Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week of 3/29/15 (County Clash, Bronco, Brenda, Modesto Marathon)

I believe that I said this last year; but the County Clash (Stanislaus v Merced), now in its third year, is a meet still looking for some respect among local coaches. Some of the top distance programs (Downey, Riverbank, Gregori, and Merced) all bypassed this meet in favor of Bronco, Brenda, (Merced went to the Metro Inv in Sac), or even the Modesto Marathon. I still believe that if all these schools ran their best kids in the respective county meets; and then brought them to this meet, they would all have an excellent opportunity to achieve those PRs and qualifying marks with out having to travel so far...just sayin'.

As it was, this was a very well run meet at a great facility that produced some very solid marks. The following schools participated (CV, TD, Ceres, RBK, MoHi, Pit, Pat, Tur,Hugh, Oak)

Both the boy's and the girl's race was dominated by Merced Co runners.
For the Girls:
Lara leads Mendoza in the 1600m
4. Arianna Lara (Turlock) 5:50.89
5. Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) 5:53.00
6. Kristen Aguilar (Oakdale) 6:00.42
7. Biance Garcia (Pitman) 6:01.07

For the Boys:
Venegas leads Aguilar in the 1600m
 5. Antonio Venegas (Patterson) 4:50.48
6. Leo Pando (Modesto) 4:50.48
7. Erik Sousa (Turlock) 4:51.93
8. Isaac Leon (Ceres) 4:53.84
9. John Puffer (Pitman) 4:55.35
10. Isaiah Aguilar (Oakdale) 4:56.03

 Although these races were both won by Merced Co runners, it was the StanCo runners who dominated.
For the Girls Frosh Bianca Garcia (Pitman) continues to improve.
Hollcraft leads first lap of the 800m
 2. Bianca Garcia (Pitman) 2:36.68
3. Kerry Young (Modesto) 2:36.88
4. Cassie Derdivanis (Turlock) 2:37.28
5. Sarah Hollcraft (Hughson) 2:37.35

On the Boy's side:
Alania and Soto
 2. Marc Alania  (Modesto) 2:07.18
3. Alberto Soto (Turlock) 2:07.65
4. Josue Esquivel (Hughson) 2:11.18
5. Isaac Leon (Ceres) 2:11.57

The County competition was pretty even in the 3200m. 
For the girls it was Patterson's Lupe Ventura breaking through for a solid win.
The pack early i the 3200m
 1. Lupe Ventura (Patterson) 12:15.58
3. Hilda Perez (Modesto) 12:42.22
4. Arianna Lara (Turlock) 12:52.08
5. Sonia Perez (Modesto) 13:01.65
6. Makenzie Salyer (Turlock) 13:04.85

For the Boy's
Yanez stalked by Virgen
3. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 10:15.97
4. Daniel Yanez (Hughson) 10:16.71
5. Logan Seagle (Hughson) 10:22.18
7. John Puffer (Pitman) 10:27.10
8. David Bozquez (Turlock) 10:36.55
Luis Orendain (Modesto) 10:46.58
11. AJ Carbajal (Turlock) 10:59.09



The only local schools here were the Downey and Riverbank distance runners; and perhaps with the exception of Ruvalcaba's 3200m time and Garcia 800m time, the rest of the result could have easily been achieved at County Clash.

For the girls:
26. Ariella Names (Downey) 5:44.84
43. Esmeralda Aguayo (Downey) 5:55.88

For the Boy's:
29. Ruben Paredez (Riverbank) 4:49.45
47. Emmanuel Chavez (Riverbank) 4:57.07

For the Girl's Sabrina Garcia (Riverbank) turned in a 2 sec PR.
9. Sabrina Garcia (Riverbank) 2:26.66
24. Haylee Osgood (Downey) 2:34.66
26. Meghan Lofling (Downey) 2:35.10
33. Makaelyn Bickel (Downey) 2:37.75
61. Valeria Aguiniga (Riverbank) 2:48.99

For the Girl's it was all about Kim Ruvalcaba and her huge PR.
Ruvalcaba in the 3200m courtesy of Greg Beliera
7. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 11:38.46

For the Boy's:
21. Ruben Paredez (Riverbank) 10:27.58
23. Carlos Martinez (Riverbank) 10:30.18
27. Diego Ruiz (Riverbank) 10:36.72


The past couple of years this meet has mostly attracted smaller schools. The following StanCo schools parcicipated in some form (TD, Greg, JoHo, Hugh, Pit, MC, Tur Ch, Wat).

