Saturday, August 27, 2016

WEEK 1 (IntrraSquads, Turlock v Pitman, Lodi Flame, and Running of the Warriors)


HUGHSON (Black and Gold 3200m)
Josue Esquivel picks up where he was last track season prior to his stress fracture. He could be the one to beat in the TVL this season unless Boice can put a gap in front of him
1. Josue Esquivel 10:29
2. Carson Bioce 10:32
3. Christian Lee 10:43
4. Jaymie Jackson 10:58
5. Dalton Santiesteban 11:16

Abi Mitchell and the Hughson girls look poiced to roll through the TVL and on to State with or without the injured Emily Fife. With Fife healthy, everyone else will be looking at the backs of their jerseys.
1. Abigayle Mitchell 12:35
2. Kinsey Langley 12:58
3. Esmeralda Campos 13:01
4. Jessie Lawrence 13:14
5. Elzette Ysias 13:23 (just a Frosh BTW)


OAKDALE ((Red and Yellow 1.25 mi)
Frosh Karina Prado blew away the field and may be the surprise front-horse in the VOL this season.

Ben Miller looks to be healthy and in top condition as he hopes to lead the Mustangs to a VOL title and a berth in the SJS meet
1. Ben Miller 5:30
2. Justin Crescenti
3. James Forkner
4. Russell Pabalan
5. Daniel Prado
6. Cesar Garcia
7. Cade Middaugh

Eric Alvarez came from behind to catch David Bosquez with 400m left to sprint to the victory. His time is 40 sec faster than last year's and the fastest time in the meet in the past three years. Prior to this race I had stated that Turlock had three top returning runners (Alvarez, Bosquez, and Wooley). They went 1,2,4 to barely nose out Pitman 26 to 29. Pitman was without #2 runner Easton Hamilton, oitherwise they probably would have won. Turlock will need to get some help. There was a one min gap between Wooley and their #4 runner. Jonathan Hollcraft didn't run and may be able to fill that void.
Alvarez kicks to the win
1. Eric Alvarez (Turlock) 17:20
2. David Bosquez (Turlock) 17:25
3. Josh VanAllen (Pitman) 17:27
4. Jack Wooley (Turlock) 17:33
5. Kristian Robles (PItman) 17:52
6. Zach Bucheli (Pitman) 17:53
7. Austin Allen (Pitman) 18:06
8. Brent Curiel (Pitman) 18:26
9. Joe Robinson (Turlock) 18:29
10. Rigo Maldonado (Turlock) 18:48

Even without injured top three runner Hope Salsig, the Turlock ladies led by Varela and Fredeen swept their cross-town rival. Bazan who won this race last year only ran 13 sec slower (but placed 7th this year). Varela's time was nearly 1:30 faster than last year's. Expect big races and fast times from her this year.
Varela takes the victory
1. Maria Varela (Turlock) 19:51
2. Ade Fredeen (Turlock) 20:15
3. Sofia Andres (Turlock) 21:02
4. Macie Ericksen (Turlock) 21:05
5. Megan Drew (Turlock) 21:28
6. Emily Ramirez (Turlock) 22:04
7. Priscilla Bazan (Pitman) 22:05
8. Sarah Siegel (Pitman) 22:19
9. Dalina Holmes (Pitman) 22:50
10. Mikayla Perry (Pitman) 22:50

 As it was their first meet, it is our first chance to see exactly what and who Downey and Riverbank actually have this season. Downey showed that it is has a real deal boys' and girls' team. RBK showed that this may be a rebuilding year for a program with a long history of big success.

