Aguayo (Escalon) 21:16
7. Joslyn Beliera (Riverbank) 21:25
8. Kayla Jacklich (Ripon) 21:38
9. Nora Nash (Escalon) 22:06
10. Nicole Warwick (Modesto Christian) 22:14
11. Sierra Hernandez (Escalon) 22:21
12. Natalie Gutierrez (Hilmar) 22:24
13. Heavyn Herroz (Hughson) 22:25
14. Leone Rivers (Escalon) 22:29
15. Hannah Sanders (Hilmar) 22:32

For the VBs in was Adan Chavez (RBK) leading from the gun as he has all season. Daniel Yanez (Hughson) did give him a solid push for the first two miles. Riverbank as a team put 5 runners in the top eleven to easily take the team title over Hughson.
Yanez pushes Adan Chavez as Emmanuel shadows them

1. Adan Chavez (Riverbank) 16:28
2. Daniel Yanez (Hughson) 16:52
3. Emmanuel Chavez (Riverbank) 17:02
4. Alex Norling (Ripon) 17:34
5. Ruben Paredez (Riverbank) 17:37
6. Zack Gardner (Escalon) 17:45
7. Kenzye Spears (Hilmar) 17:45
8. Carlos Martinez (Riverbank) 17:51
9. Carson Boice (Hughson) 18:04
10. Austin Zehr (Hughson) 18:10
11. Diego Ruiz (Riverbank) 18:18
12. Kyle Jimenez (Escalon) 18:24
13. Tristan Edwards (Hughson) 18:26
14. Wyatt Mitchell (Hughson) 18:29
15. Jared Williams (Hughson) 18:31



Tuesday, October 28, 2014

League Championship Eve

The push of the championship segment of the XC season hits with full force tomorrow afternoon. StanCo teams will be vying for league titles, all-league team status, and personal bragging rights. It is like Christmas Eve for cross-country geeks, like me. Unfortunately (for me) 4 of the 5 conference meets will be held tomorrow; and obviously, I can't possibly be in four places at once.

The TVL schools will meet Wednesday at 3pm at Legion Park. Riverbank, Hughson, Orestimba, Waterford, and Modesto Christian are the StanCo schools competing.
Ruvalcaba and Garcia lead the Bruin attack
For the girls it is all about RBK. The Lady Bruins won the two previous cluster meets--easily. Individually Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) won both the previous meet and is having a breakout year. Behind her Ellie Waters (Ripon) and Sabrina Garcia (Riverbank) will battle for the runner-up position.
Norling battles the Chavez twins
For the boys Riverbank took the opener, but it was the upstart Hughson Huskies edging them in the second meet. Consequently this meet will be the decider of the TVL title. Individually Adan Chavez (Riverbank)  has had a fantastic season. Alex Norling (Ripon) seems to be gaining fitness and confidence as the season progresses.

The WAC schools will meet on Wednesday at Ceres Regional Park on Hatch. Patterson, Ceres and Central Valley will represent the StanCo schools.
Lupe Ventura
For the girls I believe that Lupe Ventura (Patterson) is rounding into better fitness and should literally run away with the title.

Honestly, since these school still run head to head dual meets (with little of the results posted online) it is difficult for me to predict much more regarding the possible outcomes from this meet--but I do look forward to seeing some results.

The CCC schools will compete at Donnelly Park in Turlock on Wednesday. I believe that the first race begins at 10 AM. Turlock and Pitman are the only two StanCo schools.
Lara Chavez
For the girls Turlock has been stalking the Atwater Falcons all season. Atwater swarmed the completion in the first cluster, but the Bulldogs fell just a couple of points short in the second cluster. On their home course, Turlock may have the edge. Individually, Arianna Lara Chavez (Turlock)should be in the top 3 if not the winning position. Their title hopes will rest with the re-emerging Makenzie Salyer and the rest of the Turlock pack.

On the boys side it is all about the duel between Atwater and Merced. Merced has potentially the three top individuals, but Atwater will likely take five of the next seven or eight spots. The head to head battle has been very close all season. Turlock has been a distant third through most of the season.

The VOL schools will meet Wednesday at Eagle Lakes in Tracy. Oakdale and Central Catholic are the represented StanCo school.