For the VB's:
3. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 4:45.68
5. Jared Williams (Hughson) 4:54.45

For the F/S Boy's:
3. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 4:52.43
5. Tyler Oliveira (Gregori) 4:56.38

For the Girl's
2. Victoreya Maravilla (Gregori) 2:38.42
3. Jessica Groen (Modesto Christian) 2:40.92
5. Olivia Soto (Johansen) 2:46.9

For the VB's
3. Juan Ortega (Gregori) 2:13.43

For the F/S Boy's
1. Adrian Leal (Gregori) 2:08.48

For the Girl's:
5. Esmeralda Campos  (Hughson) 12:55.75

For the VB's:
5. Tristian edwards (Hughson) 11:04.45

For the F/S Boy's:
This was perhaps the best StanCo performance of the meet.
3. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 10:42.05
4. Mason Reeves (Gregori) 10:57.58
5. Roman Franzia (Gregori) 10:57.82


S Perez, H. Perez, Mosqueda, and Zheng run uncontested in the 3200m

 MoHi at Downey PHOTOS

8. Jeremy Hart (Gregori) 2:53.16
9. Mario Medina (Gregori) 2:54. 28
38. Chris Verissimo (Gregori) 3:16.13

5. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 1:17.45
14. Cameron Duquette (Modesto) 1:23.50
18. Tomas Virgen (Patterson) 1:26.18
25. Antonio Venegas (Patterson) 1:31.11
29. Ramon Bravo (Enochs) 1:33.53


Sunday, March 22, 2015

3/22/15 Week's Highlights (TVL v MLL; F/S Showcase; Falcon Classic; Dublin Dist)

This week was a busy one (as most will be from this point on). On Wednesday the MMC schools had their first dual meets. The TVL schools took on the MML schools on the new Ripon oval. On Thursday the top youngsters competed in the Frosh/Soph Showcase. The next day a few County schools headed south to Atwater for the Falcon Classic. And yesterday, Gregori took part in the Dublin Distance Fiesta. A busy week indeed.

The county schools competing were Hughson, Riverbank, and Modesto Christian.

Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) led the way in a much-shorter-than-usual event for her. Her time of 2:28.31 was a PR.
2. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 2:28.31
4. Heavyn Herroz (Hughson) 2:33.95
5. Raley Richardson (Riverbank) 2:34.01
8. Sarah Hollcraft (Hughson) 2:39.02

The boys of the county schools didn't have much to show in the 800m
8. Wyatt Mitchell (Hughson) 2:13.40

Ruvalcaba leads the pack in the 1600m (courtesy of Greg Beliera)
Kim Ruvalcaba took the 1600m title over a talented field and also produced another PR in the process.
1. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 5:27.74

Like the 800m, the boys 1600m wasn't much to talk about for local runners.
7. Tristan Edwards (Hughson) 4:53.54

With Ruvalcaba focusing her efforts on the shorter races, there was definitely a void left in the 3200m for the local girls.
5. Esmeralda Campos (Hughson) 13:13.12

What the girl's race lack in local flavor the boy's race provided.
3. Daniel Yanez (Hughson) 10:21.67
4. Ruben Paredez (Riverbank) 10:26.86
5. Austin Zehr (Hughson) 10:47.00