I don't normally report of this level or division but the results bear on my statement that Downey is ready to rumble. They went 1,2,3 to take the Soph title.
1. Katie Krieger (Downey) 13:30
2. Alondra Cardozo (Downey) 13:39
3. Hayley Correia (Downey) 13:50

The TD girls (missing Krieger--to Soph race, and Makaelyn Bickel) still placed 3rd against some of the SJS top programs. RBK came in 13th

1. Kaela Dishion (Bret Harte) 18:22
17. Esmeralda Aguayo (Downey) 21:43
22. Alondra Hernandez (Riverbank) 22:07
24. Meghan Matas (Downey) 22:10
29. Megahan Lofing (Downey) 22:30
31. Leslie Acosta (Downey) 22:44
38. Erika Martinez (Downey) 22:58
45. Yovana Chavarria (Downey) 23:30

Led by All StanCo PreSeason selection Moises Benavides, Downey took a respectable 5th place and Riverbank was 18th.
1. Andres Sandoval (Tokay) 16:17
6. Moises Benavides (Downey) 17:07
24. Christian Gutierrez (Downey) 17:54
32. Rodrigo Aguilar (Downey) 18:11
33. Sammy Gutierrez (Downey) 18:11
36. Chris Martinez (Riverbank) 18:27
58. LeStat Bertolero (Downey) 19:08
63. Loch Names (Downey) 19:19
71. Carlos Aguilera (Riverbank) 19:28
76. Christian Bickel (Downey) 19:40


Stan State kicks off their season with the Running of the Warriors race in which the Stan St women runner start 30 sec behind the field and the men start a full min back. I attempted to pick out the StanCo runners (but I may have missed someone (please let me know). You may notice that the Pitman boys appear even stronger here than they did in Wednesday's scrimmage--Turlock boys better look out!
1. David Bosquez (Turlock) 16:49
8. Josh VanAllen (Pitman) 17:42
11. Kristian Robles (Pitman) 17:56
13. Jordan Tasho (Pitman) 18:01
15. Johnny Hollcraft (Turlock) 18:18
20. Zach Bocheli (Pitman) 18:24
21. Ethen Collins (Pitman) 18:29
22. Easton Hamilton (Pitman) 18:32
26. Seth Emsheimer (Pitman) 18:41
28. Austin Allen (Pitman) 18:53
29. Rigo Maldonado (Turlock) 19:00
30. Christian Linarez (Ceres) 19:04
31. Edgar Ceballos (Turlock) 19:06
32. Marc Carrizales (Turlock) 19:07
33. Joe Robinson (Turlock) 19:09

50. Maria Varela (Turlock) 19:49
70. Ade Fredeen (Turlock) 20:23
88. Sofia Andres (Turlock) 21:19
89. Macie Ericksen (Turlock) 21:29
95. Mikayala Perry (Pitman) 21:46
97. Dalina Holmes (Pitman) 21:53
98. Priscilla Bazan (Pitman) 21:55

177 finishers       


Sunday, August 14, 2016

PreSeason Team Rankings

Maybe I am jumping the gun with these posts since the first real meet (Lodi Flame) still almost 2 weeks away (8/26); but heck, I am excited to see some racing!

Tonight I am ranking the top StanCo teams based on last year's XC and track results and who returned from those programs. As I stated in the individual Preseason write ups, newcomers almost always play a big factor in the varsity girls' teams...but I am not yet privy to that knowledge.