For the girls Sierra has dominated the team competition. Individually the Sierra runners have swamped the other teams.
Oakdale's Aguilar
On the boy's side Manteca is the odds on favorite to take the team title. Individually Isaiah Aguilar (Oakdale) has finished second in both of the cluster meets.

The MMC schools are the odd-balls of the group and will hold their championship on FRIDAY (not Wednesday). The first race begins at 2:30 and hopefully the rain will hold off until after the meet is over.
The Lady Knights
For the girls it is all about the Knights. Downey will win their first ever varsity MMC team title on Friday. I believe that their last league title (from the CCC) was in 1992--that is 22 years ago! The 2014 version has completely dominated the MMC, winning all three cluster meets by huge margins.
Names and Mendoza
Individually Arielle Names (Downey) has won all three clusters with Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) finishing second. Behind them have been a horde of Downey baby-blue.
The MMC boy's pack of mostly Modesto and Gregori
On the boy's side Modesto has the title locked up, but I won't be surprised if Gregori places first on Wednesday--it will certainly be close as it has been all season. Individually Mario Media (Gregori) won all three clusters. The real race is behind him between Anthony Arauza (Gregori), Jeremy Hart (Gregori), Marc Alania (Modesto), Isaiah Avila DelaCruz (Modesto), Orlando Cardenas (Modesto), and Andrew Williams (Modesto) name a few in the running. As always it should be exciting to watch!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Roosevelt Roughrider Inv (Woodward Park--Fresno)

This past Friday (10/17/14) was the second opportunity for schools throughout the State to get a preview of the State Meet course that is the 5K circuit in Woodward Park, Fresno. Three StanCo schools partook in the meet (Riverbank, Grace Davis, and Gregori). RBK and GD ran in the small school division, and Gregori ran with the big boys.

Gregori finished 6th out of 26 schools in the large schools division. Riverbank finished 8th in the small school division out of 28 schools.

16 LS. Mario Medina (Gregori) 16:29
21 SS. Adan Chavez (Riverbank) 16:41
27 SS. Emmanuel Chavez (Riverbank) 16:47
31 LS. Jeremy Hart (Gregori) 16:51
44 LS Anthony Arauza (Gregori) 17:01
54 LS. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 17:12
67 LS. Nick Sanders (Gregori) 17:19
56 SS. Ruben Paredez (Riverbank) 17:29
91 LS Juan Ortega (Gregori) 17:39
75 SS. Carlos Martinez (Riverbank) 17:53
110 LS. Rick Ortega (Gregori) 18:03
108 SS Diego Ruiz (Riverbank) 18:27

In the head to head comparison between #2 in the MMC Gregori and #1 in the TVL Riverbank, Gregori easily comes out on top. As a dual meet Gregori would have won 23 to 35. On total time Gregori also wins 1:24:55 to 1:27:19 for RBK.

The Riverbank girls finished 6th out of 15 schools in the small school division.
Sabrina Garcia--photo credit Dick Hodges

12 SS. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 19:36
25 SS. Sabrina Garcia (Riverbank) 20:32
40 SS. Haley Richardson (Riverbank) 21:14
58 SS. Joslyn Beliera (Riverbank) 21:44
59 SS. Ocean Goldman (Grace Davis) 21:47
71 SS. Elitania Rosas (Riverbank) 22:21
89 SS. Stephanie Bernal (Riverbank) 23:28


Monday, October 20, 2014

Hughson Supercross

On Saturday 10/18/14 ten StanCo teams slogged through the giant mud pit and hurdled over the hay bales for 4 km at the Hughson Supercross. It was pure (icky) fun to watch; and based on the expressions in the photos, the athletes enjoyed it too.
Avila-DeLaCruz battles Seaside runner with Yanez in pursuit

For the VBs it was Isaiah Avila-DeLaCruz (Modesto) out-dueling Daniel Yanez (Hughson) to finishing in 3rd and 4th overall. Modesto with an incomplete team still managed to finish in second just ahead of Turlock and Hughson.
Combined Boys Results
3. Isaiah Avila DeLaCruz (Modesto) 13:52
4. Daniel Yanez (Hughson) 13:54
6. Andrew Williams (Modesto) 14:05
7. Austin Zehr (Hughson) 14:11
F/S Jose Orendain (Modesto) 14:20
9. Erik Sousa (Turlock) 14:26
11. Brian Mendez Martinez (Turlock) 14:31
12. Eddie Hernandez (Modesto) 14:33
F/S Carson Boice (Hughson) 14:33
13. Javi Lara (Turlock) 14:41
14. Abraham Giron (Modesto) 14:42
16. Gali Farias (Turlock) 14:47
17. Octavio Padilla (Oakdale) 14:49
19. Jared Williams (Hughson) 14:52
F/S David Bosquez (Turlock) 14:52