Turlock, Pitman, Downey, Hughson, Riverbank, Denair, Ceres, and Turlock Christian brought their youngsters to the Turlock oval to competed in what was to become a very long week-night meet. Right up front I'll say "sorry guys," I only stayed until just after the 800m races.
Seagle takes control of the 1600m
Logan Seagle (Hughson) continues to show that he may be the future of the Husky program.
1. Logan Seagle (Hughson) 4:56.89
3. Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 4:57.31
5. Joshua Van Allen (Pitman) 5:02.02
6. Samuel Gutierrez (Downey) 5:02.24
Aguayo breaks 6
On the girl's side, after a slow start, Esmeralda Aguayo (Downey) charged to the finish line to break the six-min barrier.
3. Esmeralda Aguayo (Downey) 5:59.22
5. Maria Varela (Turlock) 6:12.10

Josue Esquivel (Hughson) led the way for the local schools
2. Josue Esquivel (Hughson) 2:10.82
5. Johnny Hollcraft (Pitman) 2:13.26
6. Joshua Van Allen (Pitman) 2:14.19
Lara powers through a solo 800m effort
Arianna Lara (Turlock) was so mis-seeded in the slowest heat, but she made the most of it by tearing through the race and producing the fastest time of the evening.
1. Arianna Lara (Turlock) 2:37.56
3. Meghann Lofling (Downey) 2:38.66
4. Makaelyn Bickel (Downey) 2:39.66

David Bozquez (Turlock) and Logan Seagle (Hughson) dueled for the 2nd and 3rd place spots.
2. David Bozquez (Turlock) 10:51.64
3. Logan Seagle (Hughson) 10:52.39
4. Jaymie Jackson (Hughson) 11:13.51
Joslyn Beliera takes the 3200m (photo courtesy of Greg Beliera)
On the girls' side it was the XC distance experience of Joslyn Beliera (Riverbank) easily carrying her past the competition.
1. Joslyn Beliera (Riverbank) 13:20.00
2. Bianca Garcia (Pitman) 13:32.48
5. Serena Anderson (Pitman) 14:07.00



Turlock, Orestimba, and Central Valley were the only StanCo schools competing.

 On the girl's side Cassie derdivanis appears to be rounding back into the 800m form that she showed last year.

 2. Cassie Derdivanis (Turlock) 2:35.04
7. Raveena Samra (Turlock) 2:39.11

For the boys Jose Soto (Turlock) produced the best local mark.
3. Jose Soto (Turlock) 2:07.93
6. Erik Sousa (Turlock) 2:11.02

 Makenzie Salyer seems to be recovered from some chronic injuries and is finding her early season form producing a near PR time.
3. Makenzie Salyer (Turlock) 5:46.82

On the boy's side Erike Sousa produces a solid double and a 1600m PR.
2. Erik Sousa (Turlock) 4:44.41
8. Javier Lara  (Turlock) 4:58.41

Javier Lara produced the only local mark of any note.
7. Javier Lara (Turlock) 11:01.65


Gregori was the only local team competing in this one of the premier distance meets in California.
As it was the Jaguars only ran in the Distance Med Relay. The Gregori quartet finished a very impressive 2nd place in what was a tight 2nd-7th pack. Their splits clock in at:
1200-Jonathan Alcantara 3:18
400-Anthony Cristobal 52
800-Adrian Leal 2:08
1600-Mario Medina 4:40


I was told that Mario out-leaned the other teams for the second place showing.


Although I don't think there were really any distance marks of serious note, I did attend the Downey v Beyer meet and took photos.
two of the region's top Sophs (Schivo and Bingham) battle in the 3200m