Fife, Langley, Campos, and Mitchell should lead the Huskies back to State
1. Hughson--The Huskies return their top four runners from a team that finished first in the final StanCo rankings last year. That team also qualified for State. To quote Coach Bernard, this year's team has "higher goals than just qualifying for State." So who returns? None other than All StanCo performers Abigayle Mitchell, Emily Fife, and Kinsey Langley. Add to that Esmeralda Campos who recorded times of 5:37 and 12:28 in track. Coach Bernard also scored a couple of solid new recruits. I believe this year's team is significantly stronger than last year's and should roll through the TVL and probably on to State.
Bickel and Krieger should lead the Knights to the MMC title
2. Downey--The Knights return 6 of their top nine runners from the team that won the MMC last year and finished 7th in the loaded D2 section meet. They will be led by a largely junior squad that includes PreSeason All StanCo selections Esmeralda Aguayo, Makaelyn Bickel, and Katie Krieger. They should win the MMC and qualify once again for sections.
Fredeen, Salsig and Varella will push the Bulldogs
3. Turlock--The Bulldogs return 5 members of a team that was 11th in D1 section last year and won the CCC. They should be led by All StanCo PreSeason selection Maria Varela with the help of top performers Ade Fredeen and Hope Salsig. It may be rocky going at first as Salsig recovers from an injury suffered in track last season. If she can get healthy they should qualify for the section championship meet.
Perillo and Young will help lead the Panthers
4. Modesto--The Lady Panthers return only three of their top seven runners, but they are good ones (Kerry Young, Hilda Perez, and Aryana Perillo). Needless to say they will need some help from newbies. However Modesto is the largest school in the area and they always manage to find a way to compete at a high level.
Briseida Garcia may be the best of the StanCo ladies
5. Gregori--The Jaguars are led by Briseida Garcia, the top returning distance runner from the last season. Oh did I mention that she is only a soph. She should roll through the MMC and definitely challenge for an individual qualifying spot to State. Okay but she will need at least 4 quality team mates, and I believe that she will find them in newcomers and underclassmen. Gregfori may slip past MoHi as the season progresses.
A pack of Bruin underclassmen from last season
6. Riverbank--The Bruins lost All StanCo selections Kim Ruvalcaba and Stephanie Bernal. Other than Alondra Hernandez I am unsure what they will be able to piece together. That is, I am uncertain whether or not some of their non-graduates will run this season. However I do know their coach, Monte Wood; and he always has a quality team that is prepared to compete. I don't think this year will be any different.

Modesto's Perez, J Orendain, L Orendain, and Duquette
1. Modesto--The Panthers return 3 All StanCo selections (Josue Perez, Alan Guerrero, and Jose Orendain) and 5 runners from a team that won the MMC and finished 3rd in the D1 Section meet. They should repeat as the MMC Champions and finish in the top 5 in the Section once again.
Esquivel and Santiesteban are much improved for the Huskies
2. Hughson--The Huskies lost two of their top six from a sqaud that battled for the TVL title last season. This year they should easily take the TVL and compete strongly for a berth to State. Carson Boice, Jaymie Jackson, Josue Esquivel, and Dalton Santiesteban should lead them through the season.
M Reeves leads Miller, Middaugh, and Prado of Oakdale
3. Gregori--The Jags graduated only one of their top ten from last season. I would have them second (and they may be there by the end of the season) but the report is that several supporting runners from last year's squad are either out of shape or not running. That is the bad news. The good news is that they have some very solid new-comers. None the less they should be led by PreSeason All StanCo selections Santiago Ruiz and Mason Reeves.
Prado and Crescenti should help lead the Mustangs
4. Oakdale--The Mustangs return almost the whole team. Last year the mix of mostly Sophs and a couple of Jrs struggled to match expectations in VOL competition. With an extra year of maturity I expect the group (Justin Crescenti, Ben Miller, Cade Middaugh, James Forkner, Russell Pabalan, Daniel Prado, and others),  to challenge in the VOL and secure a berth in the Section Championship.

Benavides is the top returning Knight
5. Downey--The Knights lost six of their top ten from last season. Additionally sub-10 min 3200m runner Inteus Schiavo moved to Bend, Oregon. What does that leave? Well they should be led by PreSeason All StanCo selection Moises Benavides. Additionally Rodrigo Aguilar (10:18) and Sammy Gutierrez (4:56), Christian Gutierrez (4:56), Lock Names (2:11), and Ryan Crisp (2:12) will round out  a team with both potential and limited varsity experience.
Bosquez will lead the Bulldogs
6. Turlock--The Bulldogs should be led by PreSeason All StanCo selections David Bosquez and Eric Alvarez. Add to that a very solid Jack Wooley (10:49), they should be tough up front. The big question mark is who will step into the void left by a huge graduating class to fill out the rest of the team.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

2016 XC Season Varsity Girls Individual Preview

Well the other day I previewed the boys and now I will give the girls' list a shot. There is definitely more unknown aspects to the girls' outlook. Four out of the ten ladies that made the All StanCo Team at the end of the last XC season were not mentioned in last year's preview. I suspect that this year will be no different. Honestly, frosh girls and soccer-playing girls have an impact every season. With all that being said, I am still game for the task, and I will base my selections on last year's track and XC results.