For the girls it was Makenzie Salyer (Turlock) regaining some of her past form in taking the VG victory. Turlock also took the team victory against incomplete Modesto and Hughson teams.
Salyer pushes for the win

Combined Girls Results
1. Makenzie Salyer (Turlock) 17:31
F/S Hilda Perez (Modesto) 17:49
6. Erin Knopp Sargoni (Turlock) 18:17
F/S Jessie Miranda (Turlock) 18:13
7. Lesette Carretero (Ceres) 18:19
8. Sonia Perez (Modesto) 18:20
9. Haderin Dominguez (Modesto) 18:23
10. Raveena Samra (Turlock) 18:25
11. Cassandra Derdivanis (Turlock) 18:25
F/S Bianca Garcia (Pitman) 18:32
14. Maria Varela (Turlock) 18:35
15. Emily Cariaso (Pitman) 18:39
16. Jennifer Cisneros (Ceres) 18:44
17. Heavyn Herroz (Hughson) 18:44
F/S Priscilla Bazan (Pitman) 18:45
18. Meghan Hopkins (Turlock) 18:51
19. Anna Perrone (Oakdale) 18:55
20. Taylor Gray (Hughson) 18:55
Lisette Carretero and Sonia Perez battle through the mud

I know that Coach Bernard's vision of this event would be to have it morph into a Stanislaus County Championship. It is an attainable goal. Over the same weekend the Merced County schools settle their distance running feuds--so why not the StanCo schools too??? Riverbank and the six (other than MoHi) MMC school would have to buy in--essentially everyone else was there already.




MMC CLUSTER 3 (Davis Park)

On 10/15/14 the seven MMC schools met at Davis Park to compete in the third "Cluster Meet" of the season. The cooler temperatures were a pleasant change. As always the kids competed at a high level for places and for pride.
Mendoza and Names take the pace from the gun
Arielle Names (Downey) and Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) pulled away from the field at the gun and ran side by side for over 2.5 miles until Names threw in a hard surge to easily pull away for her third straight cluster victory. Mendoza would coast home for a solid second. The real (repeated) story would be the wave of Downey blue swarming the finish line: 5 of the top 6; 7 of the top 12; 10 in the top 20.
Names and Mendoza alone at front
1. Arielle Names (Downey) 20:32
2. Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) 20:50
3. Esmeralda Aguayo  (Downey) 21:22
4. Haylee Osgood  (Downey) 21:26
5. Makaelin Bickel  (Downey) 21:49
6. Erika Martinez  (Downey) 21:51
7. Hilda Perez (Modesto) 21:54
8. Sonia Perez (Modesto) 21:58
9. Tierney Herrmann (Gregori) 22:00
10. Hailey Rodriguez Delaney (Enochs) 22:10
11. Esther Limon  (Downey) 22:13
12. Meghan Matas  (Downey) 22:44
13. Ocean Goldman (Grace Davis) 22:49
14. Moriah Bickel  (Downey) 23:03
15. Dailene Perez (Modesto) 23:07

Jeremy Hart (Gregori), who transferred from Big Valley and therefore had to sit out for 9 weeks, took the pace at the start. It appeared that he had a build up of nine weeks of adrenalin, unfortunately (for him), the pace he set was beyond his ability and about half way through the race he began to die.
Hart takes it out too fast
Mario Medina (Gregori) then took the lead and easily cruised in for the victory. Anthony Arauza (Gregori) came from behind and passed a number of Modesto High runners over the final 200m to take second. But it was Modesto with the next 4 spots to easily take the team victory in the third straight cluster.
Arauza stalks the MoHi pack of Williams, Alania, and DeLaCruz
1. Mario Medina (Gregori) 16:43
2. Anthony Arauza (Gregori) 16:51
3. Andrew Williams (Modesto) 16:53
4. Orlando Cardenas (Modesto) 16:58
5. Isaiah Avila-DeLaCruz (Modesto) 17:02
6. Marc Alania (Modesto) 17:06
7. Justin Goering  (Downey) 17:11
8. Inteus Schiavo  (Downey) 17:11
9. James DeLaO (Modesto) 17:22
10. Jeremy Hart (Gregori) 17:34
11. Nick Sanders (Gregori) 17:35
12. Hunter Casey  (Downey) 17:41
13. Juan Ortega (Gregori) 17:45
14. Michael Keith (Enochs) 17:49
15. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 17:56



Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekend Action

We have reached the mid-season lull. The calm before the storm if you will. The weather slowly begins to change. Fatigue injuries begin to pop up, some kids start to catch colds, and the seniors are busy taking the SAT. This weekend saw StanCo teams in very limited action; with only MoHi, Gregori, and Hughson taking part with small numbers in some very big meets.

The only StanCo team to participate in this meet was Modesto High and they had partial representation at that.  Marc Alania and Savannah Mendoza turned in some notable times over the rolling 2.95 mi rolling course in spite of having limited team support. Some of the younger guys also ran really well.

In the VG Race
21. Savannah Mendoza 19:57

In the VB Race
27. Marc Alania 16:40
48. James DeLaO 17:25
74. Graham McAllister 17:56
115. Girbert Lares 18:36
145. Jesus Cordero 19:34

In the JV Race
38. Israel Saavedra 19:11

In the Soph Race
24. Cameron Duquette 18:00
44. Josue Perez 18:40

If you want to see some amazing results check out the Championship VG race. The dual between CCS power Aptos and SJS power Bella Vista. The two teams together put ten runners in the top 16 places. Aptos took the team competition 48 to 50 over BV.


Gregori was the only StanCo team to make the hop over the coastal mountains to compete on this challenging course. Their competing athletes were limited to mostly under-classmen. Jeremy Hart dons a Jaguar jersey for the first time and turns out a solid effort on the hilly 3 mi course. Adding him to the already strong Gregori roster could shift the balance of VB power in the MMC--we will all see at Cluster #3 on Wednesday at Davis Park.

27. Jeremy Hart 17:48
60. Nick sanders 19:02
91. Chris Verissimo 20:42
95. Jonathan sanders 20:55
103. Ladislado Ruiz 22:01


Hughson was the only StanCo team in this large meet that gives teams a chance to preview the State Meet course. Like other local schools, most of Hughson's top runners did not compete. As he has all season Daniel Yanez led the Huskies over the 5K course

41. Daniel Yanez 17:20
103. Tristan Edwards 18:16
183. Garrett Hartman 19:44
189. Mark Borges 19:56
204. Mark Hanson 20:33
208. Jackson Calbreath 20:43


Thursday, October 9, 2014

CCC # 2

The south Sac-Joaquin CCC school squared off for the second time this season. The VG and VB team race was very close and exciting to watch as it evolved over the course of the competition.
VG Bulldogs after their race

For the VGs Arianna Lara Chavez (Turlock)was the first StanCo finisher in 3rd. In the team chase it was Atwater narrowly edging Turlock and Merced in a 47-49-52 scoring line.
Lara Chavez

3. Arianna Lara Chavez (Turlock) 20:06
5. Makenzie Salyer (Turlock) 20:27
10. Cassie Derdivanis (Turlock) 21:31
13. Raveena Samra (Turlock) 21:39
18. Erin Knopp Sargoni (Turlock) 21:57
19. Maria Varela (Turlock) 22:06
20. Meghan Hopkins (Turlock) 22:02


The VB race was also a tightly contested event. Merced runners led most of the race and they would finish 1-2-3 (a formidable triad to be sure). Atwater countered by taking 6 of the next 8 spots. Most of the Turlock team trailed the heavy hitters up front. At the line it would be Merced capturing the meet with 34 points, eclipsing Atwater's 40 and Turlock's 76.
Moosekian, Farias, Andreson

9. Javi Lara (Turlock) 17:00
14. Erik Sousa (Turlock) 17:24
16. AJ Carbajal (Turlock) 17:35
18. William Anderson (Turlock) 17:53
19. Gali Farias (Turlock) 17:58
20. Ara Moosekian (Turlock) 17:58