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Stanislaus County Meet

This past Friday the various schools of Stanislaus County squared off against each other on the oval at Turlock High School to compete for individual County titles and event bragging rights.
Ruvalcaba with Garcia on her shoulder
The first distance race of the evening was the 1600m. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) led for most of the race with her team mate Sabrina Garcia on her shoulder. It would be Ruvalcaba taking the win. It was unfortunate that Arielle Names, Downey's top runner, and Ruvalcaba would not face off against each other on this evening.
1. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 5:33.31
2. Sabrina Garcia (Riverbank) 5:34.73
3. Arianna Lara (Turlock) 5:50.42
4. Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) 5:51.72
5. Bianca Garcia (Pitman) 5:54.70
6. Kyannah Hernandez (Oakdale) 5:57.70
Alcantara and Aguilar battle in the home stretch
On the boy's side there was a sizable pack for the first two laps before Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) and Isaiah Aguilar (Oakdale) ran shoulder to shoulder in the lead. Down the stretch these two would battle to a very close finish with Alcantara taking the title.
1. Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 4:39.93
2. Isaiah Aguilar (Oakdale) 4:40.02
3. Ruben Paredez (Riverbank) 4:45.48
4. Antonio Venegas (Patterson) 4:45.62
5. Leo Pando (Modesto) 4:46.72
6. Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 4:46.99
7. Erik Sousa (Turlock) 4:47.48
8. Josh Gorman (Oakdale) 4:49.99

Names over-powers down the stretch
The 800 meter runners were the next distance athletes to take to the track. The girl's race was a duel between Sabrina Garcia (Riverbank) and Victoreya Maravilla (Gregori). They ran side by side for 600m until Arielle Names (Downey) came from 10m back to charge past them and take the title.
1. Arielle Names (Downey) 2:27.07
2. Sabrina Garcia (Riverbank) 2:28.58
3. Victoreya Maravilla (Gregori) 2:29.38
4. Sarah Hollcraft (Hughson) 2:36.94
5. Bianca Garcia (Pitman) 2:37.45
6. Kerry Young (Modesto) 2:38.13
7. Cassie Derdivanis (Turlock) 2:38.33

Leal pulls away for the 800m title
 The boys took to the track next in what was a competitive but very pedestrian 800m.
1. Adrian Leal (Gregori) 2:06.09
2. Freddy Contreras (Gregori) 2:06.91
3. Jose Soto (Turlock) 2:07.42
4. Isaiah Aguilar (Oakdale) 2:08.08
5. Marc Alania (Modesto) 2:08.73

Ruvalcaba pulling away from Ventura
The final distance race of the night was the 3200m. For the girls it would be Ruvalcaba taking her second title of the day by out pacing the experienced Guadalupe Ventura (Patterson)
1. Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 12:18.27
2. Guadalupe Ventura (Patterson) 12:24.36
3. Arianna Lara (Turlock) 12:54.43
4. Hilda Perez (Modesto) 12:55.94 (first time breaking 12!)

Medina simply better than the whole field

Mario Medina (Gregori) took the lead from the gun and simply ran away from the field to complete the Gregori boy's distance sweep.
1. Mario Medina (Gregori) 10:04.50
2. John Puffer (Pitman) 10:24.56
3. Daniel Yanez (Hughson) 10:25.37
4. Thomas Virgen (Patterson) 10:29.69
5. Logan Seagle (Hughson) 10:31.03
6. Carlos Martinez (Riverbank) 10:36.09
7. David Bozquez (Turlock) 10:39.24
8. Emmanuel Chavez (Riverbank) 10:39.43



Sunday, March 8, 2015

TRACK BEGINS (Pitman Dist Wars, Tom Moore Relays, Dean Andreessen)

The distance runners of Downey, Gregori, Modesto HS, Hughson, Pitman, and Turlock took to the red oval at Turlock HS to test their winter conditioning at the Pitman Distance Wars. Although many of the races were dominated by non StanCo schools, there were several notable early season marks.

4-Jose Soto (Turlock) 2:05.22
7-Gali Farias (Turlock) 2:06.61
12-Juan Ortega (Gregori) 2:09.42
13-Adrian Rodriguez (Turlock) 2:09.58

Frosh Julia Handy had a strong opening mark to begin her track career.
5-Julia Handy (Turlock) 2:34.55
6-Victoreya Maravilla (Gregori) 2:36.85
7-Bianca Garcia (Turlock) 2:39. 05
10-Esmeralda Aguayo (Downey) 2:42.93
11-Erika Martinez (Downey) 2:43.66