Starting with those who made last season's All StanCo Team:
ESMERALDA AGUAYO (Downey) 11th; 2014 and 2015 All StanCo, 12:46/5:50 during track

Mitchell, Langley, and Fife
ABIGAYLE MITCHELL (Hughson) 12th; 2015 All StanCo, she hurdles in track but she will lead this Husky team through the season

KINSEY LANGLEY(Hughson) 10th; 2015 All StanCo, 5:50 and 12:21 in track

EMILY FIFE (Hughson) 10th; 2015 All StanCo, had an awesome track season clocking 2:27 and 5:18
HILDA PEREZ (Modesto) 12th; 2015 All StanCo, she didn't run track, hopefully she is back racking u the miles and is ready to take over the reins of the MoHi program.

These five ladies had awesome XC seasons...of course there are others ripe to step into the void left by last year's graduates...

BRISEIDA GARCIA (Gregori) 10th; undoubtedly had that best track season of any StanCo runner by turning in times of 2:14, 5:13, 11:47

Fredeen and Varela
MARIA VARELA (Turlock) 12th; blossemed in track with times of 5:30 and 12:08

ESMERALDA CAMPOS (Hughson) 11th; the 4th member of the Husky juggernaut produced times of 5:37 and 12:28 in track

KATIE KRIEGER (Downey) 10th; she grew in strength and confidence during her rookie season and clocked 12:19 for 3200m
Bickel and Aguayo
MAKAELYN BICKEL (Downey) 11th; maybe ready to step up as the leader of the Lady Knights, clocked 12:27 for 3200m in track

The above ten ladies are my PreSeason All StanCo XC Team! I am excited to see them tearing up some trails. Of course someone will be hot of their heels...

Salsig and Fredeen
HOPE SALSIG (Turlock) 11th; begins the season still injured from track, ran 2:31 in track and if she can get healthy she'll be a force for the Bulldogs

ADE FREDEEN (Turlock)  12th; runs hurdles in track but don't discount her toughness and overall physical ability

Perillo and Young
ARYANA PERILLO (Modesto) 11th; 2:28 for 800m

KERRY YOUNG (Modesto) 12th; 2:29 for 800m

ALONDRA HERNANDEZ (Riverbank) 11th; 2:36/5:58. With the huge loses up front for the Bruins, it could be time for Alondra to step up and lead the way

KRISTEN AGUILAR (Oakdale) 12th; 12:41 for 3200m

SIENNA ESPINOZA (Gregori) 11th; she may be the toughest athlete of this list, never count her out, ran 12:49 for 3200m

SOFIA ANDRES (Turlock) 10th; 5:47/12:55 in her Frosh track season. As she get stronger she'll close the gap between her and Turlock's top three (Varela, Fredeen,Salsig)

MIKAYLA PERRY (Pitman) 11th; 5:52 for 1600m. Needs to work with Bazan and Garcia to vault the Pride to the upper reaches of the CCC

BIANCA GARCIA (Pitman) 11th; 2:33 for 800m

PRISCILLA BAZAN (Pitman) 11th; had an off track season after a hugely promicing XC season. I am looking for a fearsome rebound.

MEGAHANN LOFING (Downey) 11th; had a bit of an off season in XC.