3-Jonathan Alcantara (Gregori) 4:47.39
12-Leo Pando (Modesto) 4:50.44
14-Marc Alania (Modesto) 4:50.58
17-Anthony Arauza (Gregori) 4:54.83
20-Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 4:46.15

Modesto's junior Savannah Mendoza turned in the only 1600m mark of note.
7-Savannah Mendoza (Modesto) 5:56.34

Mario Medina (courtesy of Greg Beliera)
The best individual StanCo mark was turned in by Gregori's Mario Medina who won the 3200.
1-Mario Medina (Gregori) 10:12.68
4- John Puffer (Pitman) 10:34.79
5-Daniel Yanez (Hughson) 10:36.57
6-Luis Orendain (Modesto) 10:47.78
10. Jared Williams (Hughson) 10:53.97

On the girls side their were very limited entries
3-Sonia Perez 13:33.51

The girls' DMR may have produced the race of the night. Sonora's team led by Cassie Land who had already won the 800m and the 1600m would square off against a foursome from MMC XC champion Downey. (all 4 Downey runners had yet to run a race on this evening).
Land outlasts Names in the DMR (courtesy of Greg Beliera)
The run down is courtesy of Downey's coach Paulo Carvalho...
Hayley Osgood led off for Downey running the 1200m in a great early season time of 4:14. She completed her leg giving Meghann Lofling a 20-30m lead. Lofling circled the 400m in 66 sec (her first ever track race). Downey still led by about 20 m. Makaelyn Bickel took the baton and clocked 2:43 in the 800m (also her first track race ever). Lofling was overtaken by Kiana Clay (Pitman) who blazed a 2:29.3 800m leg. Pitman and Downey held a more than 10 sec lead over Sonora going into the anchor. Arielle Names anchored Downey in the 1600m (and to stay with the theme, it was also her first ever track race). Names was instructed to begin conservatively.  Sonora's Land caught Names by the 800m mark. Names and Land dropped the Turlock or Pitman?? runner soon after. The pace continued to increase with Names clocking a 72 sec last lap and a 5:36 leg in the close, but losing effort.A very impressive 5:21 split capped an incredible triple by Land. It was a great beginning to the season by a very young Downey girls team and an even younger Sonora squad.

1-Sorora 13:40.11
2-Downey 13:41.47

PHOTO (courtesy of Greg Beliera)

StanCo was represented by Gregori, Riverbank, Hughson, Central Catholic, and Johansen at this meet.
4-Kim Ruvalcaba (Riverbank) 2:35.81
5-Victoreya Maravilla (Gregori) 2:36.72
6. Heavyn Herroz (Hughson) 2:37.73

For to boys the fastest StanCo time was in the F/S race
3-Josue Esquivel (Hughson) 2:11.32

The fastest Varsity time was
10-Ruben Paredez (Riverbank) 2:12.59

9. Stephanie Bernal 5:58.52

Again for the boys the fastest time was in the F/S race
2-Santiago Ruiz (Gregori) 4:43.11

For the girls Riverbank was the top StanCo team. Although sightly slower, their mark would have been competitive with the Downey time at Pitman. Too bad they didn't run in the same race.
3-Riverbank 13:47.35

On the boy's side Gregori clocked an impressive sub 11 min tin (that still would have lost to Merced by 15 secs the night before)
1-Gregori 1:59.54

The county banner was represented by Downey, Denair, Central Valley, Ceres, and Patterson at this meet.

For the girls XC star Ventura had a solid day
2-Guadalupe Ventura (Patterson) 5:53.52

On the boys side Venegas turned in some good times too
4-Antonio Venegas (Patterson) 4:46.52

5-Antonio Venegas (Patterson) 2:11.05
8-Isaac Leon (Ceres) 2:15.52

1-Guadalupe Ventura (Patterson) 12:54.85

2-Thomas Virgen (Patterson) 10:54.86


On a personal note...Friday was the first major local meet that I have missed in 6 years. I was sick most of the week without a voice. I certainly could have gone to the meet Friday night (as I had planned to), but I felt that my health was more important. I would like to personally thank Greg Beliera for taking another set of high quality images of the meet. Additionally a big thank you to Coach paulo for his first-hand run down of the DMR race.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The All StanCo Teams So Far (2013 and 2014)

When my daughter began running in 2008 I quickly realized that finding race information and results for local XC meets was difficult at best. As a past runner myself, I knew first hand how hard XC runners worked. I also knew that they deserved more recognition than the local media was giving them. Fortunately I stumbled across this blog. It was created by Ruben Esparza (Runnin Ruben) and was a revelation to me. I soon became more enmeshed in the process of taking photos and posting results. At the end of each season The Bee recognizes only one male and one female XC runner (usually not even from Stanislaus County). My mission  then expanded to create an All StanCo team at the end of each season. Runnin Ruben had posted an all-county team at the end on a couple of seasons, but it hadn't been consistent from year to year. I decided that I would recognize ten males and ten females on this All StanCo Team. To make it official I bought patches to give to the team members. I perceive that the selections might sometimes be mildly controversial...I can only assure you that I take the process very seriously, and I am open to your suggestions. I feel honored to have written about and photographed some outstanding athletes.

Mario Medina 12 Gregori Kim Ruvalcaba 11 Riverbank
Adan Chavez 12 Riverbank Arielle Names 11 Downey
Daniel Yanez 11 Hughson Savannah Mendoza 11 Modesto
Orlando Cardenas 11 Modesto Sabrina Garcia 12 Riverbank
Marc Alania 11 Modesto Haley Richardson 12 Riverbank
Emmanuel Chavez 12 Riverbank Arianna Lara Chavez 9 Turlock
Anthony Arauza 12 Gragori Guadalupe Ventura 12 Patterson
justin Goering 12 Downey Madison Mays 12 Hughson
Brandon Williams 12 Modesto Haylee Osgood 11 Downey
James DeLaO 12 Modesto Esmeralda Aguayo 9 Downey
Zach Morrett 12 Hughson Mikayla Florez 12 Riverbank
Nathan Stanton 12 Patterson Savannah Mendoza 10 Modesto
Marc Alania 10 Modesto Mya Torres 10 Gregori
Mario Medina 11 Gregori Victoreya Maravilla 10 Gregori
Luis Figueroa 12 Riverbank Haley Richardson 11 Riverbank
Isaac Gonzalez 12 Pitman Sabrina Garcia 11 Riverbank
Jonathen Beliera 12 Riverbank Guadalupe Ventura 11 Patterson
Evan Moses 12 Gregori Kim Ruvalcaba 10 Riverbank
Brandon Williams 12 Modesto Lauren Stanislaw 12 Beyer
Alec Villagomez 12 Gregori Meagan Warwick 9 Modesto Christian

Saturday, November 29, 2014

2014 State Meet

The State meet wrapped up minutes ago. Representing StanCo were the RBK Lady Bruins and three individual boys (Adan and Emmanuel Chavez from Riverbank and Daniel Yanez from Hughson).

The boys (all in the D4) where first up on the undulating Woodward Park course. Adan Chavez was the fastest of the trio finishing 53rd with a time of 16:39. Just a few ticks behind was Daniel Yanez (Hughson) in 16:53 which was good for 76th place. Emmanuel Chavez (Riverbank) rounded out the StanCo competitors, finishing in 95 with a time of 17:07.

On the girls' side is was the Bruin septet competing in the D4 race. As she has all season, Kim Ruvalcaba led her teammates across the line. She placed an impressive 25th in 19:23. Behind Ruvalcaba, the senior duo of Haley Richardson (72nd  20:24) and Sabrina Garcia (80th  20:29) both ran strong races. Joslyn Beliera finished in 103rd (20:59--a 40 sec improvement over last year). Stephanie Bernal finished the scoring by placing 167th in 22:35--almost a 3 min improvement over last year's time. Lydia Hogdes was close behind (169th  22:46). Elitania Rosas was the Bruins' final finisher in 24:29 for 188th.

As a team they finished 13th out of 23 teams (1 pt out of 12th)