My preview includes 22 runners...whom did I miss, please let me know.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

2016 XC Season Varsity Boys Individual Preview

As I turn the calendar to August my thoughts definitely turn to the pending XC season. This is my favorite time of the year. It is ripe with possibilities. All of those long, hot, dusty miles of summer training...will they pay off. Will the top underclassmen of last season rise to positions of leadership. And most unknown of all...who will be those top breakout newcomers. Four of the top ten girls from the end of last season didn't make it into my preview article at the start of last season (one out of ten for the boys). Consequently, there absolutely will be runners that will have a huge impact that I have no clue about...however I do know what runners accomplished last year, and I have compiled a preview list based on those results. Today I begin with the boys. As always I am open to your comments and inside information.

Let's begin with the runners who returned from last year's All StanCo Team:

TOMAS VIRGEN (Patterson) 12th; 2015 All StanCo ran 4:39/9:58 in track

SANTIAGO RUIZ (Gregori) 11th; 2015 All StanCo ran 4:35 in track

JOSUE PEREZ (Modesto) 11th; 2015 All StanCo ran 10:26 in track

DAVID BOSQUEZ (Turlock) 12th; 2015 All StanCo ran 9:59 in track

JOSE ORENDAIN (Modesto) 12th; 2015 All StanCo ran 2:09 in track

ALAN GUERRERO (Modesto) 10th; 2015 All StanCo ran 4:40 in track

All six of these returning athletes are proven warriors.  There were some runners who missed the the All StanCo XC list but then turned in some top-notch track times, which moves them to the front of the pack for preseason consideration:

MASON REEVES (Gregori) 11th; perhaps had the best track season of all StanCo male runners when he turned in times of 9:47 and 4:36.

ERIC ALVAREZ (Turlock) 12th; his 4:31 1600m time indicates he is ready to move up this list.

LUIS ORENDAIN (Modesto) 12th; his 10:08 in the 3200m puts him into contention

MOISES BENAVIDES (Downey) 11th ran 10:19 in track. He might have made the list last season but competed in F/S division in the final meets.

The above ten runners are my Preseason All StanCo Boys Team. Again these selections are based on last year's XC and track seasons.

Are there others to consider...certainly:

RODRIGO AGUILAR (Downey) 12th; 10:18 3200m

CADE MIDDAUGH (Oakdale) 11th; 10:26 3200m perhaps the best runner on a very deep Oakdale squad.

ANDREW ANDERSON (Beyer) 12th; 4:38 1600m

CARSON BOICE (Hughson) 12th; 10:30 3200m He could win a weak TVL and has the potential to climb way up this list

JAMES FORKNER (Oakdale) 11th; 10:34 3200m

MATTHEW MARSH (Gregori) 11th; 10:35 3200m

JAYMIE JACKSON (Hughson) 12th; 10:36 3200m

JUSTIN CRESCENTI (Oakdale) 12th; 2:06 800m

ISAAC FLORES (Enochs) 10th; 10:40 probably the biggest unknown here, but 10:40 for a frosh is legit.

ROMAN FRANZIA (Gregori) 12th; 10:43 3200m

 RUSSELL PABALAN (Oakdale) 11th; 10:44 3200m

 DANIEL PRADO (Oakdale) 11th; 10:44 3200m

 JOSH VAN ALLEN (Pitman) 12th; 10:44, I think he is ripe for a big improvement

JACK WOOLEY (Turlock) 12th; 10:49 3200m

BEN MILLER (Oakdale) 11th; 10:54 3200m

HUNTER REEVES (Gregori) 11th; 10:51 3200m

CAMERON DUQUETTE (Modesto) 12th; 10:54 3200m

 EASTON HAMILTON (Pitman) 11th; 10:57 3200m

SEBASTIAN CRONKITE (Gregori) 11th; 4:49 1600m

JOSUE ESQUIVEL (Hughson) 12th; 2:05 800m but missed much of track (distance racing) with a stress fracture

DANTE ORENDAIN (Modesto) 11th; He didn't run track but what he did do as a soph in XC showed his fierce determination and competitive drive. He would definitely be varsity for anyone else but may find it difficult to earn a spot on a very deep MoHi squad

That's 31 runners to watch this coming XC season...did I miss someone, probably. Please let me know.